Top 8 most romantic Paris hotels

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You see different letters and you hear different sounds but they actually mean the same. A Paris holiday is perfect if you want to experience great food, a sophisticated lifestyle, and a breath taking romantic getaway with your partner.

Choosing the best Paris hotel is really a tough task since there are so many great choices. You can go for something modern, something historical, something chic, or to a Paris budget hotel. We listed some of the best known romantic Paris hotels for you:


The Five Hotel

This Paris hotel will really give you a unique experience like no other. This is a design hotel inside and out and the perfect words to describe their concept– scintillating, magical, romantic! The rooms have a modern and classy color schemes which makes good use of glass and optic fibers. You may find the rooms a bit small but the price is budget friendly as well.

Top 8 places to visit in Amsterdam

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With Amsterdam being the capital city of the Netherlands, it is one of the most liberated and tolerant cities in the world. Coffee shops, the red light district and the overall open-minded people make Amsterdam a traveler’s dream. However, there is more to see in Amsterdam besides coffee shops and the famous red light district.

  • The Anne Frank House. Anne Frank was one of the victims of the Nazi regime in the Second World War. The Anne frank House is the historic home where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Germans. The queues for the house can be enormous but it’s a impressive and worthy sight to visit. The best time to go is around 8 30 am when the museum is opening or at noon, because there are less people and you won’t have to wait too much in line. It would be ideal if you can get a ticket from your hotel which would put you in the front of the line.
  • The Nemo Museum. When travelling with younger children the Nemo Museum is a great idea for a day of fun and culture. The museum offers exhibits which stimulate youngsters by including them in the collection of science and technology. Also check the Cafe from the top of the Nemo Museum if you can at night for a great view of the city.
  • Rijksmuseum. If you haven’t been to the Rijksmuseum, you haven’t been to Amsterdam. This museum holds masterpieces, furniture and beautiful jewelery and other stunning items. If you visit this museum, make sure to see the Nightwatch by Rembrandt.
  • The Royal palace. The Netherlands are a monarchy and the Royal Palace is the official Royal residence. However, the Royal family ( Queen Beatrix and prince Willem Alexander) live in the Hague. The Royal palace holds a large collection of royal furniture, chandeliers and other exclusive items.

6 New Messaging Machines coming out in April

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Mobile lovers are always excited to know what new is coming up in the market for them. Recently At&T has announced their new line up of QWERTY mobiles in a press release. They will be releasing 6 new phones this season including Nokia E71x, Samsung Propel Pro, Samsung Impression, LG Xenon, LG Neon and Samsung Magnet. As I’ve mentioned they will all have QWERTY keyboard with them and are expected to be released later this month.

Samsung Magnet


Samsung Magnet by AT&T is expected to be very appealing to teens who need a low-budget phone that offers quick messaging features. Samsung Magnet comes with a WAP browser and integrated camera in its sleek package. It will be offered at a very affordable price in the coming weeks.

LG Neon


The most popular Wildlife parks in India

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India is the 7th largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country, and the most populous democracy in the world. The country is also blessed with a very rich and varied flora and fauna. India boasts a total of 88 National Park and 490 Wildlife Sanctuaries, sheltering over 390 mammals, 455 reptiles, 210 amphibians, 1,230 bird species and 30,000 species of insects, which make it a perfect destination for wildlife tourism.

India is very rich in terms of wildlife animals. To experience 1,36,000 species of plants, and some of the world’s rarest animals on the verge of extinction promise undulating adventure, India becomes one of the biggest attractions to tourists from around the world. Among many WildLife parks in India, following are some of the most popular

Bandhavgarh National Park

5 Best tools to find the perfect hotel for your travel budget

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During these tough times, finding the best hotel to fit your budget will make sure that you can stetch your travel money. That is what smart travel is all about. If in case you are traveling to splurge and pamper yourself, then you have to find the hotel room of your dreams.

We are also lucky nowadays to have excellent travel tools to find our way around. We can use them to find the best hotels whether we are having a European travel, a holiday in Greece, exploring China, or maybe relaxing with a quick getaway in Bali. Here are some of the most useful tools to find the best hotels for your budget:


5 World’s Most Romantic Places

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Maybe you are a single on travel, wishing to make the vacation unforgettable. Maybe you are involved in a relationship and need something special. Maybe you are a longtime traveler used to fly from flower to flower, just like a butterfly.

Mallorca beaches are a major target for singles, and a favorable place for starting the vacation flirt

Mallorca beaches are a major target for singles, and a favorable place for starting the vacation flirt

Whatever you are, you need an appropriate place which could facilitate that something special happen. I am not a guru in the matter, everyone has his, or her own story. No one couldn’t define love. Most probably, the vacation love stories begin on the beach or in a hostel party. From this point of vue, the best destinations could be Mallorca and Phuket. Further, you can apply the prescriptions from hostel sex!

Another situation is the honeymoon. There some places to visit for honeymooners, places where happened notorious love stories, or where some prominent couple met or lived. I have some favorite places to propose to you.

Dine like Royalties in Victoria, British Columbia


When you go to Victoria, British Columbia, you will be in awe of their very beautiful gardens. Remember though that there is more to Victoria than just sites, the food scene is bursting and you may want to enjoy the best of seafood this corner of the globe.
We can recommend our top picks so you can dine like a royalty while having your Victoria, B.C. holiday:

Wharfside Eatery victoriasalmon It might have a touristy impression because of its location at the inner harbor but they serve the greatest local food you can find in B.C. You will love their Oysters Rockefeller sinfully sautéed in garlic, spinach and Italian bacon. Another don’t-miss-this-dish is the Alaskan Jumbo Scallops which are hugged by tasty bacon with a dash of sauce made with tomato and cream.

Where to stay in Madrid

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During my visit in Spain I visited Barcelona and Ibiza, with a short break in Madrid.

Now I would like to tell you about my stay in Madrid, and if you plan also a travel there, please join me.

I was very short in Madrid, 1 day and night. The day was for visiting Museo del Prado, and the night for the Hotel AC Palacio del Retiro, which was recommended to me by friends. And I can recommend to you, as was spoiled there!

The hotel is located in the very centre of Madrid, and you can reach within 5 minutes walk Museo del Prado, Parque del Retiro, Puerta de Alcala, Puerta Del Sol, Reina Sofia Art Center and the Stock market.

The hotel itself is high class luxury *****. It has all modern top ammenities, combining this confort with its 1900 architecture. FABULUOS!