Top 20 Family Destinations in different cities in Europe

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If you are planning a family holiday in Europe, choosing the best destinations in Europe where both kids and adults will enjoy is critical for a successful getaway. We list down some of the top family destinations in Europe which provides a perfect blend of learning, adventure, and fun!

Barcelona, Spain

A good introduction to the Catalan culture is family holiday in Barcelona. You will also enjoy the works of Gaudi like the evolving La Sagrada Familia. When you need a break, no problem, there is always the churros and the hot chocolate.

Here are some of the best destinations in Barcelona, Spain:

  • La Sagrada Famila – or the church of The Sacred Family. We suggest you see this church still in construction before seeing the other works of Antoni Gaudi. The modernist design is an extreme Gothic and certainly attracts the eyes of everyone.

Travel Tips: Revenge of the Car Rental Agent Or How Car Rental Firms Can Bomb Your Journey

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No one knows how dangerous any customer service representative’s powers are but if they are pushed around more than the limits of their patience, expect a little red tape or a downright nasty impediment coming the offender’s way.

This particular thing is also true of car rental reps. Though these representatives are there to serve your needs, it doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. A little cold comment or some misunderstood joke can make these well meaning folk into avenging angels. Here are some ways they can irk you:

  • A rate you won’t forget. Frustrated car rental representatives can change the price of the car you’re paying without you finding out. You’ll be given a sweet surprise once you get to the car and they’re handing you the keys already. One customer had to find out through the same manner. She got to the car only to find out that the rate was well over her budget. She had to go to the manager so that she could air out her complaints. The issue went well with the manager providing her the rate she originally applied for.

6 of the Most Lavish Homes in the World

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You could definitely get used to these top-of-the-line luxury homes. Too bad only a select few can afford them, but if they’re up for viewing, a peek shouldn’t hurt. Below is a list of the most luxurious homes not just in the U.S.A. but around the world. Look at what you’re missing.

Mumbai’s first Billion Dollar Home

Believe it or not, the most lavish home around the world is not in the U.S.A. but in India. You can find this treasure at Antilla, Mumbai, owned by no one less than the fifth richest man on the planet: Mukesh Ambani. How did this palace happen? Mukesh Ambani just happens to own one of the most prominent petrochemical companies in India: the Reliance Industries. Thanks to this company, he is safely insured with $43 billion worth of assets.

Its time to costumize your plane seats

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If until yesterday your only concern was the plane ticket, now you have to think further than that. You have to decide about your comfort and how much you are willing to pay for it.

Today a seat is not just about legroom. If you need more space, to feel more comfortable, more legroom, then you need to pay more for it. Different airlines are using this strategy to increase their profits.

But according to experts you have to beware, because these so-called- premium seats do not always offer what they promise to. Maybe you end up with the same seat that you could have paid less. Below there are some advices for those passengers who seek for a quitter place and seats that really worth the price you are paying for.

Sicily Vacation

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love sicilyA Sicily vacation could be just what you need right now. With all the stress over the economy, a break from the worries and fears could be just the answer. And what better choice than a vacation there? I mean, there’s nothing better than a Sicily vacation to take your mind off your troubles. Only a Sicily vacation offers the intrigue of a steamy mountainous region, beautiful golden beaches and different cultures and ancient history that is home to Sicily. And, of course, only a Sicily vacation will bring you closer to the mafia–on a tour, no less!

Could you imagine taking a Sicily Vacation and finding yourself on a tour viewing the grave sites of famous mafia godfathers? Take a Sicily vacation and find out if the version of a Hollywood godfather comes close to the real thing from knowledgeable tour guides. A vacation in Sicily does offer other attractions if mafia intrigue is not your cup of tea.

A Guide to Amsterdam Hotels

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Amsterdam is a rather intriguing place. It is a compact city that is highly likeable for tourists to visit. Amsterdam does not offer the buzz of the cityscapes or the busy cheerful scenes of a summer holiday venue. Rather, its main attraction is the bars and clubs that offer a place for tourists to relax, enjoy and be themselves.

There are plenty of Amsterdam hotels that you can choose from when visiting city. The layout of the city is defined by a series of canals that radiates from the center. Most of the hotels are situated within the city’s center. You can choose from a number of options of hotels that are listed in tourist guides available online. There are hotels that are designed for business trips. Amsterdam hotels offer you the convenience of having facilities available suited for business needs. Services such as wireless internet, virtual office, daily newspapers, and mini-bar await each business executive who books an Amsterdam hotel business class suite.

List of 7 Best Destinations this Season


leafThe breeze is starting to be chilly and the prices of tickets are going down. If you are in the mood to taste some wine, appreciate the colors of the leaves, or if you just want to enjoy the life in the city then you will love the list that we prepared for you below.

Have a great holiday in some of the best urban centers, wineries, national parks, and orchards. Here are our top picks for the top destinations this season:

Florence, Italy
Florence is the center of the renaissance movement in Italy. It served as the birthplace of what we know today as modern politics. Florence was also considered by the great artist Michelangelo as his adopted hometown. There is a lot more to discover when you travel to Florence Italy.

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