Emergencies during travels

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Do not think now about disasters, it is embarrassing. But you must be prepared also for that case!(have a last will, what to be done with your remainings, possibilities to be identified). Sorry for remember this.

So, forget the disaster, and focus on emergencies! You still have good chances, and you will succeed for sure. These things happened to many other people, tourists and travelers as you are!

I could find following embarrassing situations;

1. Your flight delays. Take it easy, the delay may not be so long. Usually, the flight companies put to your disposal some food and drinks, and even rooms!

2.Once arrived to the destination airport, you observe your luggage damaged or lost. It is bad, and keep in mind it can occur. Take your money, credit cards and personal documents with you, do not leave them in the luggage. Let the flight company know about the situation, in writing. Usually, they will bring the luggage to you in 1 or two days. If the luggage is damaged, you must insist for reimbursement!

Low Cost Cyprus Car Rental


The Cyprus Car Hire Portal ( offers some great low cost quality car rental options in Cyprus, which provides you with the freedom to explore this beautiful island at your own leisure. Daily, weekly and monthly car hire is available, and you can get free delivery to airports, hotels and accommodation of your choice, and also it is free to add a second driver to the rental agreement.

Rental Requirements

You will need to be over 21 years with a full, clean drivers license (held for at least a year) to hire and drive a rental car in Cyprus, and when you make the booking you will need a valid credit or debit card.

Features and Services

When you hire a car with Cyprus Car Hire Portal you will get a number of benefits including:

  • 20% discount with all online reservations.

Plane passengers on stand for 5 hour flight

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Security norms are fundamental in travel industry. We wouldn’t be able to single out a convenient area where they most have to be strict, but the latest case comes from a plane flying, which probably served also like a bus, from Turkey to Russia, where the passengers were asked to fly all the way through, on stand.

The six passengers said they were forced to stand on for five hour flight, and in cases of air turbulences they were asked to sit in the aisle, without the minimum security requirements, such as seat belts, oxygen masks or life vests.

And if they had any children, they had to seat on their parent’s lap- but the children were big enough to sit there. The incident has occurred on 24 of September and now the 6 passengers have sued the Anex Tour by demanding 4900$ each.
But Anex Tour offered only 212$ for each of them.

Getting a history lesson in Istanbul’s best restaurants

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In Istanbul, food is held close to the heart. Through the years, this city’s culinary evolution has been closely scrutinized and followed by its residents, who are very much passionate not only about cooking but also eating good food. The people’s obsession for food in Istanbul can be equated to the undying loyalty that others have for their favorite football team. Today, many restaurants serve popular Turkish food such as kebabs, and diners can wash it down with some raki. But lest we forget, Istanbul played a major part in history by serving as the capital of the Ottoman Empire, and the blending of different cultures led to remarkable dishes feasted on by sultans.

Top 7 Ice Hotels to visit this season

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Igloos have always fascinated me as a child. Nowadays, what I have on my list are ice hotels complete with rooms, bars, and the works. You need to experience staying in them before they melt! We came up with a list of the best ice hotels that we know of:

The ICEHOTEL (Sweden)

This is the original Ice Hotel in Lapland, Sweden. It has evolved from a 60 square meter igloo into the biggest ice hotel made of snow and ice with an area of 5,500 square meters. The art-chitecture of the Ice Hotel has inspired a lot of people and have been the reason why ice hotels have been popping in different countries.

They also have the Ice Bar in partnership with Absolut. Aside from their Ice Bar in Jukkasjarvi, they have launched ICEBAR in Oslo, Tokyo, Copenhagen, London, and Stockholm.

Top 5 destinations where you can relax after the holidays

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The holidays bring families together and having to attend quite a number of family reunions can also be stressful, you must admit. Much as we want great food, we also have the tendency to overeat if we are not so good in the area of self-control. After all the holiday stress, it will be perfect to relax. No more money? Well there are places that you can go to that will not burn your pockets and there are places perfect if you want a sky is the limit holiday:

One and Only Ocean Club (The Bahamas)

If you are planning to have a luxury Bahamas getaway, booking a few nights at the One and Only Ocean Club is the it. You can book for four nights and pay for only the three nights. The average price to enjoy this paradise comes at around $430 which comes with some resort credits, a round of golf, and some spa certificates.

Planning a Family Reunion the Smart Way

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It’s your grandmother’s 100th birthday, or it’s the 50th wedding anniversary of your parents. Whatever the occasion must be, a family reunion is something that would inevitably happen. When you’re tasked with organizing the event, it’s also very easy to panic. While we’ll be pulling your leg if we say we can make the task easy for you, there are some things we can suggest to make it more manageable.

Plan early

Organizing things as early as six months before the event is not an overkill. When it comes to huge family gatherings, it’s actually only practical. According to surveys, majority of family reunions take place during the summer. This makes the holiday perfect for organizing events. Since you’re bound to have small reunions with family members, take the time to gather their contact numbers and emails.

8 Cities across the globe with the worst air pollution

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World leaders recently met in Mexico to discuss the pressing problems of pollution and global warming. They discussed the rising levels of the sea due to the melting polar ice caps but hey also try to look for common grounds on how we can address the very air that we breathe.

Around the world, people in big, heavily populated and polluted cities get sick and die of lung diseases. The rates are alarming add to the equation the increasing number of children being born with defects and the high statistics for cancer and heart ailments.

These cities are growing fast. But the real question is at what price? And can we really call it progress? Several studies conducted in the past years have pointed to the cities with the worst air condition:

Beijing, China