Kickoff your way as an English tutor in Asia

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Despite the increasing trend in online language teaching opportunities, as much as possible, local learners would prefer more to see their teachers’ faces. It definitely takes lots of money and courage to follow such advice. But what just might happen if you consider language and cultural barriers, money, or failure?

Teachin English in Asia

Randomly showing up without any invitation might make your chances to getting employed slimmer. Despite the fact that the school directors gladly understand and frequently support your desire to travel and look around the country, they still pose you to take your career fatally and seriously. They scorn those who just pass by the town and find a quick source of income, and except if you have lived already in the said country for a considerably long duration, it might be difficult to prove to them that you are not like the rest.

Getting Organized for Travel

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Before you go on holiday it is important that you organize and plan carefully, to avoid common problems and ensure that your holiday runs smoothly. Here are a few essential issues you will need to sort out before you set out for your holiday:

Budget Travel: Discovering Florence without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

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If you’re planning to visit Florence but a bit worried with your budget, don’t fret. There are many places and activities you can enjoy in this beautiful city even if you’re on a tight budget. Here we give you a list of activities and some tips on how to do Florence on a budget!

Vacation Rental in Florence

Buenos Aires Hotels

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Buenos Aires is the vibrant capital of Argentina, and is situated on the southern shores of the Río de la Plata. This city was built by Europeans and still has a certain European flavour, which can be seen in some of its beautiful old colonial buildings such as the Teatro Colon, which is the seat of performing arts with opera, ballet, theatre and pop concerts all held within its elegant walls.

Teatro Colon

Teatro Colon

Buenos Aires will interest many different types of visitors as there is plenty to do including shopping, dancing, eating out and visiting the local Mataderos Fair, which is held every week and celebrates the history and culture of the city. The citizens of this city love to party, and you will find that there is a vibrant, friendly atmosphere in the evenings when you go out for a meal or dancing. There are also some wonderful cruises that you can take from the port, which is a lovely, relaxing way to see the beautiful Argentinean coastline.

Holiday travel: Your survival kit during long delays at the airport

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Thanksgiving travelBeing delayed at a strange airport is no fun. Everyone around you is uncomfortable, cranky, and hate the thought of missing items on their schedules. Below are some items you might want to bring that can help you survive such long holiday travel delays:

Pre-packed food

You do not want to get hungry while waiting for the weather to be kinder or the airline to fix its system. Instead of having a soggy sandwich for a snack, bring pre-packaged goodies like granola bars, cookies, or dried fruits. If you will be stuck in an airport for two days because of snow, you can expect the food to be served not to be as fresh. This will also save your pocket money since items at the airport tend to be pricey.

Pen, paper, or tablet

Tips For A Better Cruise

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One of the principle reasons for taking a cruise is the opportunity to relax, but can you? What is something does go wrong? Can you get your money back or get a replacement cruise? Peace of mind when going on a cruise should something disastrous occur, no matter how small, is one of the most important things to consider before you set off, and this means insurance!

Let’s face it, when you think about it, no end of situations could occur that will cost you a great deal of money, so bypassing travel insurance it could be an expensive mistake! Travel insurance provides cover for just about everything you can think of and a few more besides, but check out the exclusions in the small print as they may not apply if you take part in so-called dangerous sports, acts of terrorism, “acts of God”, under the influence of alcohol or if you have a previous health problem.

Acer Announced its first Nvidia Ion Based Nettop

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Seems like Acer is on fire this month. They have yet announced another launch of its new and first Nvidia Ion based nettop known as the Aspire Revo.For those of you who dont know what exactly a Nettop is, here’s a brief definition of it. It is a type of mini desktop or small form factor computer designed for performing basic computation tasks such as surfing the Internet, accessing web-based applications and rich internet applications, document processing and audio/video playback etc. It’s more like a portable computer that you can carry around with you on your trip.


The Atom seems to have outgrown its earlier ‘minor’ status and has now become a major computing support for the netbook platform, which was interestingly non-existent just over a year ago. The new Aspire Revo is a feasible opton for anyone who is on the look out for a reasonably powerful machine which really doesn’t cost much.

Top Ski Lodges in Europe for any budget

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When you feel the days are getting shorter and the temperatures make you bring out the winter wardrobe, that means the ski season in Europe and some parts of the world has begun. You have a ton of options depending on your budget and taste. If you love the breeze as you slide down the slope , you will love the best ski lodges in Europe that we have lined up for you:

The Mooser Hotel in St Anton, Austria

Austria Ski Lodge

While in The Mooser Hotel, there are two ways to have fun: to party or to pamper. What is even more awesome is that, it is your choice which one.
Located in a historic farmhouse, which is 300 years old, it is famous for the MooserWirt, its adjacent après-ski bar.