Best destinations for Women according to the World Economic Forum

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The whole world celebrates the International Women’s Day and it is but fitting to feature some of the best destinations where women are most likely to lead a comfortable, safe and fruitful life. Wen we think of these places, countries like Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland come quickly to mind in terms of gender equality.

Women in Sweden, for example, can take a maternity leave for 480 days paid on 80% of their salary. In Rwanda, majority of lawmakers are women and Burundii has 92% of its labor force made up of women.

As the globe celebrates this special day for women, a lot more efforts are needed to push for gender equality. The female workforce, according to researches, earn about 10% of the global income but women do two -thirds of the global clock hours.

We list down some of the best places on earth where gender disparities are narrowed:

Find the Best Hotels Online with TravelPost

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Just confronted an excellent website that allows you to view hotel reviews and ratings as they are written by actual visitors. It provides a great deal of information to all users and covers everything from hotel availability to prices.


You can view these hotels by categorizing them by popularity, most recommended or by price to fit in to your budget. You can also compare your needs and the reviewer’s requirements and decide accordingly if the review is from your perspective.


Another big attraction is the powerful search engine that lets you select hotels and city from the auto recommendation from the website. For example if I choose to stay in New York for a while, all I have to do is enter “New York” and it will come up with it’s recommendations. You can then view hotel details or go back to view full listings.

10 Steps you can take to avoid or handle medical emergencies abroad


There are things that you cannot plan for no matter how you try to but there is a big difference when you are prepared for the unexpected. We list some tips that you can check out to avoid any health hazards before traveling or what you should do in case you encounter an emergency while overseas.

Go for a checkup with your doctor before you travel

It will be wise to see your doctor prior to going overseas. Make sure that you body is in good shape especially if you have not had a check-up recently. Tell your doctor about any unusual physical activity that you might do, like if you are planning to climb a mountain or jump off a cliff.

You can also ask if they will recommend any vaccination. Eight weeks before traveling, it is recommended that you have the necessary shots.

Simple Ricotta Gnocchi


Here’s an excellent Italian staple with a new twist. This is a very simple and delicious way to make gnocchi. Serve this with your favorite pasta sauce, garlic bread and white wine for a truly authentic Italian dinner.


1 1/8 lb of all-purpose flour

1 lb of fresh ricotta cheese

2 large eggs

First, mix your flour, eggs and ricotta in a large mixing bowl.  Use a stand mixer or even your hands until they just start to come together. Don’t over-mix it. The dough should be loose but not falling apart. Knead the dough with your hands for a few minutes, then wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to properly set up.

Best Art Museums

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Who says you can’t take a vacation that revolves around art? Who says that it would be boring to wander through art museum after art museum? Well, they’re wrong. If you have a passion for art, then there are so many wonderful art museums out there to see. In fact, your dream vacation probably consists of some of the best art museum vacations that you can find.

Top 10 trips for Guys

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Men need as much guy bonding time and fun as girls do. The only difference is the activities and the venue where they go to have fun. Guys don’t wait for special events like birthdays, promotions, or parties to take some time off and check out the best all-guys getaway.

Here are some things which top our list:


First on the list is to catch a baseball game in Boston. To see a REAL baseball game, you should definitely go there during summer season so you can feel the intensity and the frenzy of it all. But going there during the other months of the year is no harm too. You can enjoy and explore Fenway Park and experience the game of your life.


Top 5 most luxurious hotels

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For most people a holiday is a time to really treat themselves, and this means that there is a huge market for luxury, top quality hotels and resorts around the world. What better way to make a honeymoon or special holiday memorable than staying in a lavish 5 Star hotel, and treating yourself to all the extravagance and opulence that they have to offer.

5 German Yuletide markets that are not in Germany


Christmas market in Cologne, GermanyIt is the season when we have longer nights and a very chilly environment. It is best to have a cup of coco. If you are bored at home then get your sweater and head to the best German Christmas markets. Even if you are not in Germany, you can still get hold of the best German Christmas markets:

Alsace, France

Looking for a German Christmas market in Alsace is not really a challenge since Germany is just across the border. Alsace in France is just very hard to resist with its very festive atmosphere during the Christmas season. You can find around 35 markets during the holiday with the one at Strasbourg being the oldest of France’s holiday markets. You can find the 430 year old market just in front of the Strasbourg Cathedral.

The Alsace markets usually run until the first week of January. | affordable thesis writing | write a story | | cover letter writing services