Asia’s Top Destinations for Honeymooners

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For newly-weds who are looking for the perfect romantic getaway in Asia, here are the top 10 destinations you can choose from to share with your loved one.


It’s one of the happiest places in the world, so they say, and its happiness reeks into its honeymoon packages. The country’s history, culture, and romantic scenery add to the charm of a honeymoon suited for celebrities. Head to the Amankora in Paro, Bhutan that offers beautiful lodges for the couple to enjoy. Tour packages also feature the wonders of the country like the Mount Jhomohari, the valley of Phobjika and the Satkeng Wildlife Sanctuary.

Trekking, Nepal

All about Seoul


Seoul Korea, the real city that never sleeps. Within Seoul you will find countless entertainment venues, beautiful lights and sounds, and food beyond your wildest dreams. Seoul bustles with life after dark, and people fill the streets and shops. This is the city that never sleeps, and one that you will not soon forget.

When To Visit Seoul

You should visit this city when the weather conditions aren’t as severe. While all seasons here are unique and interesting, Autumn is usually the most comfortable. In the fall months you will experience bright colours on the trees, warm but sunny weather, and minimal rain. Winter is usually cold and wet, but it is a good time for winter sports. Summer is wet and extremely hot, but still fun if you would like to participate in some of the summer events.

Most Notorious Ghost Towns

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Did you think about your daily habits and what could they mean for the people from over few centuries? Did you think that the city you live could vanish and remain without any inhabitants? Of course you did!

Visiting ghost towns is for some travelers the favorite way of spending vacations, and a must for any experienced travelers. It is fascinating to visit a ghost towns and ask all possible questions about the people living there in the blossom times of those settlements. Sometimes is really fascinating to speculate about the possible reasons of the decay of the ghost towns (natural disasters; climate change; foreign occupations and lost wars; economic decay etc). There are many Ghost Towns around the world. Some of them were ruling places of wonderful civilizations (Roman, Inca, Maya etc); some of them are much newer and are no more than 2 centuries old ( Gold Rushes from Far West, Australia and Alaska created a few interesting Ghost Towns).

Moscow Hotels

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Unless you’ve been to Moscow, or intend to go, there is no reason that you would have any idea on any good or interesting Moscow hotels. But if you have been to some good Moscow hotels, you should find a way to write reviews. Most people enjoy getting a customers perspective when they are considering spending their hard earned dollars on a hotel. It doesn’t matter if they are Moscow hotels or somewhere else in the world.

But if you’ve ever stayed in Moscow, or are considering it, then there are some things that you should consider before booking another stay at any Moscow hotels. Of course, one of the main factors of choosing a hotel is always price and location. But what if price wasn’t a problem and neither was location. Then what would be important to you? The amenities? The service? The size of the room?

Top Lake Vacation Destinations In The USA

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While many people head to the ocean when the warm weather hits, lake based destinations are also great ways to beat the heat. In some ways there are often more available on-the-water opportunities on a lake as opposed to on the ocean. The swimming can be better, some find the lack of salt water to be a good thing, and often lakes are less crowded than the popular ocean beaches. Recreational pursuits on lakes are many with the most popular being jet skiing, boating, swimming, water skiing, and fishing. Here is a look at some of the top lake vacation destinations in the United States.

Eating with Hungarians


Some of the most interesting and truly exotic foods to come out of Eastern Europe are from Hungary. The typical Hungarian cuisine is defiantly not something you’ll find in very many European cities. Hungarian food has historically been known to include a very heavy hand with spices and herbs. Paprika is one of the most prevalent ingredients in a lot of Hungarian dishes. Some of the most typical Hungarian ingredients include:  sour cream, eggs, and beef. Hungary has some of the largest natural cattle herding grounds in all of Eastern Europe. Hungary has no coastline in its borders so fresh seafood is typically not on most menus. However, smoked and cured fish imported from European neighbors are a treasured and expensive delicacy.  

Samsung Launched Spinpoint N3U Hard drive with USB Interface

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Samsung is dedicated to brining us the best gadgets for our maximum comfort. Recently they have launched a new Spinpoint N3U 1.8 inch storage device that utilizes native USB interface. Like any other regular PC hard drive it can be carried in a laptop bag easily and can be accessed anytime anywhere.

It provides 250 GB of storage space  and eliminates the interrupt service time for bridge circuit board to convert PATA into USB singles. It aims for smaller foot print, optimizes performance and consumes less power making itself an ideal choice as a portable storage device.

Vice President of marketing Storage System Division of Samsung Electronics Choel-Hee lee said that The new high-capacity 1.8” 250GB drive enhances Samsung’s product offerings and is ideal for consumers who require a small form factor, high capacity data storage. He further added that it is extremely easy to carry around and is specially designed to withstand a free fall drop up to 50 centimeters and be resistant to a maximum shock incident of up to 1500G.

Top 5 destinations in April

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1. Greece . In two weeks from now on, there will be the orthodox eastern. You may not miss it, even if you are not an orthodox. It is a kind of magic, you will see.

2. Jamaica. The best, if you are in love or in the honey moon. Take the music of Bob Marley with,you will understand even better,  and after that you will love more both, the country and the music.

3.Addis Abeba. A big and important african city, wonded after a war.

4. New York . You need no special motivations for traveling to New York , I feel sometimes that I simply want to be there. It is a kind of attraction exerted by this megacity I already wrote about it. Let’s see what is new there.