Where to stay in Madrid

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During my visit in Spain I visited Barcelona and Ibiza, with a short break in Madrid.

Now I would like to tell you about my stay in Madrid, and if you plan also a travel there, please join me.

I was very short in Madrid, 1 day and night. The day was for visiting Museo del Prado, and the night for the Hotel AC Palacio del Retiro, which was recommended to me by friends. And I can recommend to you, as was spoiled there!

The hotel is located in the very centre of Madrid, and you can reach within 5 minutes walk Museo del Prado, Parque del Retiro, Puerta de Alcala, Puerta Del Sol, Reina Sofia Art Center and the Stock market.

The hotel itself is high class luxury *****. It has all modern top ammenities, combining this confort with its 1900 architecture. FABULUOS!

10 original ideas for your wedding

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holding handsThese days people are getting married much later in life and this means that they have their own money to spend on the big day, instead of relying on their parents to pay for everything. The main benefit of this is that if you are paying, you can call the shots, and this has led to a surge in the popularity of unusual and original weddings, in fact a traditional white wedding is considered rather dull!

The easiest way to plan an exciting and original wedding is to go to totally new and exotic destinations, and with all the wedding package deals available from tour operators it can actually work out to be much cheaper than a traditional church service and reception.

Visit the Top 5 Most Interesting Leaning Towers


The Leaning Tower of Pisa is not the only leaning tower in the world that you can visit. There are so much more leaning towers available on the face of the Earth that you can drop by the next time you decide to take a holiday. Here are the best 5 you should find out more of.

1. The Leaning Tower of San Pietro di Castello, Venice, Italy
Venice is well known for its interesting building structures and one of them includes the Leaning Tower of San Pietro di Castello. The charmingly old building leaned to one side as a result of the passage of time and waterlogged soil. Standing in the bell tower itself offers you a great many photos to bring home where the scenic surroundings are sure to wow your friends and family.


Great Natural Tourist Destinations in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe has been receiving a lower amount of tourism in recent years for several reasons. This is not a reason to neglect such a beautiful location with so much to offer in terms of tourism and exploration. Amongst the natural locations are various destinations that may seem out of place for anything that you would see in Africa. Travelers could certainly benefit from knowing what is available for them in the expanse of Zimbabwe so they can truly enjoy their visit and do something amazing. The following attractions are natural and are truly enjoyable by anyone who appreciates nature:

The Amazing Zambezi River

The Zambezi River is the fourth longest river in Africa at 2,200 miles in length. It runs from Zambia to Angola, bordering Namibia, Botswana, Zambia once more and Zimbabwe and finally out through Mozambique to the Indian Ocean. The river has several locations in which ferries and tourist boats frequent the waters and provide a great view of the best locations. The topmost section falls into the middle section of the river at Victoria Falls, which also has several tourist boats available for short trip distances.

Flexibility Is The Best Cruise Tip Ever

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The ultimate travel experience for many people is the sea cruise. It is no longer the exclusive pastime of the well-off. Have you ever come into contact with someone who appears to be financially challenged, but constantly go on cruises? Never? Well these people exist! The travel benefits available to them is due to the flexible attitude they have in selecting their cruise. Flexibility in booking the sea cruise is one of the best cruise tips ever!


It is a fact of life that the more fixed you are in your travel plans, the more you will have to pay. Masters of discount travel select an area to cruise rather than selecting a particular company to cruise with or specific cruise dates because it is the travelling that is important to them. This give them choice of the best deals in terms of low cost air fares and last minute cancellations, removing them from dependence on travel agents and having to pay whatever it costs. Flexibility travel dates and destination can save a mountain of cash as the cruise experience is more or less the same wherever it goes.

Adriatic Sea and its shores

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The Adriatic Sea, a body of water located between the Italian peninsula and the Balkan Peninsula, bordering the east coast of Italy .The Sea which derives its name from the ancient Latin word ‘mare Superum’.


Bangkok travel guide

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Bangkok is one of those incredibly hectic cities that feels crammed from end to
end with people, all of whom appear to be moving about on the street and roads
at once. All this chaos, congestion and pollution can be a little overwhelming for
visitors, but Bangkok has always welcomed travelers with open arms, and there
is a friendly, approachable atmosphere here that is almost unique for such as
large, busy urban sprawl. Bangkok is also the gateway to the beautiful country of
Thailand, with its tropical climate, exotic beaches and stunning rain forests, and
prices throughout Bangkok (accommodation, food, attractions and excursions)
are so cheap that it makes the perfect destination for a tropical holiday for those
on a tight budget.

Bangkok at night is amazing and spectacular

Bangkok at night is amazing and spectacular

San Jose travel guide

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San José is the lively, modern capital of Costa Rica, and although many bland malls and chain restaurants now cover the city, the city  still celebrates its rich and diverse history, with some beautiful examples of restored colonial buildings, colourful street markets, impromptu Latin dance performances and some well maintained and interesting museums.

Downtown San Jose is an interesting mix of colonial, precolonial and modern buildings

Downtown San Jose is an interesting mix of colonial, precolonial and modern buildings