Samsung Unveiled SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 Camcorders

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Samsung brings a broad range of award-winning, digital consumer electronics and home appliance products, including HDTVs, home theater systems, MP3 players, digital imaging products, refrigerators and washing machines. Recently they have announced their SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 Touch of Color Camcorders.


These new cameras come with a very unique design and both of them features a 10x optical zoon along with Hyper Image Stabilization, Active Angle lens to reduce fatigue by allowing consumers to grip the camcorder in a more relaxed manner.

Senior vice president of Audio/Video and Digital Imaging Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, Reid Sullivan said that the SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 are truly unique camcorders, starting with their eye-catching ToC design. In addition to being ultra-compact, ergonomic and stylish, these camcorders offer a host of advanced, yet easy-to-use capabilities that encourage consumers to integrate video recording into their everyday digital lifestyles.

Salzburg Restaurants

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Can you imagine the fare that you might find at Salzburg restaurants? Do you think you might find international cuisine? Or old world style dishes? Do you wonder if the food will be bland or flavorful? Do you even know much about Salzburg restaurants?

Truly, when you think of Rome, you think mouth watering Italian food. When you think of Spain, you think exotic Spanish cuisine and when you think Paris…oh, do you think lots of sexy foods? But when you think about Salzburg restaurants does anything come to mind?

If not, then you can learn all about Salzburg restaurants right here. Well, maybe not all about them. There’s only so much space and so much time. But you might find some interesting and helpful information here to help you find some Salzburg restaurants that might interest you.

Japan Capsule Hotel Tips and Tricks

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For the uninitiated, capsule hotels are hotels which resemble well, capsules. They are small, with limited facilities and yet desired by those travelers who are on a shoestring budget when visiting Japans. Also great for otakus, or Japanese fanboys, who are strapped for cash as the night before they attend huge conventions in the heart of Tokyo or any other city in the Land of the Rising Sun. Don’t be intimidated if you are planning to stay in one during your sojourn in Japan, check out some tricks and tips we prepared.

1. Counter your claustrophobia
Capsule hotels are cheap, but it comes with some setbacks and one of the major disadvantages include claustrophobia. Those who suffer from this condition should stay away from capsule hotels and bunk in with their friends in Japan or pay more for a budget hotel. For travelers who are slightly uncomfortable with tight spaces, it pays to focus on the task at hand when you’re in your cabin, and that is by sleeping the night away.

5 of the Most Remote and Dangerous Islands in World

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If you are thinking of white sand beaches, crazy parties, and kegs of beer to drink, then we are sorry to disappoint you. The islands that we are covering on this post will be some of the hard to reach and dangerous. Yes, forget WiFi, selfies, and food porn.


Remotest Islands

Located about 60 miles from the mainland of Scotland, the archipelago of Saint Kilda will fit to any definition of adventure one will find. It is tagged as a World Heritage Site but getting there proves to be very difficult. In fact, according to statistics, there have been more successful attempts to reach the zenith of Everest than to step on the Island of Boreray. It was inhabited during the prehistoric times but it has been abandoned since the 1930s when the settlers failed at growing crops.

5 Tips to Guarantee that You will not work while on a holiday


laptop_vacationHaving a holiday is like seeing an oasis in the middle of the desert that is your busy schedule everyday. A vacation is always welcome be it on a summer, winter, or just a long weekend.

No matter how you love your job, everyone deserves a break. Sad to say, studies show that about 25% on a holiday tend to keep in touch with their work. About 9% have to check their email or voicemail since they are expected to by their boss to report.

Sales workers check in with their work 50% of the time while financial services and IT professionals do the same at about 37%. Some 7% of workers going on a holiday declare that they can not be contacted while on vacation.

Worse, about 15% of employees who went on vacation in 2008 had to give up on trying to enjoy their holiday because of the demands of their work.

Five Things You Must Do When Traveling To Washington D.C.

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Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States of America. It has an incredible amount of historical and political landmarks, memorials, and buildings. The nation’s capital is home to a sizable population and is also a large tourist destination, these things contribute to it having a number of attractions that are not political and historical in nature as well. A trip to Washington D.C. will go down as one of the more memorable vacations in most people’s lives.

Here are five things you must do when traveling to Washington D.C.

Beer Festivals you can gulp your way to this February

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Aside from the recent Super Bowl (congratulations to the New York Giants!) and Valentine’s Day next week, February does not have a lot going on. For those experiencing the cold weather right now it is pretty nice to head to warmer destinations or maybe enjoy an old, fun tradition – drinking.

Here are some of the beer festivals you can go to this month:

Cincy Winter Beer Festival

The kegs, mugs, glasses and other paraphernalia to enjoy the cold beer are ready. In fact this wal inter beer festival happens today and on 11 February. Tickets are for around $35 with a souvenir cup functional enough to hold five ounces of beer. You can refill this with the brewed drink for twenty five times. Make sure you pace your drinking since things kick off at 730pm and will last thru 10pm.

The hidden secrets of Costa Brava

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On the Costa Brava there are a lot of resorts, and the best known is Lloret del Mar. If you want to know more about these magnificent places, read further.

During the 50 s the former spanish dictator Franco was looking for new sources of incomes. He had the brillant idea to build some resorts on the Costa Brava (the wild coast). The success was immediately, and still lasts today: the tourists came and continue to come!

Lloret del Mar is a small town with 40 000 inhabitants. In summer come other 200 000 tourists, as the offer is very wide and generous, for all ages and budgets! The all Costa Brava looks fabulous: you encounter very often little golfs with hidden beaches, and also wide cool forests.

In the daytime you can relax under the sun, preparing for the night wild parties. Do not miss: