Unique Train Trips in the World

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Taking a train to explore places is one of the best experiences one can take. Not only does it offer a fast travel time; it also gives the traveler a breathtaking view of the sceneries.

Hotel Guide: Most unique hotels you can find in Brazil

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Brazil is among the top destination if you are looking to have fun under the sun, on the sand, and in the waters. It is also a booming economy with a lot of development in technologies devoted to leading a greener lifestyle. We think that if you want to communicate better in Brazil you should use a speaking electronic translator. We list down some of the best hotels that you can find in Brazil. There are the top hotels where you can enjoy the authentic Brazil whether you are there for some fun or a retreat from your loud, busy lifestyle:

Reserva Natural Palmari in Javari River

Travel Guide: Best Destinations in Norway

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If you are planning to go on a holiday this July, Norway is among the best destinations for this month. The winter is over and the sun is starting to shine in Norway. Norway is among the most beautiful places on earth, and no one will contest that. The people of this country loves nature to their core.

Here are some of the best destinations in Norway:

Northern Lights

There is no guarantee if you will see the northern lights but if you are lucky enough, the aurora borealis is a phenomenal sight. White or green light curtains will be shifting, take forms, and dance in the air. The lights never fail to tickle anyone’s imagination.. It will be an unforgettable experience to see the northern lights.

Lofoten Islands

Travel Tips: How do you go on a holiday without breaking your bank account

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Everyone wants to travel more often but worry a lot that they may not have enough money for it or they might be burning a big hole in their pockets. Traveling alone, with friends, or even with the whole family may go smoothly without having to drain your whole life’s savings. Here are some simple tips on how you can save on your vacations:


Plane Tickets – You need to plan in advance and frequent websites which give you discount deals for airline tickets. These websites often have service fees but they also give you the best deals and options for different airlines.

Pack light – Most airlines charge fees now if you are traveling with heavy luggage. As much as possible, pack only what you need. Do not use oversized bags and as much as possible, limit everything to one bag.

10 Great Tips for Traveling with Children



They say once you have children, you can never travel or go anywhere again. That is a complete lie, because many people manage to have children and still enjoy yearly travels to various destinations. Traveling with children can be a little more difficult, but it isn’t any less enjoyable. Children can learn so much from traveling around the world and visiting new places. Travels can give them perspective on new things too!

1. Try not to bring very small children. It’s always better to take a child that is 5 or older. At this age he or she can walk and talk, and isn’t as likely to cause a disturbance on a plane.

2. Be sure to look up fun and exciting events in the area you are traveling to. Many places have kid friendly hotels and resorts. The Hydro Hotel in Switzerland is one of such hotels! Many more await you around the world.

Best hotel suites in Chicago

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If you are planning to have a holiday in Chicago and planning to splurge , we lined up the best hotel suites you can get in this wonderful city:

Grand deluxe suite at the Trump International Hotel and Tower

You can get the best room in this Chicago hotel for $1,500 a night and for that tag price you get 2,245 square foot of luxury with 10 foot floor to ceiling windows the give you a great view of the city. The grand deluxe suite has two bedrooms which is basically your home away from home.

It also comes with its own kitchen that is equipped with the high end stuff that you might not even know how to use.. If you do have plans of heating the pans, the chef concierge can arrange a romantic dinner for you. If you are plan on proposing to your partner, he can setup a vacant penthouse which you can use.

Top 5 Cities with the best Christmas markets

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Christmas is in the air. Imagine holiday lights, lanterns, ginger bread, nativity scene, and Santa everywhere. Another nice thing about the holiday season are the Christmas markets where you can feel the warmth while enjoying goods from all over.

Here are some of the best Christmas markets in Europe:


The Old Town Square in Prague transforms into a magical place as the wind gets colder approaching the holidays. The spotlight is on the giant Christmas tree harvested from the Krkonose Mountains setting the enchanting theme of the place.

The Prague Christmas market will be open from 26 November thru the first week of January next year. You can get Czech glass, ceramic mugs, wooden toys, puppets, and crystals. If you want to try a traditional holiday dish, ask for a live carp and prepare it for Christmas dinner.

The Best US Shopping Destinations

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Whether you enjoy shopping normally or not, shopping at some of the legendary destinations in the US can be quite exciting and fun. Of course in order to properly shop you have to have a fair amount of money to spend, but window shopping can be fun as well. If you’re looking for a fresh new kind of vacation, consider the destinations below:

1. Mall of America, Minneapolis

Mall of America

Almost everyone has heard of the Mall of America, but many people have yet to experience it. This 520+ store behemoth is the grand-daddy of all shopping malls. Literally everything you could possibly think of is available for sale at the Mall of America. Obviously due to the massive tourism industry surrounding the Mall, prices are fairly high. However, for most people, the experience is well worth the price. If you can’t afford to drop much money, visiting the Mall of America can still be very fun, even if you only go for a day. There are so many activities and things to see that you will find it hard to get bored. | affordable thesis writing | write a story | | cover letter writing services