The best beaches of the Philippines

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Just like the Southern Thailand and Bali Indonesia, the Philippines is now making a big buzz in hotspots beaches in Southeast Asian. With over 7000 islands, no wonder that it’s gaining popularity. Not to mention that language barrier is not so much of a problem since English is generally spoken. And with a lot of budget airlines today, Manila is getting a lot more affordable to visit.
Philippines is boasting so many coastal pleasures so it can really be hard sometimes to choose which one to go to. So here’s our top pick to help you decide what should go on your list.

Reported as the world’s second best beach by the Philippine Department of Tourism in 2012, Boracay still continue to gain popularity from tourists around the world. The 4 meter long main tourism white beach is lined with various resorts, hotels, dining places, lodging houses, and other tourist establishments that will not make you leave this beautiful island. Across the white beach is the Bulabog beach where those who love to windsurf and kiteboard will truly enjoy their time.

Stockholm Travel

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One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Stockholm, Sweden lays across the expanse of fourteen small islands. It’s unique layout of hundreds of bridges connecting this Capital, added to the natural beauty of the region, to say nothing of the man-made elements such as their architecture, have made Stockholm one of the most popular travel destinations in history.
But it isn’t just the breathtaking scenery that makes Stockholm such an incredible tourist destination. It’s the wide range of hotels, restaurants, events, attractions, and activities that make this such a hot travel spot, and I have out together my list of must see’s and do’s for any.


Bars and Nightlife

The Akkurat – Home of over 400 types of whiskey alone, this restaurant and bar combo has more then a huge selection of drinks on tap. In fact, the alcohol menu is only the tip of the ice burg of this casual, easy going bar. Be sure to check out their Sunday night free concerts, with live R&B and Rock shows weekly.

Best Things To Do In Berlin

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If you never visited Berlin up to now, I tell you sincerely and honestly that you lost a few things. Berlin, as one of the Europe’s biggest cities, has a lot to tell and to show you. It is a modern vibrant city with intensive night life, and surely the most avantgardistic city across the Europe. David Bowie in person was mesmerized and seduced by the spirit of Berlin.

Along the former Berlin Wall you can make interesting bike tours

Along the former Berlin Wall you can make interesting bike tours

Berlin, as we all know, had a trembled history. After WWII it was totally destroyed and its surprisingly reconstruction seemed to be impossible to many people. Many people considered Berlin a condemned city, as they didn’t know the fantastic capacity and discipline of the Germans. Please don’t ask the people on the street about Hitler and the concentration camps, they are not responsible for them. The people are very kind and gentle, and you don’t need to make them guilty or uncomfortable.

Best Turin Hotels

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Turin, one of the various wonderful cities in Italy, has several diverse hotels for visitors and tourists. During visit to the city, there are numerous top class hotels that are available to give adequate comfort to visitors.

Most of these hotels are ideally located in the city center, and can easily be acesed from any part of the city.

Hotels such as these are readily available to welcome visitors into their comfort.

HOTEL AC TORINO, this is ideally located in the business district of the city of Turin


It is also very close to various attraction sites in the city, just as the lingotto exhibition center, one of the major attractions of the city.

The fantastic and serene atmosphere of this hotel is ideal for visitors and sweet leisure experience, as it has adequate facilities available for relaxing as well as other interesting sports activities.

Urasawa – The Best Sushi Restaurant in the US

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Sushi has exploded in popularity since it’s introduction to the mainstream in the early 1980’s. Now, it’s impossible to travel a few blocks without seeing at least one sushi restaurant. However, not all sushi restaurants are created equal. While some cater to the masses, others fill various niches – fusion, traditional, various styles, etc. One particular style, omakase (chef’s choice in Japanese), has been pleasing hardcore sushi enthusiasts for decades. For those searching for the best omakase meal money can buy, it is without a doubt that one man, Hiro Urasawa, delivers up the best sushi in the United States.

New Year 2011 in Prague

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I think that Prague is a favorite destination for the New Year 2009. Its old downtown is between the world’s nicest and since 20 years an UNESCO heritage site.

A trip to Prague on New Year 2009 will be the right occasion to discover or rediscover the charm of former centuries and the rich art collectionsof czech Museums.

Prague is not a big city (1 200 000 people), is not overcrowded and very easy to discover walking in the downtown. There are plenty of pubs there where you can taste the delicious Bohemia beer and the tasty cuisine. But these traditional pubs are usually overcrowded, even Bill Gates did not find a free table.

Guards changing in the Hradcany Palace has a special ritual and is a show for any tourist.

Cities That Will Pay You to Live There

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Though some cities are overpopulated and are facing economic and financial problems, there are cities which have declining population, and are inviting people to move to their place.

If you want a change of view, why not consider leaving your hometown and move to one of these places which are more than willing to have you?

10 Best Canada Destinations

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Canada is a big vast country with divers charming landscapes and vibrant cities as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Little cities as Ottawa or Quebec City are also a part of Canada touristic boom with their colonial past relics. But before of any urban life and vibe cities Canada is renowned for its fantastic wildlife and outdoor activities. Canada goes green with the purpose to drag more and more tourists, as this is the first thing for sure when thinking about Canada. If you wanna take a Canada vacations, be sure to combine these two sides of the Canadian tourism, choosing from the following destinations.

1. Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, British Columbia is a well renowned ski resort. There are many slopes in Grouse, and the first of them is 80 years old. Beginners and professionals find in Grouse Mountain a ski paradise. Besides, you can do other many outdoor activities: skating, climbing mountains, walking.