China Travel: Top traditional destinations in Beijing

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Beijing reflects the economic boom China is experiencing with its skyscrapers, design spaces, highways, and continuing developments in the different business sectors. Despite all the modernity, the remnants of the past can be revisited to learn about China’s history and culture.

The city is dotted by numerous sites to remind everyone of the very long history stretching between the dynasties. Here are some of the best destinations in Beijing which may make you forget that you are in the metropolis:

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was constructed back in the fifteenth century and served as the center of power for the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. It is a must see if you will be in Beijing for its size, art, and furniture. The opulence of the place and its walls will shield you from the chaos of the metropolis and you might end up wandering for hours.

Surviving New Years in Vegas

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With Thanksgiving just a few days away and Christmas just around the corner, maybe now’s the time to start planning that epic new years trip to Las Vegas. If you’ve never been, the new years’ celebration is truly a spectacle – massive fireworks displays exploding from the hotel roof tops, hoards of drunken people invading the strip, and one of the greatest NYE celebrations in America. Vegas’ annual celebration of the new year attracts over 300,000 people every year, which means there’s plenty of options for having a great time if you don’t want to brave it out on the strip.

First tip: book NOW. With over 300,000 invading the city, the best hotel rooms are sure to book up fast. Check the usual suspects to try to find the lowest price, but remember it’s NYE – ‘cheap’ now might be ‘expensive’ next week, with most hotel rooms in the $200 – $00 range. The later you wait, the higher it’s going to go. However, staying far away from the strip might not be the best idea depending on your game plan.

10 of the most captivating palaces and castles

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Any one from any where is fascinated with marvelous castles and palaces. There is the grandeur, the history, and the magic behind the great structures that always keep us in awe.

We list down the most wonderful palaces and castles. We might not be able to see all of them in our travels but knowing about them is a good start.

Potala Palace (Lhasa, Tibet)

The Potala Palace is atop the Marpo Ri Hill overlooking the Lhasa Valley. At 170 meters, Potala can be considered as the most monumental structure you will see in all of Tibet. Emperor Songsten Gampo commissioned the construction of the palace back in 637 and it lasted until the 17th century.

5 Great Sushi Restaurants in Las Vegas


Sushi is a delicacy to behold, and many people travel to certain cities just for the sushi. Las Vegas has plenty of sushi restaurants, and some are simply better than others. This list of 5 restaurants contains the absolute best sushi in the area, for a great price as well.

1. Sumo Sushi is a very popular sushi joint in Las Vegas. It is located near Green Valley and has a full menu of delicious sushi options. There are even a few small dishes for those that prefer something other than sushi. Sumo Sushi is fun to say, has an extremely friendly environment and has received rave reviews.

The Grand Canyon as a Winter Wonderland

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It’s an unfortunate reality that something as magnificent as the grand canyon can be looked as an “out of the way trip”, only “if we have time”. It’s true – the majority of visitors to the park come on the way or from Las Vegas; to these people the grand canyon is nothing more than a detour. Since grand canyon traffic is so dependent on tourist traffic, the busiest times to visit the grand canyon are the busiest tourist times – the summer months. During the winter, the grand canyon is practically desolate. To some people, this is the park at it’s finest.

Tips on Credit Card Use While on an Overseas Trip

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A lot of people have a love affair with credit cards and quite often they look at the magnetic stripped accessories as plastic fantastic. Credit cards are certainly hallmarks of the idea of power spending.

Despite the kind of leverage that these cards provide, there are some disadvantages to relying on them too much. First and foremost, having a credit card can make you a target for fraud.

Credit card fraud is indeed a big business for some criminal types. The war against credit card fraud is a battle which costs the financial industry billions of dollars each year. The costs of fighting fraud in the United Kingdom during 2007 alone equals 535 million pounds or 830 million US dollars.

Credit card companies use a lot of strategies and measures in order to prevent fraud from happening. Unfortunately these measures can also hassle the credit card owners who might be traveling.

Top romantic accommodations for couples on vacation

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Just because it’s in the middle of September, doesn’t mean you don’t have a reason to plan a romantic getaway for you and your partner. Having a little bit of romance even when it’s not Valentine’s Day actually makes it more special, so don’t be afraid to rekindle the flames or dare to jump into a new and exciting love affair.

Sometimes though, it can prove to be difficult to set the mood in a commercial hotel or a crowded resort filled with sunbathing octogenarians and kids running around with plastic shovels. This is precisely the reason why we decided to scour the world for the best romantic inns you and your partner can check out.

Every Stranger’s Guide to Brooklyn: Top 5 Neighborhoods to Visit

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No one can really talk about New York City without mentioning Brooklyn. It has been, for at least a century now, one of the most populated boroughs in the Big Apple. The most prominent people live here including publishers, politicians, executive bankers and advertisers. It’s funny, though, that despite its popularity, very little of it is known to outsiders.

Aside from the great place to live and raise your kids in, Brooklyn also makes for a great weekend destination. Below are five of the best neighborhoods to visit if you’d like a quick pan of New York’s finest.

Coney Island

Your Brooklyn trip won’t be complete without Coney Island. This is a short one hour train ride from Manhattan, and it used to be popular for its resorts and amusement parks. Visiting this area of New York is like riding the time machine. You will literally be taken to a wholly different era. Say goodbye to concrete and hello to a small beach (if you’re visiting in the summer) and a neighborhood right with history.