Most Expensive Coffee in the World

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The most expensive coffee in the world is not produced in Brazil or Jamaica, but Indonesia.
I don’t know about you, but Jacobs is my morning hero and I can’t betray him after he served me well so many years.
I don’t even want to try the most expensive coffee in the world. Why?
Because the most expensive coffee in the world is shit. Weasel shit. 😐

How the most expensive coffee in the world is made:
A video would have been perfect, but I don’t think my advertisers would be very thrilled so I will just describe the process for you.
In Indonesia, there is this animal called Common palm civet (Kopi luwak is the local name). The civet eats the raw red coffee beans and then digests the soft outer part of the coffee cherry, while leaving the inner beans intact. Then it excretes them. Locals pick them up and sell it for a nice profit. Here’s a pic (not recommended if you drank this)

Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame

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For baseball fans all around the world, the Baseball Hall of Fame, located in Cooperstown, New York, is the perfect vacation destination. At the Hall you can learn all about the greatest baseball players of all time, and see priceless and rare items that are not available anywhere else. The Hall is more than just a display of the greatest players of the sport – it’s also the largest baseball museum in the world.

Baseball Hall of FameFounded in June, 1939 by Lee Ferrick Andrews, the Hall of Fame has been honoring excellent players and managers for more than 70 years. The hall of fame has become so well-known that the term “Cooperstown”, which is actually a town in the state of New York, has become a metonym for the Hall. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit the Baseball Hall of Fame, and because of this, tourism in Cooperstown is booming.

Travel Tips: UK holiday on a budget

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The United Kingdom is really a blatantly extravagant destination to getaway. Lodging and food are generally expensive and gas prices are constantly increasing so perhaps even going out for a good traditional road trip will be extremely getting luxurious. But don’t lose heart; you can still find some ways to spend the holiday in discovering this remarkable place in the world without having to break the bank. We have some great tips on how you can go on a UK holiday even on a tight budget:

Research, research, research!

Khaju Bridge, The Wonder Of Ispahan

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Khaju Bridge in Ispahan is simply spectacular, simply breathtaking. The Khaju Bridge is build in a sophisticated Islamic architecture, but really has something charming of his own.
Khaju Bridge has been build in Ispahan not only by simple coincidence. In the XVIIth and XVIIIth century Ispahan, situated on the Silky Way, was probably the biggest city on Earth. During this fantastic period of flourishment Ispahan was the center of a big empire, ruled by the Safavids dynasty. One of the most important representants of this dynasty, and namely Shah Abbas II, build in 1650 The Khaju Bridge, on the Zayandeh River.

The breathtaking Khaju Bridge from Ispahan, on the Zayandeh River

The breathtaking Khaju Bridge from Ispahan, on the Zayandeh River

West Coast Sandwiches in San Francisco Never Looked So Good



San Francisco is a city of culture, lively neighborhoods, shopping malls, and beautiful year round weather. There is an estimated population of nearly 1 million people, making San Francisco the 12th most populated city in the country. The San Francisco Bay area actually has over 7 million residents. That’s more than the state of New Mexico has in the entire state! This city is more than people though, because there are tons of delicious eateries – one being Ike’s Place, a creative sandwich shop.

Ike’s Place was opened in 2007, so it is still a fairly new establishment. The owner wanted to create a fabulous sandwich shop made with fine ingredients and a friendly atmosphere. The shop opened on Halloween that year, and has been packed every day since opening. Word of mouth quickly spread, and the shop now has several awards and well over 1,000 reviews on the online review center, YELP!

Cheap Hotels Chicago

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Chicago is an amazing urban landscape, with a stunning skyline including dazzling skyscrapers and magnificent gothic inspired buildings (including the Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue) and some of the most famous architects have worked here including Louis Sullivan, Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. It is not surprising when you look around this stunning city that the first steel-framed skyscraper in the world, the Reliance Building (now the wonderful Hotel Burham) was built here.

Typical of cities situated in humid continental climate areas (mid latitude zones with conflicting polar and tropical air masses) Chicago has extremely cold, snowy winters and lovely warm sunny summers, with plenty of rain and thunderstorms throughout the year. Chicago is often called ‘the windy city’ but this isn’t because of the weather, but instead because of the pompous, longwinded bragging by Chicago city officials, which goaded Charles Dana, (editor of the New York Sun) to famously gave it the ‘windy city’ nickname in 1893.

Your Little Lima Travel Guide

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There is nowhere quite like South America. A combination of ancient and modern, no matter where you go you will always have plenty to do and see, and may end up experiencing more then you ever thought possible. But even with so many great travel locations, there is one that sticks out, and that will always have you coming back for more: Lima.

Lima skyline at night

Lima skyline at night

The largest (and capital) city of Peru has long since been a place of wonder and entertainment, with plenty of culture and history rich areas, as well as modern playgrounds that give the best of both worlds. It is also a place of mixed heritage, showing the origins of the indigenous people, as well as the influences of the Spanish conquistadors who settled the area in the 1500’s, adding some extra flavor to the region.

The best elevator rides in the world [with videos]

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We know of elevators as just our means of transport up and down a building but the whole experience transforms it to something unforgettable for the places below, maybe because of the sheer height, the great view, and a unique ride that tickles ones imagination:

Empire State in New York City

The Empire State Building is one of the most famous structures in the whole world. Atop this building is among the best views of Manhattan. Get to the viewing deck on the 86th floor using one of the seventy three elevators that will carry you up on a pace of 600 to 1,000 feet per minute. The observatory is glass enclosed with some promenades on the sides. There is another observatory on the 102nd.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France