12 Months of Valentine’s: Top Romantic Destinations from January through December

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Who said that you can only celebrate Valentine’s Day every February when you can treat your loved every month in the best romantic destinations. Here are some the top romantic destinations that you can head to each month:

January – Buenos Aires

We already missed this trip but there is always next year. You can start saving up and planning now for a great romantic getaway. If you do not like the cold weather in your country, you and your partner can head to Buenos Aires. January means summer in Buenos Aires where you and your partner can enjoy great street foods (well, aside from your cande-lit dinner), enjoy the best wines and cocktails, or maybe visit Museo Evita. Of course, don your dancing shoes and learn tango with the locals. You can also watch great football, visit the tombs, or just hike and have a picnic.

5 Handy iPhone Apps to Use During Your Travels

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It cannot be denied that an iPhone is a most useful tool when it comes to everyday life. Want to write a quick email to your friend while waiting for the train? Whip out your iPhone! Want to check the recipe of an easy to bake cake for a friend’s birthday? Google it on your iPhone and you’ll be throwing the party in no time!

Travelers on the other hand, swore that their iPhone is more than handy – in fact, this gadget even saved their lives a few times, thanks to the apps available in the phone. Here are the top handiest iPhone apps you can download before you start your travels soon!

Buenos Aires Travel

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Like many of the South American countries Argentina is huge, and so the majority of visitors to Buenos Aires travel by plane into the city, rather then spending days on the road trying to get there. Once you are inside Buenos Aires travel becomes much easier as this is a forward thinking, modern city, and the internal transport systems are well maintained and reliable. If you are staying in the downtown area you can easily walk to most of the local sights, and there are also plenty of cheap buses, trams and taxis. In addition to this Buenos Aires has a subway system, which is a quick and easy way of getting around if you are already familiar with the city.


If you are travelling to Buenos Aires at peak times, it is a good idea to book your transport to and from the airport in advance, as it can be difficult trying to find a taxi, or squeeze on public transport with all of your luggage.

Top 10 camping sites that define luxury and style

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Many people like the idea of going on a camping trip. The desire to hie off and sleep outdoors starts when you’re still a kid poking around in the backyard after dinner, armed with a flashlight and a pack of snacks.

Camping’s appeal and the prospect of combining adventure and romance doesn’t really leave us as we get older through the years. We want to be able to pack our backpacks in a moment’s notice and escape into the wilderness. We want to sleep under a blanket of twinkling stars with an occasional comet perhaps, or a satellite; we want to go back to our roots and be one with Mother Earth, feel nature’s pulse and hear her speak through the flowing waters and whistling winds; we want to toast marshmallows over a warm campfire, and hear the flames crackle as we trade scary stories with one another or sing songs while another person strums a guitar. All of this sounds truly inviting indeed, however, the truth is camping does have some minor setbacks, especially if you’re a city mouse used to hot showers and bubbling jacuzzis.

Top 5 Sailing Destinations

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If you love the waters and plan to go an adventure trip with your buddies, sailing is an activity which can provide the adrenalin rush and the calm when you enjoy the seascape. Pack your clothes. Check out the boats. And lets head to some of the best sailing destinations:


Going to archipelago of Zanzibar just near Tanzania is like travelling back in time and visiting the old kingdoms of the Persian world. Imagine the scents, and sounds, and the festivities. Feel the vibrance of Africa as you go to the Stone Town where most travllers arrive. The Spice Island can offer you scenic turquoise waters as you sail on an old Arabic vessel. You can also arrange for some snorkerling and diving.

Bay of Islands

The best national parks in the United Kingdom

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The family of National Parks has a lot to offer if you are going for a holiday in the UK. The adventure may range from traversing mountains, woods, moorlands, meadows and wetlands. We have listed some of them here for you to explore and enjoy. Each one has a group that helps take care of the area and the creatures living in them plus of course guide travelers like us who want to explore the beauties of mother nature.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs

Croatia will have the first revolving hotel in the world

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A team of British architects was hired to build the first ever revolving hotel in the world. The revolving luxury hotel will be in Croatia and it boasts of giving different views to their clientele every morning and every evening.
The architects of Studio RHE based in London will spearhead the £70 million project. It is expected to be completed by of 2012 according to a press release.

The idea of the revolving hotel solves the dream of the owners to give their guests a different view of the sea and the island of Solta in Croatia. The engineering of the structure will derive its DNA from the shipyards of Split.
The rotating portion of the hotel will be a 200 feet high 3-storey section which houses about 50 of their suites. The rooms will rotate 1.3 times everyday from their turntable middle concealed by a manmade lake.

5 Tips on how you can have a great time during a wine and food festival

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Experts foresee a boom in culinary tourism with the recovery of the economy and all. Should we expect then more TV shows with kitchens and chefs on their titles? Maybe. These trends tell us that thousands of people might actually attend the upcoming food festivals and wine festivals. If you are planning to go to one any time soon, you need to read on and find out how you can really enjoy these culinary festivals:



Read and research

When you go to a big wine festival or a big food event, you can expect a lot of participating wineries and food brands. It can mean stall after stall and hallway after hallway. It is impossible to find the best stuff if you do not do your research in advance. Make use of the internet and find the best bottles and best items.