Travel US Christmas

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One of the most popular holiday destinations in the US around Christmas time is New York City. For some the attraction is the superior shopping and glamorous nightlife, and for others it is simply the magic of all the wonderful street and shop decorations. Whatever your reasons for going, this is one of the busiest times for the city and so it is vital to book everything well in advance before you go.

Accommodation can range from cheap to chic, but it all gets booked up for Christmas well before autumn each year. If you are not familiar with the city then look on some of independent New York community websites such as or, to get some insider knowledge on the best places to stay and dine out. Prices in a good, standard hotel start at around $80 a night for a double room, but you will need to spend at least $120 to get something really nice.

The most amazing hotel

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As a traveler you must have found many funny or unconventional hotels. What I found in Ljubliana, Slovenia was nevertheless something special: a former jail decorated as a hotel. It is cheap, interesting and comfy. Artists from all over the world brought their contribution to this hotel. But in some places you guess the jail and the cells! Try it if you arrive in Ljubliana! And tell me about other strange hotels you met!

9 Luxury Playgrounds of the Billionaires


When you have at least 10 figures defining your bank account, you most likely have a holiday in style. People think of private islands, exotic places, secret entrances, and the works. Below we feature the playgrounds of billionaires.

Richard Branson (Necker Island)

The billionaire owner of the Virgin empire owns a whole 74-acre property just near St. Thomas. It is an island surrounded by blue-green waters and home to about 1010 flamingos. Necker Island is managed by a crew who will be more than willing to teach visitors to snorkel, kayak, or kitesurf. There is also a resident personal chef to make sure the billionaire’s taste buds are satisfied.
Branson rents out the whole island if he is not using it. Necker Island can accommodate 28 guests and have played hosts to famous personalities like Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, and Oprah.

Oprah (Antigua)

Looking for a Fresh Vacation Idea? Try a Fishing Trip!


It seems like these days, most people take the same kinds of vacations all the time. They go to a large city, stay in a hotel, Fishingand explore the town a little bit. While this is fun and can produce good memories, I believe it’s important to mix things up a bit. So if you’re planning your next vacation and would like some inspiration, consider a fishing trip.

Most people enjoy fishing from time to time, but most people don’t ever experience “real” fishing. In my opinion you haven’t fished until you’ve either been deep-sea fishing or have fished in the true wilderness. So do yourself a favor, and go on a real fishing trip. Probably the best way to do this is to go on a fishing cruise or something similar. There are a lot of companies out there that specialize in fishing vacations, and for the right price, they can give you everything you need to have a great time. If you want to save money, you could just rent a boat and head out to a lake or river, but the experience will not be the same.

Things to do in Berlin for free

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Berlin is totally a city to fall in love with. There are many parks and lakes in Berlin, and no one will charge for walking in the parks ; lying in the sun on some beaches is not for free anymore. But besides there are some very interesting places  you can acces for free, and I think you must be aware of that and get more from your Berlin travel.

1. Reichstag is still the place where the Parliament debates take place. But it is also the place where the Nazi regime ruled Germany and the conquered countries, which is a sombre page of history. From the impressive heights of the roof terrace and the renowned Dome you can get one of the best aerial view of Berlin. Acces is free, but  during daytime is overcrowded and rather to avoid. At night there are no crowds anymore, and the view is breathtaking. You should enter the building before 10 p.m., and please don’t forget to take a free copy of  ” Guide of aerial Berlin”.

Notable Tourist Hot Spots in South Africa


South Africa is often overlooked by tourists because it does not get the attention it deserves in many respects. There are several locations which are very unique and offer excellent experiences for travelers and tourists within the borders of South Africa. These locations are very easy to get to and are usually tourist hot spots which draw people to the natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere that the can provide. Ensure that you get a chance to peer into the following locations for an experience that you will soon not forget:

Enjoying Table Mountain near Cape Town

8 Tips to keep your campsite and camping gears clean

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After your camping trip, do you just dump your tent in the garage or basement even if it is a little damp? Good luck with the bad odor it will have when you use it next time! We line up some camping tips for you so you can keep your gears in good condition and to keep your camping site clean:

Cleaning the tent

When setting up the tent, it will be wise to use an old tarpauline to protect its base. It will also be wise to have an old tarp inside your tent for more protection. This also makes it easy for you when you need to clean it and when you pack up for home. The additional layers also make the tent more comfy for you to sleep in.

Buenos Aires querido

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Buenos Aires querido is the title of a famous tango created by Gardel, the father of this dance. This title also means My dear Buenos Aires, as translated from Spanish. It could also be the state of mind for the most visitors of this fantastic city of Buenos Aires, one of the biggest and most beautiful worldwide.

Buenos aires waterfront is spectacular, as all the city

Buenos aires waterfront is spectacular, as all the city

Visiting Buenos Aires and speaking to portenos, which are very kind, is for many people  a lovely experience. They feel like being or coming back home. Many of the visitors start Tango courses, but I am warning you: Tango is a real addiction, and you will wish yourself to come back again and again. But even  the people which are not hit by the Tango addiction come back here, and mostly settle here. Most of the Buenos Aires expats come from New York, and they seem to have found their vocation and home. They live very good at high standards, as Buenos Aires is still an affording metropolis, or megacity, as you prefer.