Smallest airline seat

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If you thought that your seat wasn’t that comfortable, than you have to try these seats. They were designed by Aviointeriors and they allow the passengers to sit at an angle.

As you can obviously see from the pictures, the seats create the idea of a saddle.

An Aviointeriors agent told: “The seat is like a saddle. Cowboys ride eight hours on their horses during the day and still feel comfortable in it,” Skyrider is trying these seats, thus by increasing the number of the seats and lowering the ticket price.

It looks that also other airline lines are very interested into incorporating these seats too. Skyrider will allow just 23 inch of legroom, seven inches less than the average seat.

According to the Italian seat design company Aviointeriors, these seats are recommended for short flights only, like 1 up to 3 hours, and are designed like saddles that you probably have seen on cowboys’ movies.

Nikon Unveiled the Awesome D5000

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Nikon Inc. is the world leader and best known for its digital imaging, precision optics and photo imaging technology. Itis globally recognized for setting new standards in product design and performance for its award-winning consumer and professional photographic equipment. Today, they have released their latest entry level Digital SLR camera codename D5000.


The new D5000 is power by Nikon’s Expeed Image Procession system and features 12.3 Megapixel and a broad ISO range from 100 to 6400, 3D Color Matrix Metering II, Scene Recognition System with auto face detection.

It comes with a Integrated Dust Reduction System which offers both an electronic sensor cleaning when the camera is powered on and/or off and the Airflow Control System, which directs dust away from the sensor with every snap of the shutter.


What everyone should know about Berlin

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I am sure you would like to visit Berlin, it is a magnetic city. I will introduce it to you , with your permission.

Berlin is attested since the XIIIth century, and is the german capital since 300 years. Nowadays, with its 3,5 millions inhabitants, it is the country’s biggest and most important city. It is a modern city with first class universities and research centre, modern industries like IT, vehicle manufacturation, traffic engineering, biotechnology etc.

Berlin is famous for its liberal way of life, zeitgeist and low costs of living. During the 70’s the big singer David Bowie said nice words about this extravagant city. And John Fitzgerald Kennedy declared in West Berlin, during the cold war: “Ich bin ein Berliner“. Marlene Dietrich was also eine Berlinerin!

Movie Travel: Catching Harry Potter after the last chapter of the film series

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The final chapter of the Harry Potter movie series has come out in cinemas all over the world. For sure fans cannot get enough of Harry Potter but there is no need to worry since there are a lot of stuff to do some Harry Potter travel.

The craving for more Harry Potter is fast climbing the charts both in the US and across the pond. The United States has its Wizardly World of Harry Potter which opened last year. In the United Kingdom, they are preparing a big museum entirely devoted to everything Harry Potter and it is being built in the studio in which the film was done. There will also be a themed hotel after Harry Potter in the UK.

Discovering Haiti

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Let’s face it, Haiti doesn’t have a good reputation thanks to the years of trouble and civil unrest the country has had to face. But if you didn’t know any different, this little nation which occupies a third of the Hispaniola Island may seem like a pretty good place to stay, after all it’s in the Caribbean, it’s got beaches and its tropical.

You wouldn’t be wrong, because the Haitian people are warm, proud and very respectful. With Haitian police forces slowly winning control, this may be the perfect opportunity to see a completely unspoiled island.

Haiti is the ultimate ‘live like a local’ vacation. Surprisingly,  it’s even quite easy to get here, and its capital Port-au-Prince is safer than you’d think. There are already a number of hotels set up to accommodate foreigners.

Top 5 Destinations for the Solo Traveler

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Flying alone? No problem. That’s actually one of the biggest trends now. More and more people are ditching their travel companions and opting for the single adventurer’s path. And why shouldn’t they? There’s a whole world waiting for the lone traveler once s/he steps off the plane. In fact, below are the best destinations for those who would want to explore the world on their own. Just bring a map and your common sense and you should be fine.

Costa Rica

If you’re traveling alone, the best place to go to is Costa Rica.  This is one of the most popular summer destinations for Americans and travelers from colder countries. Why? The water’s never been warmer, and the eye candies you’ll be seeing at the beach are unmatched anywhere around the globe.

How to have a perfect relaxation trip

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I went in Barcelona, Mexico, Tanzania. I was tired, so tired, and sick of so many people gathered together for no reason. Someone recommended me Banff in the Canadian Rockies, and it was really the perfect choice. Really, now I am much better and prepared for new trips and adventures.

If you want to discover more about Banff, and the perfect relaxation to get there, then you should read this post and visit Banff.

I am sure you have heard about Banff. It is located in the Canada Alberta provincion, 90 km away from Calgary International Airport and on the Canada Hyghway.  It is surrounded by the  Rocky Mountains.

Banff location

The town of Banff is very peacefull, with its 6000 inhabitants. It is mere a village, but a nice one! Therefore is recommended for relaxation, but also for many kind of outdoor activities, such skiing, hiking and climbing at all levels.

Knowing better Krakow, the polish pearl

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If you think about Poland, don’t you dare to say that you think first to Warszaw. It would be totally wrong! The city of Krakow, located in the south of the country, not far from the Tatra Mountains is the natural best and first choice for anyone visiting Poland. And I tell you further why.

The Market Square, or Rynek Glowny, is one of the biggest and most spectacular medieval markets worlwide

The Market Square, or Rynek Glowny, is one of the biggest and most spectacular medieval markets worlwide

If you are a first age teenager or student, you may not forget one basic thing: The Jagellonian University of Krakow is one of the world’s oldest, and today is the country’s most important educating institution. The city itself looks so unbelievably young, despite its respectable age! ( There are archaeological sites going back 20 000 ago.)  During last years Krakow has being  a magnetic attraction for many expats, which found here a new home, the place where they belong. They love Krakow even more than the locals, which are nevertheless very deep in love with their unbelievable city. Some travel agencies offer hen and steg parties in Krakow for the excited tourists around the world.