Picture Perfect: 8 Places to Enjoy the Autumn Season

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What is it about the fall season that makes people fall in love?  Well, not just with another, but also fall in love with the season as well?  It is the crisp, cool air, the bulky sweaters, or the smell of apples freshly picked from the fields? Actually, none of the above compares to the magnificence of the autumn leaves in various shades of orange, red, and gold falling slowly from their branches.  There are so many splendors one can witness just by watching autumn leaves unfold. So here’s a list of the top places that offer the best views of autumn:

Columbia River Gorge: Autumn in Columbia

Things to do in Ecuador

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Ecuador is  a medium country (240 000 sqkm) in South America, being maybe the only one country in South America which has not Brazil as neighbor. Its neighbors are Columbia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean.


The most important things about Ecuador is being one of the world’s countries with the biggest biodiversity. In a circle with 300 km radius centered in Quito you can find more different ecosystems than in the all continental United States of America!

Through Ecuador is the ecuator passing by, materialized in some regions through a yellow line, giving you two choices: whether  south, or north. You can simply go on your rhytm in the northern or southern hemisphere, which is a fantastic feeling.


The richness of the wildlife in Ecuador is due to the Andes amazonian jungle and to the Islands of Galapagos, searched even by the big english naturalist Sir Charles Darwin 150 years ago, when he was fundamenting its brillant Theory of Evolution.

The Scariest Runways in the Most Dangerous Airports around the World (Watch the Videos)


When the airplane snakes its way through hill tops, banks to the right, its nose pointed directly to the sea… what do you do? I bet you clasped your hands in prayer or just bite your nails. What if we tell you that this can be just a normal maneuver as airplanes do their landing approach to some airports around the globe?
Let us show you:

St. Maarten – Princess Juliana International Airport

Princess Juliana’s is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean. Major airlines from the United States use this airport as well as other carriers like KLM Royal Dutch, Corsairfly, and some regional planes.

What makes this runway scary? The runway is built for small and medium planes with just about 7,152 feet of runway but big 747’s and A340s land on this airport. If you are sunbathing along Maho Beach, there is a big chance that you will in kissing distance from the big wheels of the big, big jet approaching the international airport.

Dubai Adventure: Top Travel Ideas to Have Fun in Dubai

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Dubai is fast becoming a top tourist destination in the world. With its world-class hotels, Dubai is the perfect place to unwind. Here are some of the great exotic activities you can enjoy in Dubai during your next (or first) visit.

Experience Falconry

Mastering a magnificent and proud falcon is a big tradition in Dubai. Imagine having to do this while in the middle of picturesque dunes. If you want to try something local and wonderfully exotic, visit and book a guided lesson in falconry.

Reef-Diving and Shipwreck-Diving

Top 4 Tips for Traveling with Children


traveling with childrenTaking a family vacation can be a very enjoyable time but depending on the ages of your children, it can also be a bit overwhelming. If you are planning a trip, it is best to really plan ahead in order to ensure that your children and you enjoy the perfect vacation. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will make your travel a bit easier to bear.

  1. Plan Ahead

Best budget hotels in New York City

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A holiday or a business trip to New York City never comes cheap. It may come surprising though that budget conscious travelers can find a decent hotel that will not burn a big hole on their bank account:

Hotel East Houston in Lower East Side, NYC

The Hotel East Houston rises from the old tenement that the building was known for to a great Lower East Side, NYC hotel option for budget travelers.

The hotel has six floors offering 42 small rooms that go for as cheap as $19 to around $229 per night. The rooms are simple and makes use of baroque wallpaper, gold and wood color scheme, and marble bathroom. Guests will have access to free WiFi, bottled water, and free breakfast.

If you love the nightlife, this hotel is ideal as it is near Nolita, East Village, Bowery, and LES so you will not have a problem finding some live music, bar, gallery, or dining place.

Asus Announced Eee Pc 1003HAG

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I earlier wrote about how important and useful EEE pcs can be for you on your trips. Not only because they are small and look good but they offer almost all the neccessary tools you would possibly need. This includes battery time, ram and harddrive.

Recently Asus Japan has announced their new Eee Pc code name “1003HAG” which features an integrated WWAN module that supports NTT DocoMo’s FOMA hight speed network and offers up to 7.2Mbps downlink speed.


The new Asus 1003HAG is powered by Atom N280 1.6Hz processor and it HSDPA-enabled. In addition to that it offers a 1GB ram and 160 hard drive which I personally think is more than enough for you to carry your documents, music or movies with you. It features a 10 inch LCD display with 1024×600 resolution and a Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n. Furthermore it includes

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 1.3 Megapixel camera

Ten Activities that will Make you a Smarter Person while you’re in Europe

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There are many things you can do in Europe, but these activities are sure to leave you with lasting life skills. After all, Europe gave birth to the Renaissance Man. You might as well make yourself a better person while you’re in the continent.

Greece and Yacht Sailing

While you’re in Greece, learn to maneuver that sail boat. The skills you’ll be learning will be useful for a lifetime. What could be a better than fine-tuning your hand-eye coordination? Greece is also one of the best sites to learn this skill. Read up on Homer and look at the untouched parts of Greece. Maybe while maneuvering that sailboat, you’ll be inspired to write your modern day Iliad. You never know. | affordable thesis writing | write a story | | cover letter writing services