Everyone’s guide for Hitchhiking

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Going around the world with a knapsack on you back might be your idea of a good and adventurous trip. For those people who are going up and down to work or on some errand or the other, this might not be so. There will be very few people who are really keen on stopping on the highway when they see a person thumbing for a lift. The kinds of things that keep happening to those unsuspecting good Samaritans are sometimes so fearful and horrific that most people are deterred from giving anybody a lift however genuine and harmless they may be.


8 things to consider when choosing a good hostel

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Hostels are often a hit or a miss but we rarely end up in a good hostel. Hostels though, aside from the basic amenities, are goo because of the crowd staying there. You may end up in a dump but it can be a really good experience when the people are really nice. You can also walk into an amazing hostel but end up being bored.

In choosing a hostel, you need to see if it has enough to take care of your needs as a traveler. Here are some things that you can look into:

Cheaper rate is not always a good deal

Best Puerto Rico Vacation Spots

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I have seen endless websites promoting vacation packages, travel deals, and other Puerto Rico vacation related information, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to find a detailed guide on the best places for a Puerto Rico getaway. It could be argued that anywhere there is a great place to go, and it’s a point I am willing to concede, but in my own experience, there are a few destinations that are well ahead of the rest.


While your ideal Puerto Rico vacation will rely heavily on what it is you are wanting to do while you are there, I am here to offer a list of my favorite cities, and what I think everyone should do there.

Photo of the day:a hocus pocus building in Berlin

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Is this building real or is a fake?

But watch it carefully, please, and don’t give a quick answer. On the plate writes: “Opening today”

5 Scary creepy critters you might encounter during your travels [with videos]

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There are weird creatures that you may encounter during your travel adventures but there are certain critters that may just put your journey into a halt. Let us introduce you to the the most dangerous, creepiest creatures that might seem to be lifted from the pages of a horror tale:

Human Botfly in Belize

Human botflies have been inhabitants for the Americas for centuries now. They thrive in the regions between the northern portion of Chile and Mexico. Human botfly uses mosquitoes and flies as hosts of their eggs by attaching them to the undersides of these insects. So when a mosquito lands on the back of the a dog, a pig, or misfortune of all misfortunes, your skin, the eggs might hatch and send the larvae digging down your skin. Under your skin, human botflies will eat on your flesh and make it their regular meal until they need to burrow out as maturing pupae.

Lisbon vacations

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Lisbon is nowadays an emerging target for every kind of tourists coming from all the corners of the world.But  longtime Lisbon used to be an overshadowed spot of the Old Continent, due to the isolation caused by a dictatorship. But all these has much changed during the last 30 years: Lisbon is nowadays a favorite fashioned stopover.

Belem Tower in lisbon is a tribute to the Golden Age of geographic discovers

Belem Tower in Lisbon is a tribute to the Golden Age of geographic discovers

The city is build on 7 hills, resembling to Rome, and has a secret charm which is hard to explain. The history of Lisbon goes back to Neolithic, Roman Empire, Moorish Period, Reconquista, Empire Period etc. All these periods left behind some interesting remnants, or ruins or even city quarters ( or freguesias, as the locals say). The district of Alfama is very similar to an Arabian city, with narrow streets and plenty of little shops. Alfama was the heart of the city during the Moorish period.

Shanghai Travel – 10 Reasons You Should Visit This City


Shanghai is the biggest city in China, and has a population of over 20 million. It is often forgotten when people travel to China, because most think immediately of Beijing. If you are a seasoned traveler, then you probably already know how amazing Shanghai is as a city and cultural wonder. There is an abundance of activities to take part in, as well as tons of museums and locations to see.

  1. The architecture in Shanghai is phenomenal. There are hundreds of buildings with varying styles of innovative design. If you enjoy “pretty buildings”, Shanghai will not disappoint. There are many distinct and unique skyscrapers around the city that will definitely leave you speechless.
  2. The cultural and museums here are flourishing. There are so many different foods, languages, religions, and historically significant structures. If you enjoy learning more than “partying” Shanghai will definitely be most pleasurable. Be sure to check out the marvelous Shanghai museum as well.

Enjoying Dallas in 48 hours

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The Lone Star State offers a lot for those who love to travel. Each city has its own vibe. Houston is all about energy, all about oil. Austin, on one side, has a lively music scene. Dallas is all about big personalities, football, and of course who will forget the TV series named after the city. Autumn is the best time to visit Dallas when the temperature is a lot milder.

Best things to do in Dallas

Best Destinations Dallas

In recent years, there has been a good effort that focused on the arts. The Dallas Arts District had a different vibe when the Performing Arts Center was built and opened in 2009. In addition to this wonderful structure are the twelve-storey high Wyly Theather and the Winspear Opera House. There is also the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Meyerson Symphony Center. Such a cultural nexus, right?