Palma Nova: What Makes The Resort Perfect For Families?


plan ahead vacationIt’s that time of year again – and I don’t mean Christmas. This is the time that many people start thinking about their 2014 summer holidays. Now that the temperature has dropped and the chances of snow are increasing with each passing day, it is nice to have something to look forward to, and there is nothing better than the promise of sun, sand and sea.

That’s why the island of Majorca is so appealing to us Brits, and it could be the perfect destination for your family too. It is only a couple of hours away by plane, and it is possible to get some great deals at the moment. is currently doing early bird holiday deals with deposits of £35pp, which can be very handy when you know you still need to buy your Christmas presents!

Chocolate Wonderland to open in Beijing, China on January 29, 2010


The World Chocolate Wonderland in Beijing, China is set to open this January 29 at the Olympic Stadium.

The chocolate theme park will cover 215,000 square foot at the Olympic Green and is expected to go beyond imagination as it features a 12-meter long replica of the Great Wall of China made from chocolate.

Other creations from the sweet delight will be 560 chocolate terracotta soldiers guarding the Emperor Qingshihuang, a replica of the Panorama Along the Upper River During the Qingming Festival painting, replica of the Forbidden City, and a BMW.

The chocolate works of art will be placed inside five weather controlled rooms and two outdoor areas where chocolate art pieces will also go on display. The halls are named the following: World’s Chocolate Hall, Wonderland Theme Hall, World’s Candy Hall, Sweet Gift Hall, and Sweet Experience Hall. The activity areas outside are called Sweet Shopping Street and Sweet Stage.

The Best Wine Bars in Europe

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To many, their notion of a wine bar is a dimly-lit area where they can hang out with several friends late at night and sip good wine. Across Europe, more and more wine bars are coming out—but with a different, improved concept and design. Accentuating the place with whimsical art, classical design, and complementing the wine with fine cuisine, these different wine bars are setting a new trend.

All the way back in ancient Rome, wine bars from back then are depicted today by the mosaics that remain standing in Pompeii. And it is no wonder why wine bars have changed across time; experimentations in design and style have made wine bars last through time. In fact, according to Jennifer Simonetti Bryan, holding a Master of Wine, what wine bars have in common is “variety.” Having a good variety of wines in the menu is essential, as well as the ambience. To many, having food on the side is also a must.

Top Kebab Restaurants in Turkey

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When in Turkey, do what the Turks do—dine at the best kebab restaurants! After all, no one else understands the delicacy that is the kebab more than the Turks. For them, kebabs are not just staples but tiny slices of luxury—the perfect union of spices, meat, and grilling artistry.

With every restaurant aimed to master the art of the kebab, how do you find the best kebabs in Turkey? Moreover, kebabs are not just the “must-have” items on the menu. There’s also meze or mezze, which is an assortment of small portions of Turkish appetizer (antep ezmesi, pickled beetroot, Turkish bread with olive oil, etc.) served before a meal. It is quite similar to the Italian antipasti but the Turkish meze consists of really flavorful starters compared to your usual salads and dips.

Best Kebab in Turkey

Anti-Travel Scam Tips: Don’t Leave Home Without It

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Travel TipsWhether you’re a seasoned jetsetter or a first time traveler to a local or international destination, make yourself aware of these common travel scams that plagued many countries.

Here’s what you need to know in order to secure your personal safety when traveling to an exotic country.

Overpriced cab rides

When you’re a tourist, the most familiar thing to you is a cab ride. First timers in Hong Kong and Malaysia are often intimidated about taking the trains and buses. So the best thing is to take a cab.

While there is nothing wrong with taking a cab, be wary of taxi drivers who will try to raise your fare so high or drive you around in circles. Before jumping into a cab, research ahead on how much it usually costs and consult your map.

Travel Tips: 5 Things to do when the Weather Brings Black Clouds on Your Family Holiday

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So you talk about your vacation plans with your family one night at the table. You research the best deals for accommodation and plot out the details with your wife over and over during the course of the months before your journey. And on the fateful day itself, you’re on the road with your family singing along the songs on the radio when you suddenly see black clouds looming on the horizon of the direction you’re driving towards. What do you do?

Since nature is beyond our control, there are many way and conditions for it to be able to ruin our plans. But what we can control is our reaction and how we make lemonade out of the lemons we’re given. Here are some tips when the rain clouds get your fun down.

Museum Hopping

Romancing Colorado on the Road: Exploring the San Juan Skyway

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If you’re only visiting Colorado for the weekend, and you don’t exactly have the time to see all of its highlights, then the best way to get a good look of the state is to see it on the road. The San Juan Skyway can give you the best tour through Colorado without having you leave your car. Here’s how.

Starting Point: Durango

To begin your five-acre journey, get a map and drive yourself to Durango. This town was founded in 1880, and it retains its “Old West” swagger. Most visitors still catch a lot of the old Victorian Charm which makes the town attractive all-year-round. While you’re on the road, you should look around and list possible places you can book should you decide to stay longer next time around

Best Museums in the U.S. for Kids

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Schools arrange annual field trips or what is commonly known as “educational trips”. Here’s good news! You don’t have to wait for the school to arrange these trips for you. You can enjoy the trip and learn at the same time by visiting a museum. I know what you’re thinking.  Museums?! Aren’t they boring? Not anymore! Below is the list of fun, interactive, children-friendly museums in the US. I’m sure that parents are also going to enjoy this trip. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your coats and go on a mini-tour.

American Museum of Natural History

Do you enjoy digging for age-old rocks and artifacts? Do you appreciate whales, planets and just about anything that science has to offer? Then American Museum of Natural History is the best place to visit. It has a wide variety of science exhibits and hands-on activities for the whole family to experience and enjoy!