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5 best ways to invest in Romania

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I have visited Romania on orthodox Easter, and it was very deep spiritual.

Besides, I met a very interesting expat coming from Belgium, Mr Pascal Brijnaert. He is a computer  engineer, who have worked to the undergrounds from Mexico City and New Delhi. Mr Brijnaert is now 45 and he rules since 15 years a succes business based on woodworking. Mr Brijnaert’s company (Fininvest international, produces wood toys, which exports in western Europe( Belgium and France, where Mr Pascal has excellent contacts).

Mr Pascal Brijnaert sitting at his office

Pascal Brijnaert came first in Romania as a market researcher, working for other company, and ended through developing his own business. I do not earn very much from this little business, says Mr Brijnaert, my wish was to put some romanians to work, as I love this country very much. Indeed, he speaks perfectly Romanian, and is converted to orthodoxy.

Mr Brijnaert\'s business is based on serious marketing studiesFurniture stock waiting for delivery

Most expensive cities

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Moscow and Seul made their way to the top. They managed to get in front of the past lider Tokyo where a Heineken is 12$ and a melon is 13$. Berna, Switzerland should have appeared in this top too. I will get into details later.

The cathedral of Dresden

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64 years ago.Dresden,Germany by the end of war. Many germans still believe in Fuhrer and the final Victory. Despite all the difficulties of the daily life, they still fight! Dresden is an old culture city(kulturstadt) and it was the target of a strong bombardment lead by the american and english planes with devastating consequences: thousands of deads, and even worse,the destroy of important cultural sites, including the cathedral of Dresden.

The remainings of this cathedral (two walls) stand for 60 years as a tragic remember! By the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII non-governmental organizations from US and England had the wonderful salvatory idea to rebuild this cathedral, which was reopened on this very special occasion. This means really freedom, peace, friendship, this is really a symbol. A wonder; maybe the same thing if Osama Bin Laden would rebuild the World Trade Center from Ground Zero, New York!

Addis Abeba


Did you hear about it? Addis Abeba sounds so deep and exotic to me, but the city is nice, enjoys wonderful climate ( in the neighborhood there are mountains and forests, this is the secret).

This name means New flower, and the city really deserves it, it is one of the most beautiful African cities.


The founder of the city is the legendary king Menelik II., who succeed to bring together the northern and the southern parts of the country. The foundation of the city took place in 1896. A very young city, and therefore so atractive.Addis Abeba is not only capital, but also the most important economic and touristic center.

You can find in Addis Abeba: many eucalypts, many refugees due to the civil wars ,(many of them mutilated), a lot of baggers(but they are not dangerous. Criminality level in the city is acceptable!), universities, etc