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Palestine’s record growth in incoming tourism


According to data reported by the Civil Administration in the West Bank, about 1,123,000 travelers have visited Bethlehem and Jericho for the duration of the first nine months of 2008, these are record numbers since the time previous to the intifada. This signifies a 96.5% raise in the numbers of travelers visiting Bethlehem and 42.3% raise in the numbers that were visiting Jericho, compared to the similar period in 2007.

The Tourism Ministry and the Civil Administration point out this significant raise to the noteworthy development in the security state of affairs in the West Bank on the whole and the Palestinian Authority areas especially for the duration of the last two years and to the easing of progress restrictions for residents and travelers trip between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

The growing Gulf of Mexico oil spill


In a recent report have been declared that the growing Gulf of Mexico oil spill begins to spread its effect on the Alabama coast’s tourism industry with a more that 2 billion dollars yearly impact on the economy of this state. Sarah Kuzma of Meyer Real Estate, which has offices in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach announced that they had had moderate increases in cancellations, but they also consider that the majority of people are expecting to see what happens.
Coast Guard officials and others on Thursday predicted no oil impacts along Baldwin County’s coastline for at least two days.

Kim Shumack of the Alabama Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau mentioned that there are perhaps concerns among visitors who have holidays scheduled with them, but they give confidence to search for official information.

Hurry up: Alaska’s cruise period with lowest fares


The Alaska cruise period is in full swing. Each main travel organization has ships cruising those charming waters and this is excellent news for you. If you can be flexible you can still find some astonishing deals on Princess Cruise Lines cruise tours to the Great Land.

Their cruise tours all join a 7-night sail with a diversity of lengths and cities visited. Maybe you should be asking about food, so on the trip portion your meals are not included but at these rates you can have enough money to buy a few meals and you will show gratitude yourself for procrastinating on booking a summer or early fall holiday.

Inflight Ipads for Jetstar Passengers

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If you’re in for a long haul and you’re worried about getting bored while you’re in transit, you might want to sign up with Jetstar. The airline offers high tech passenger entertainment in the form of none other than the iPad. Not only that: you get to be one of the very first passengers to actually experience inflight entertainment through an iPad. No other airline has been reported to use this device for passenger inflight entertainment to date.

The Australian carrier plans to rent these iPads out for AUD 10 per flight on their domestic services. The airline also plans to expand this service to international routes within the year. The passengers will be able to watch preloaded films, listen to music, play games, and read ebooks using the iPad. Internet access will be disabled, though, as required by the Jetstar’s inflight rules and regulations.

Preview for the World Cup 2010: the Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth

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The Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth remains one of the most sought-after destinations for people visiting South Africa. The place is also known as the Friendly City and is surrounded by pristine beaches and home to South Africa’s most iconic public figures, including the statesman Mandela himself.

You can find this bay at the Eastern Cape province and notice how its buildings provide a physical timeline of architectural progression since the 19th century. The Opera House, for example, exudes Victorian architecture without any apologies, and it’s set against the richest collection of Art Nouveau buildings you’ll ever see anywhere else. The Nelson Mandela Bay is also a bustling port city, being the motor industry capital of South Africa.

British Airways Can Give You Very Bad Baggage Problems

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According to a survey, passengers from UK who are flying with British Airways are most likely to experience baggage problems with this major airline. An approximate one out of 3.8 British Airline passengers have experiences either lost or damage luggage as they were traveling with BA. At the very least, the packages were delayed. The survey covered passengers who have travelled with BA in the past five years.

When presented with the figure, the British Airways dismissed the claim, saying how it was “complete rubbish”. The AUC of Airport Users Care scored BA low on baggage handling, although this survey was conducted in 2007. BA scored second worst, next to TAP Portugal. Contrary to the recent survey, however, the figure was much lower, amounting only to 2.6 passengers out of every 100.

Big ugly picture: BP Oil Spill to Last till Christmas

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The British Petroleum Oil Spill is going to cost more than just lost tourist money from most of Florida’s hotels. The damage will also most likely stay till Christmas time despite proactive cleaning efforts. What does that mean? The Gulf is probably going to reek of oil till December. That’s about half a year from now, which also has a lot of people talking about how hurricane-driven waves can push the oil inland and cause further damage.

While that sounds horrifying, experts said that it can’t happen. For one, although BP’s oil cleaning efforts offshore have failed, their machines are more than capable of keeping the oil away from the land. Secondly, the scenario was obviously taken from a doomsday vision, which means that it’s least likely to happen unless all hell breaks loose.

The Chatwal Opens on August 1

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Reviewers have been only too harsh when it comes to the Chatwal hotel, but that was only because the wait, too has been prolonged for too long. People have been anticipating the hotel’s launch since December of 2006 (more than three years).

Just a few days ago, photos of the newly refurbished hotel was released to the excited public. The hotel, formerly called Lamb’s Club and under Vikram Chatwal’s care, is now being run by his father. While no other details about the hotel’s makeover has been released, an actual opening date was set.

According to the hotel representative, Chatwal Hotel will be opening its doors for overnight stays by invitation only from the middle of July to the end of the month. By August 1, 2010, it will officially be open to the public. With the hotel’s improvements, the brand new Chatwal will certainly raise the bar for a lot of luxury-boutique hotels out there.