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Top 5 Best Getaway Destinations Just for the Girls

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You’re no longer twelve, so those sleepovers just won’t do. Where should you and the girls go to, to bond after long hours of work at the office? Whether it’s clubbing, surfing, cooking, or shopping that keeps you and your girls tight, you’re sure to love these prime girl getaway destinations. They’ll definitely make you forget about your boy troubles and killer workload, at least for the weekend.

Shop till you Drop in New York City

Imagine an entire city filled with the best deals in the country—from perfumes to electronic gadgets, handbags to baby clothes, you name it, and New York City has got it. For your girls’ night out, though, you will want to visit the boutiques lining Madison Avenue and SoHo, and the ultra-fashionable sale items at Henri Bendel’s.

Top 5 of the Most Rockin’ Beaches to Party on for 2010

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The water breaks on the coastline and the sun’s just about to set. For most beaches, this marks a quiet night with maybe a few bonfires, a group of friends drinking beer from a cooler, and couples stargazing. For these, beaches, however, the party has just begun. If you want to spend your summer at the beach but you’re not quite ready to leave the parties of the city, then these destinations were made for you.

With these beaches, you’ll be partying way into sunrise and probably sleeping all day. They also draw the best crowds from all over the globe, and there’s always an event going on no matter what day of the week it is, especially if you go there during the peak seasons.

Boracay in the Philippines

Eurostar to face Faster Competition with Deutche Bahn

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Deutche Bahn just announced that it will be testing one of its trains through the famous Channel Tunnel. For sixteen whole years, the train operator Eurostar has been manipulating the transportation from Britain to the French vineyards. Now, Eurostar might be facing a very strong competition with Deutche Bahn’s high-speed trains.

Testing of the train will begin this autumn. Deutche Bahn will be testing their ICE3 as they look into a possible service that would like London to Frankfurt. The reason why this is only happening this year is because cross border services across Europe were regulated before. No other train operator has attempted to take advantage of the change except for Deutsche Bahn.

Currently, the ICE3 trains do not meet the requirements necessitated by the law for them to be able to cross the tunnel. However, these rules are being revised, and ICE3 might just stand a chance. DB is showing Eurostar that it can compete, and they also expressed plans of connecting Frankfurt with Lyon and Lyon with Marsaille by 2012.

Abu Dhabi to Open the Leaning Hyatt Late this Year

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There is already the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and also the belltowers of Venice which look like they’re going to lean very soon because they were positioned too near the edge of the land. People have taken a lot of photos and wondered how these leaning structures are still standing today. What could be more impressive than that, though, is a structure that’s intentionally built to lean, and lean quite extensively.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa leans at 4º. The Leaning Hyatt of Abu Dhabi leans at 18º, and it’s a pretty wild slope of 35 stories, soon to be a 5-star hotel housing a grand total of 189 rooms and looking like a frozen twister every day. This is a lucrative project which better be taken well by its intended market. Each piece of glass used in the building was custom-made due to its irregular shape.

Eurotunnel Weekend Passenger Caught in Unwanted Trip through the Channel

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Eurotunnel’s operation is usually smoother.  The train goes through a less than appealing but convenient tunnel, and, voila, in 35 minutes, passengers are taken from the station in autoroute south to the loveliness of French vineyards. This was a simple enough set up, and the train company has garnered many loyal Briton passengers over their 16 years of service.

What happened last weekend was not a pretty sight, though. Passengers were trapped in a Eurotunnel car for almost an hour, ping-ponging its way from Kent, to the middle of nowhere, and back to England. What happened was this: at 8:50 in the morning, two wagons with seven cars were heading to Calais on schedule. The problem was, one of the cars in front had to be repaired because it had an oil spill.

New Wildlife and Walk-through tours Opened by Kenya in Laikipia and Masai Mara

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A new walk itinerary has been launched by Kicheche Camps and it’s called the Kicheche Triangle. The Kicheche Camps include a number of luxury wild camps which are owned privately and located in Laikipia and Masai Mara, Nothern Kenya. Those who like long hikes, are fond of wild animals, and are always looking for opportunities to shoot good photos, would love the Kikeche Triangle.

When you join this trip, you’ll be passing by the Laikipia Camp, the Main Camp, and the Bush Camp. It’s a good tour if you want an overview of Kenya’s terrain and wild life. The game drive through Mara is a favorite highlight. Here, guests can spend the whole day taking photos of birds, and spotting the very rare ones. In Laikipia, they will be shows the world’s largest population of Black Rhinos.

Air Safety Rating of Mexico Downgraded by FAA: Travelers Inconvenienced

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While it’s still too early to worry about the coming spring break, college students who may have been thinking about going to Mexico for the summer will be in for some bad news. The Federal Aviation Administration just dropped the ratings of Mexico’s airlines in terms of air safety. Now, Mexico has the same air safety level as third world countries.

This doesn’t mean that no one can travel to Mexico anymore. Of course, they still can. The only inconvenience here is that Mexican airlines like Mexicana and Aeromexico won’t be receiving any new routes to and from the USA. They also won’t be getting any codeshares from American airlines.

Delta will no longer be able to sell Aeromexico under their name, and any partnerships between Mexicana and American airlines won’t be possible, either, unless both Mexican airlines are able to step up in their game. Despite FAA reports, the Mexican airlines said that the lower rating weren’t caused by any compromises in air safety. Mexico said it’s because they lacked flight attendants.

Top 10 boutique hotels your kids will love during your family holiday

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Let’s say you’re a working parent. Five days a week, you’re in your office, working from morning until afternoon. You wake up, make coffee and head off to work only to emerge from your office building at close to sundown. You deal with deadlines, phone calls, emails, paperwork, and even more phone calls that by the end of the day, you feel exhausted. When you get home, you prepare dinner, help your kids with their homework and then it’s off to bed for you and the little ones. Eight hours of shuteye (if you’re lucky) and you’re off to work again.

With a busy schedule like that, it’s natural for parents to want to take some time off away from work and spend some quality time bonding with their kids. Going on a vacation with children can let parents catch up on their kids’ lives and get to know them better. For parents spending some time abroad with their kids in tow, it’s important to stay in a hotel where kids will have fun, instead of getting bored.

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