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The best views you can enjoy at US National Parks

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The United States National Parks stand as the natural wonders of the North American continent. They are also a monument of the commitment of the preceding generations of Americans to preserve the environments of these parks as part of the heritage of the future children of the country.

Yellowstone is the first national park having been declared by President Ulysses Grant in 1872. Over a hundred years later since that time, there are now 58 national parks in total, each with their special features and natural formations.

Since there are a lot of national parks to cover, we’ve picked out 11 with the most stunning views.

Acadia National Park: Cadillac Mountain

Stylish Legacy in Sporting to be Built in Johannesburg

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Shortly after the Mandela Stadium World Cup event, South Africa is at it again—this time with a more glamorous sport. Johannesburg is preparing to host a series of polo tournaments. The city will house several African polo teams including Ghana, Nigeria, and ten others. The Polo Africa Development Side will also use Joburg as their homebase.

According to the CEO of the Johannesburg Tourism Company, Lindiwe Kwele, they’re very honored to play host to this prestigious sporting event. It’s certainly a first in the history of South Africa. Kwele said that it’s more than just playing host to polo tournaments. Because the sport is known, first and foremost, for its stylishness, they’re also looking to see improvements in their culinary styles, and even the country’s fashion trends.

A new brand of “Afro-fusion Chic” is anticipated by the people. It this becomes a signature event in Johannesburg, it will certainly make its mark in history.

BA sued by Unite because of Travel Perks Removal

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British Airways was recently sued by Unite trade union because the airline removed travel perks from the crew that recently went on strike. The union is representing a total of 11,000 cabin crew members from the airline, with the argument that BA breached the legislation of European Human Rights.

Aside from representing the affected cabin crew members, Unite said that it’s also going to extend services to those who were affected by BA’s decision to dock pay because of the strike. BA made its “final” offer to Unite, which the union immediately rejected. Their main concern was to protect the rights of BA employees.

Despite the charges and the threat of a legal suit, BA insisted that it didn’t do anything wrong. The move, according to the airline, was only appropriate. They insisted that they’re free to withdraw staff travel perks at their discretion. According to the airline, the cabin crew members also knew that they would lose this benefit if they joined the strike.

Brits to Enjoy Cheaper European Vacation

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So what happens when the Euro falls against the British pound? This summer, a lot of British families can enjoy spectacularly cheaper vacations in prime European vacation spots. In Cyprus, Portugal, and Greece, a minimum of 20% off last year’s price is expected if you’re exchanging that UK currency for a Euro.

This finding was reported by the Post Office in their Family Holiday Report. They compared the cost of about 12 different holiday vacations, adding up the cost from the lodgings to the sunscreen. Among the best value-for-the-money destinations were Bulgaria, Portugal, and Spain. A beach vacation in Portugal would cost £68.80 (30% lower than last year), while one in Bulgaria would cost £73.32 (4% lower than last year).

American Airlines and British Airways to Sync their Routes and Ticket Prices

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There’s another shakeup involving the British Airways—this time, an alliance with the American Airlines. According to reports, the alliance has just been approved. Recently, British Airlines also hooked up with Iberia, and earlier than that, they introduced their non-union crew. These changes can either be good or bad, depending on where you’re sitting.

If you’re a member of a oneworld alliance, then these mergers can only be positive for you. Apparently, airline giants United and Lufthansa, and equally dominant Delta and Air France, are operating under the same set up. However, if you’re not a member or an employee of any of these alliances, then you’ll know just how bad it is to be taken under the wing of an anti-competitive merger.

The Nolitan Accepts Reservations on November

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Another swanky New York City hotel is accepting room reservations on November 1. This time, it’s the Nolitan Hotel, which is right at the heart of New York. Everyone seems excited with the hotel’s launch, what with the walk-through the company provided reviewers during the hotel’s construction. While November 1 is the announced opening date for the hotel, a lot of people are hoping it would be sooner.

Once it does open, it’s set to expand the heights of downtown NYC. Their website already had sneak peeks of the hotel rooms. Judging from the photos, they seem to have taken the “peekaboo bathroom” trend to the next level. In the Nolitan, your tub sits right next to your hotel desk. There are no walls separating the two rooms.

Park Royal to be brought back to Sydney by Pan Pacific Hotels

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Anyone who grew up in Sydney back in 1990 would have heard about the Park Royal. This was the “in” place to be when you hold parties, whether it’s for your birthday or a special championship victory bash. The hotel sits near a strip of Sydney clubs, but as the decade progressed, it dropped the “Park Royal” name. Currently, it’s called the Crowne Plaza Parramatta, and it’s more of a business hotel now than anything else.

However, it’s still under Pan Pacific Hotels, and the umbrella company thinks it’s time to appease the Axl Rose nostalgia. They’re bringing back the Park Royal vibe, and naming it back to Park Royal as well. This Park Royal comeback, for you 90s babies out there, is due this November. If you got married or met your wife at that time, you should definitely book a room for the weekend.

Have Twitter, Will Travel: Taking Advantage of Twitter for Your Trips

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The micro-blogging site Twitter has become a fixture of global Internet culture as various stars and establishments take time to shed their thoughts or share what is happening to them on an hourly or daily basis. However, recounting the day’s events is not the only use for Twitter.

It’s interactive and live-sharing qualities provide an ideal place to coordinate events and projects with other people separated by great distances. Twitter can be put to good use for traveling too whether its just making last minute arrangements or meeting up people in specific areas.

Here is how you can tailor and use the site for your next journey.

Form Your Itinerary on the Fly

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