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More Morocco: New Best Five Destinations of the Kingdom

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Morocco has its share of romance from being a crossroads between the Middle East, Africa and Mediterranean cultures into its existence today as an international vacation spot. Since Tourism is indeed Morocco’s prime industries, expect a lot of traffic clogging up the areas you’ve probably listed as places worth visiting.
Most travelers will agree that the best places are not necessarily the most visited ones. The secluded spots which are untouched by the heels of any tourist from the nearby bus are special places indeed and worth exploring a little further. It is time to toss away the generic tourist map and stretch those legs a little and then begin traveling to these five spots off Morocco’s beaten tracks.

Moulay Idriss

The Best Summer Fests in the World

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The first festivals involved celebrations for a bountiful harvest. After the cold of winter has gone, people plant in the springtime. When the summer heats up onwards autumn, people harvest what they’ve sown. It is during this period that people hold ritual gatherings in order to give thanks to a bountiful harvest.

In this day and age, festivities are no longer just centered on crops. People have found that there are a lot of things to celebrate for like music, hobbies, inventions and events.

The fine weather during the summer months are worth celebrating as well and is also one perfect reason to pitch one’s tent on the grass and sooner or later queue up to watch live acts like Green Day, Norah Jones and U2. Here are some of the best festivals to visit during the summer.

Florida: Red Bull FlugTag

Australia in Need of Shark taggers, Koala hunters, and beer tasters

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British people were given by Australia an invitation to visit their country and become shark taggers, koala catchers and beer tasters.

Aside from the advertised jobs, a “roo poo” harvester, a job from Port Lincoln as shark profiler, and home remodeller at Fairy Penguin located at Kangaroo Island are also needed.

The government of South Australia made the campaign regarding the unusual job offerings to encouraged Brits who are under stress and boredom due to UK’s long and tiring working hours plus the increasing age of retirement and high taxes to pay.

The job offers are targeting anyone who’s 18-30 of age with the encouragement of having an “ultimate job with a balanced life.”

The government said, all applicants interested to apply just need to fly and go in South Australia with a visa of working holiday to grab the ultimate dream job.

Lose Weight or No jobs for the Flight Attendants of Turkish Airlines

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Debate concerning flight attendants who are overweight is quite different from the usual concern and fights over overweight passengers. The two are actually for safety reasons, but it is a little rough because in the end both are similar in a way. Comfort is one of the daily issues against rowmates who are overweights. A good argument for some people is the possibility of a plane crash and most likely getting out would be a big problem, a valid reason to consider.

Recently, the Turkish Airlines suspended 28 employees who were overweights and safety issues come out. The reason is actually more valid rather than with passengers, since the flight attendants do the most important role concerning flight safety during emergencies even non- emergencies. But wait, the looks is actually the real concern regarding customers wanting svelte attendants in their uniform serving Diet Coke on them considering half of the suspended crew were surprisingly men. And airlines were honest and frank to point it out.

DC Edition scheduled to open doors… by October 2014

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Publicity coming out regarding Edition Hotels- Miami Beach, Waikiki and Mexico City, it seems impossible that there’s one left which is yet to open. Located at 1170 Euclid St. NW, DC Edition is trying to get much attention to be noticed.

A write- up coming from Washington Biz Journal regarding with the location’s tax break,it is said that the hotel’s opening soon is within the current property of  the FCCS or First Church of Christ Scientist but will include the FM radio station of WPFW which is also the offices of Washington City news.

The hotel includes six great restaurants, some extra space reserved for non-profitable organizations and 150 rooms for guests.

The bad news, the hotel is yet to open October 2014 the reason why Dc Edition is not announcing it’s coming to open soon on the web of Edition Hotels. But no worries, there are still other branches to choose from- Barcelona, Bangkok, Istanbul, Miami, and Mexico ready to welcome anyone.

The Islands of Galapagos still under threat

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Nowhere on earth can you find a place as diverse as the Galapagos Islands with about 1,300 species. It is in danger.

Calling the Galapagos as the earth’s most astonishing, Sir David Attenborough believes that tourism has a very important role in the conservation of the islands. According to Attenborough, they are deeply worried at the GCT or Galapagos Conservation Trust  with regard to UNESCO’s final decision not to include Galapagos Islands on the list of the World Heritage Sites that are in danger. It might give the people the belief that the islands natural beauty are not in danger. The GCT, being the sole British charity dedicated to save the islands is aware of the risks faced by the very diverse environment and wildlife of the islands.

Britons to pay £9 permission Charge to enter the U.S.

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Britons going to the U.S. need to pay £9 for a permit to enter the country starting next month through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (Esta).

Replacing the green I-94 visa waiver forms, the fee will be charge to all passengers who are using the needed pre-approval scheme online.

Starting 8 September, a $14 (£9) charge will be collected from visitors on which officials stated the money would go directly into a fund promoting tourism.

According to Esta, this new rule is applied to 36 countries, majority are westerners who enjoy the privilege of the system letting travelers to go the US with no travel visa at all. The fee starts from $140 (£85) to tourists entering the US on case to case basis.

Esta’s approval can be used for two years if someone decides to  come back and forth to the US. The US has an annual tourists influx of about four million Britons.

Top 5 Best Getaway Destinations Just for the Girls

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You’re no longer twelve, so those sleepovers just won’t do. Where should you and the girls go to, to bond after long hours of work at the office? Whether it’s clubbing, surfing, cooking, or shopping that keeps you and your girls tight, you’re sure to love these prime girl getaway destinations. They’ll definitely make you forget about your boy troubles and killer workload, at least for the weekend.

Shop till you Drop in New York City

Imagine an entire city filled with the best deals in the country—from perfumes to electronic gadgets, handbags to baby clothes, you name it, and New York City has got it. For your girls’ night out, though, you will want to visit the boutiques lining Madison Avenue and SoHo, and the ultra-fashionable sale items at Henri Bendel’s.

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