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Top 10 of the Uniquely Designed Apartment Blocks

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A building’s architecture often gives way to practicalities. Dictates of the city planning administration or simply the urgent need to finish a building in the fastest time possible have left structures that do not complement the cityscape.

Do not fret however, as there are still artists left in architects. There are living spaces, apartments to be specific, which are innovations on their own. If you want to live in an address that is uniquely its own, scope out the following apartments.

Block 16

Hotel Re-opening: Peace Hotel in Shanghai set once again to receive guests

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Fairmont’s property in Shanghai, the Peace Hotel, reopens to welcome guests this week. The museum of the hotel also opens so visitors can appreciate their collection of memorabilia.

Press releases have used the words glamorous, majestic, and grandeur but the refit is not you greige boutique accommodation. To put things into perspective, expect marble floors, Lalique glass, and copper roofing.

The hotel’s 270 rooms feature an aura of the 1930’ coming with updated 21st century amenities like espresso machines, WiFi, and LCD television in your bath. The toiletries though remain to be traditional with Miller Harris.

The hotel does not have that businessy air which is a plus factor for us. We love the unique sofa and the detailing around the air vents. We just can not understand the attention seeking carpet used. The bathrooms are pristine, luckily.

No white shirt event: 47th Blueberry Festival

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In a few weeks time, people will be heading to the banks of Lake Michigan as the harvest of tons of blueberries roll into town. South Haven devotes their weekend to keep the berries coming on the 47th year of this tradition.

The organizers scheduled the national festival of blueberry from the 12th to the 15th of August this year with an expected crowd of 50,000 fans of blueberry. The blueberry is known for its antioxidants and the other good stuff for our bodies, but the celebration will also come with tons of pancakes and other baked blueberry goodies. Everyone is crossing their fingers so the healthy stuff can still rule over the butter and sugar ruling the tables during the festival.

The festival will come with the usual exhibits, parades, and concerts. Food aficionados will also be able to attend cooking demos during the three day event. Local chefs will share their knowledge on how one can maximize the blueberries for different recipes.

The West End Partnership creates giant maze in London’s West End


Visitors to the capital city will soon be able to discover the wonders of the West End from within a gigantic maze in London’s Trafalgar Square. On 2nd August 2010, the maze will be open to the public to visit for free, encouraging
everyone to spend some time getting lost in the West End.

For five days, visitors can uncover hidden gems by exploring the unique maze which features many of the West End’s most famous streets and lanes, including well-known hubs such as Covent Garden through to the back streets of Soho
Square. With so many interesting facts and historical moments on every corner, getting lost has never been so enjoyable.

Upon reaching the heart of the maze, visitors will be rewarded with an exclusive taste of the amazing entertainment, culture, dining and shopping on offer throughout The West End.

At least 60 dead in Pakistan floods

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River banks burst as monsoon rains pour heavily in Pakistan. The heavy flow washed away streets, destroyed dams, and claimed the lives of at least 60 people as of this writing. The flooding has been the worst in the history of northwest Pakistan.

Rescue workers are struggling to aid hundreds of thousands especially those in far-flung villages.

A coverage of the calamity by the Dunya TV in Pakistan showed two old men who were clinging to a fence as raging waters swept over them. The authorities have not yet determined if the two men survived the havoc.

In Swat Valley, people had no choice but to try and cross knee deep water to get to safety. A portion of a dam in Charsadda collapsed while plants and crops are underwater in a lot of areas. There are also reports that at least 10 people did not make it out alive when their homes collapsed in Peshawar.

The most absurd and nuttiest contests all over the world [videos]

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We all want to be good at something. Whether it’s scoring a goal in a football game, or making the best apple pie, humans have an innate desire to excel at something–anything–and if possible, show off their skill so the world will know who’s who and what’s what.

Sometimes, it doesn’t really take much to be able to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Take the Rock Paper Scissors Championships, for example, where contestants shake their fists and battle it out for a generous reward of over US9,000 dollars. Former contestant Bryan Bennett says in the world of Rock Paper Scissors, he enjoys some kind of popularity. In 2006, he won the silver medal for the contest and went home with US1,400 dollars. These days, some people who recognize him occasionally challenge him to a battle of the fists and he’s more than willing to accept them to keep himself sharp, as he sets his eyes on the 9,000 dollar prize.

Travel guide: The do’s and dont’s for a Norwegian holiday

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For many years now, Norway has been getting their fair share in global tourism, with an estimated three million tourists or more spending their nights in its capital of Oslo. Norway does possess a number of beautiful sights and if you’re planning on making Norway your next vacation destination, here are a couple of tips for you to be able to make the most out of your holiday.


Don’t: arrive in the bitter cold of winter

The best views you can enjoy at US National Parks

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The United States National Parks stand as the natural wonders of the North American continent. They are also a monument of the commitment of the preceding generations of Americans to preserve the environments of these parks as part of the heritage of the future children of the country.

Yellowstone is the first national park having been declared by President Ulysses Grant in 1872. Over a hundred years later since that time, there are now 58 national parks in total, each with their special features and natural formations.

Since there are a lot of national parks to cover, we’ve picked out 11 with the most stunning views.

Acadia National Park: Cadillac Mountain

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