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Women say, men pay when it comes to holidays


Women say, men pay when it comes to holidays

-Men happy to take a holiday back seat but still foot the bill-

Women undoubtedly “wear the trousers” when it comes to making holiday decisions, according to new research from leading hotels accommodation website

One in four wives and girlfriends take sole responsibility for choosing the finer details of a holiday, according to the findings.

But whilst the ladies are busying themselves with organising the getaway, the men are steeling themselves to foot the bill. Of the 360 UK couples polled, 25 per cent admit that the holidays are paid for by their partner.

In contrast, the research showed that just one in ten (12 per cent) guys in a relationship take the lead when it comes to organising holidays and only seven per cent of women are happy to flash the cash and pay for the break.

Shopping: One day, two cities, two countries.


Malmo Turning Torso

Or perhaps one weekend, if you want to make the most of it! Either way, the Øresundsbron (Oresunds bridge) offers a rare opportunity to explore 2 of the largest cities in Scandinavia in one day. On one side you have Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö, and on the other is Denmark’s capital, København (Copenhagen). Both cities offer a host of things to do, see, eat and enjoy! Travelling between the two only takes 35 minutes and there are trains departing every 20 minutes during the day, and every hour at night.

Six things to do during a stay at Hotel L’Avenida, Mallorca


Six things to do during a stay at Hotel L’Avenida, Mallorca

With its sumptuous styling and elegant courtyard garden and pool, Mallorca’s Hotel L’Avenida offers a serenely comfortable environment in which to escape the pressures of the outside world.

Located within an historic townhouse in the picturesque town of Soller (on the island’s dramatic west coast), the eight-bedroom boutique hotel is a epitome of Modernist design and well deserves its reputation as one of the island’s most stylish hideaways.

However tempting it may be to endlessly luxuriate in L’Avenida’s splendid surroundings, it would be a pity not to venture outside and discover what lies in the immediate vicinity.

The town of Soller is a wonderfully atmospheric place to explore, with narrow streets lined with elegant stone mansions emanating from a leafy central square.

There are all sorts of delightful attractions and experiences to discover in Soller, all within a stone’s throw of the hotel.

8 Trips that you can take to help with your midlife-crisis


Midlife crisis is a period that can be very difficult for anyone. People who experience it have a mix feeling of doubt, boredom, anger, and restlessness. Traveling, according to experts, is a good remedy for midlife crisis. You explore the world. Forget about money. See what you can do physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Midlife crisis cannot be solved with a snap. No, these trips do not include a day on a powdery, white sand beach. Midlifers should take trips that have a certain special tinge of learning, adventure, goodwill, danger, or physicality.

You will benefit as a midlifer from a trip where you will be able to try something new, something that you can challenge yourself with to do. Going to unfamiliar places is key. We lined up some trips that may help you explore what lies beyond the midlife crisis that is bothering you right now or which might bug you in the future.

Titan Travel Group Announces its Top 10 Holiday Suggestions for 2010


Titan Travel Group Announces its Top 10 Holiday Suggestions for 2010

While 2009 will long be remembered as the year of the Credit Crunch, 2010 holds the promise of better things to come.

To celebrate this fresh new year, award-winning Titan Travel Group has compiled a list of ten unmissable travel experiences from around the world to enthuse and inspire customers to discover something new over the next twelve months.

These varied holiday suggestions include outstanding offers from each of Titan Travel’s well-known brands – escorted tours specialists Titan HiTours, The Classic Traveller and National Geographic Journeys; upmarket river cruise operator Connections Elegant River Cruises; leading motor sports operator Grandstand Motor Sports; and tailor-made specialists Tailor Made Travel.

Plus of course, every Titan holiday offers unparalleled quality, service and value for money – giving customers all the more reason to book with Titan Travel in 2010.

Visit Costa Rica: Cleanest Nation in the World


Think about the cleanest country in the world, and chances are you will answer “Singapore”. While the city state is praised time and again for being spotlessly clean, the fact remains that Costa Rica has been lauded as one of the most environmentally clean countries in the world. They have pledged to offset all carbon emissions and become fully carbon neutral by the year 2030. A tall order, but it seems that they are well on the way to achieving this status.

Prior to the pledge, Costa Rica’s reputation as an environmentally conscious country is well known across the globe. They gazetted more than a quarter of its total area and make them protected sanctuaries. Translated, this means that more than a quarter of the republic country consists of forests and wildlife parks. Costa Rica is also proud that it generates much needed electricity from renewable sources – at an impressive amount of 96 percent! In fact, they promise to reduce even more emissions from its various industries – something that most countries cannot even begin to promise.

5 Travel Tips for Parents Flying With Young Kids


Traveling with kids, especially younger ones, is not an easy task so it is no wonder that most parents dread the thought of going on vacation with the children in tow. Some opt to put the kids under the care of a reliable babysitter while others decide to bring them along, hoping against hope that nothing goes wrong! If you are one of those parents who won’t deny your kids the pleasure of spending a holiday together, well done! Know that avoiding difficulties such as a cranky child or an anxious sibling while traveling can be avoided easily if you set your mind to it. Here are some tips to help you along the way…

Things to do in Vancouver while taking a break from the 2010 Winter Olympics

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If you are in Vancouver enjoying the 2010 Winter Games but thinking of other things to do, then read on and check out some off beat things you can do away from the excitement of the official games:

Fun Stuff at the O-Zone in Richmond

The Olympic Oval in Richmond is the official venue for the speed skating events but the rest of Richmond has been prepared for the influx of tourists and athletes. Aside from the games, the O-Zone will be hosting several events to make your stay fun. Between February 12 to 28, there will be concerts by top Canadian performers, free outdoor skating, a circus, high def screens to see the games, sports rides, fireworks, and virtual sports games.
Richmond has also prepared a welcome marker in the form of a 7-storey high inukshuk made of shipping containers. Other visual spectacles include an Olympic Committee logo made from about 13 million cranberries, and of course, fireworks!

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