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Strangest Spa Treatments in the World

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From nibbling fish to sake baths—the ways we treat ourselves have become stranger over the years. As more and more experiments are done, people have been discovering new and strange ways to make us become healthier, more beautiful human beings.

Spas are not exempt from these strange new discoveries. Today, more and more small-time shops, including that parlor just around the block, are offering spa treatments to just about anyone who comes in. Therefore, spas need to differentiate themselves from these by creating more innovative ways of offering treatments. Gone are those simple facials and massages. Now, you may have to choose from dozens and dozens of different kinds of treatments. Targeting specific parts or certain problems, treatments are now more tailored to an individual’s specific needs. Yet what is interesting is that many of these bizarre treatments actually have their roots from traditional ways and cultures. Many people wonder whether these treatments really have health benefits or not. Still, they will be fascinating to anyone.

The Ugliest Airports Around the Globe

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Airports in the movies are always portrayed as squeaky clean places with fancy walkalators and big, panoramic windows. Or, if the movie is about a small island in the middle of nowhere, the airport can look like a scene from a war movie. They look pretty much like the airports we’re previewing here.

If you’re ever passing through these airports, don’t bother getting your camera out of the bag. The view’s not really something you’d want to remember.

John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York

Surprisingly enough, the first airport to make this list is the JFK International Airport in New York. Once upon a time, the airport was a pretty sight, but that was when JKF was still young, and the airport was still called Idlewind. It showcased the best assembly of modern architecture and made New York proud to be New York. Fifty years later, though, we have what modest tourists would describe as hell.

Looking at the World’s Oddest Museums

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In the old school, there was bad art and good art. Today, though, you’ll find several museums showcasing some of the oddest collections ever created. You’d begin to wonder if the categories “bad” and “good” still fit them. If the aesthetic ladder of contemporary art is way over your head, don’t shrug off these oddball museums just yet. They still make for an interesting quirky trip across town. Some of them might just hit your sweet spot.

Bunny Museum, Pasadena California

Unless the killer rabbit in Monty Python gave you endless nightmares, this museum should be a harmless, rather wholesome trip. It’s still going to be strange seeing 23,000 bunnies, in total, but it’s not going to shatter your sensibilities. You’ll find a wide (and that is an understatement) collection of ceramic bunnies, plush bunnies, stuffed bunnies, plastic bunnies and more.

The Best Pancakes in America

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As a child, we become huge fans of those fluffy, soft, golden-brown pancakes served during breakfast. What joy it is to lather the thick, gleaming syrup, watching it cascade over stacks of pancakes. And who has not tried making one? Misshapen pancakes forced to other family members, we have great memories of our first tries in making these delicious cakes. And if you’ve managed to let a pancake fly as you tried flipping it over in the pan, then welcome to the happy and huge club of pancake aficionados. Don’t worry though, as there are lots of places to try them.

Chosen for their creativity, toppings and filling, here are some of the best places in America where you can satisfy your cravings for this simple yet delightful cake which, though it has been enhanced, flavored, and changed in countless ways, remains everybody’s favorite.

Top 5 Most Impressive Dude Ranches in the US

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While honeymoon sites are attractive, real men usually look for high quality-guy-time. What better way to spend these moments than in one of America’s homiest dude ranches? Imagine riding on horseback through the damp Colorado meadow. It’s just a little past sunrise and you’re looking at the purple shades of distant mountains. Soon enough, you see the Continental Divide and the vast Western wilderness sits right in front of you.

Later, you ride back to your lodgings and you dismount your steed to a sizzling, wholesome breakfast cooked over charcoal fire. For city slickers such as yourself and the rest of the gang, nothing spells “icon Western” better than that.

The Dude Rancher’s Association lists the best manly-man ranches you can visit across the country. Go ahead and line up fly-fishing, horseback riding, and spa activities to your liking with these top-notch relaxation sites. They’re for real city cowboys, of course.

Spending the Best Three Days in Kansas

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So what’s interesting in Kansas? For those who don’t know yet, the city is known for its bebop music, incredible barbecues, and unwavering Mid-Western charm. If we make do with that simplistic description, we’re looking at Kansas City some ten years ago. But what does Kansas look now?

Ten whole years of revitalizing has actually transformed Kansas into quite the Mecca jazz music aficionados. Not only that, the border straddling Kansas and Missouri is now a culture-rich metropolis. Citizens anticipate the further bolstering of the city next year, once the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts opens to the public. With the new center, Kansas will be home to ballet recitals, symphony, and opera.

So what happens to the traveler who’s looking for the charms of Old Kansas? Worry, not. While Kansas isn’t exactly a backwater anymore, it’s not so highly polished either. You can still find traces of the old country and enjoy the upgrades at the same time if you spend your time wisely. Here’s how you can spend three fulfilling days in Kansas City.

Top Five Quirky Cruises – from Twilight to Elvis


Top Five Quirky Cruises – from Twilight to Elvis

Five Cruises With a Twist

Weird and Wacky Ways to Sail the High Seas

London, May 20, 2010 — These days, there is a cruise holiday to cater for just about any taste, interest or lifestyle as cruise lines seek to fill the cabins in their ever-growing fleets.

Cruise Critic® ( — the cruise travel news and reviews site — lists cruises for naturists and naturalists, foodies and fitness fanatics, eco-warriors and explorers, dancers, cyclists and bridge players, the active and the indolent. Then there are the ultra-special-interest-themed cruises for fans and devotees, including chocolate-lovers, psychics, Mac users and 50’s music enthusiasts.

From this ever-growing list, Cruise Critic has selected a handful of the more unusual theme cruises currently on offer and suggests these five cruises with a twist for 2010:

Mountains of Family Fun from Southampton Airport with Inghams



Families can travel during peak summer holiday season and still benefit from savings of up to £300 per family with Inghams new Family Breaks brochure. With more families opting for unspoilt, traditional locations away from the typical overpriced crowded beach resorts, guests can choose from Inghams superb selection of 17 top quality hotels, in over 10 family friendly resorts throughout Austria and Italy.

Inghams is offering an online discount of £300 per family (based on 2 adults and 2 children) for departures in July and August, by customers book by the 31st May, providing great savings on their summer holidays.

Whilst on their holiday, families can choose from an extensive range of activities such as horseriding through stunning alpine scenery, learning to bake bread at the local farm or kayaking and rafting in fresh water lakes. Each individually selected hotel offers children’s clubs and supervised activities for the kids, spa and health facilities for parents who need some pampering, as well as tennis and fishing for sporty mums and dads.

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