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Boeing delivers 787 Dreamliner to All Nippon Airways after long delay

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Aircraft manufacturer Boeing hands over the 787 Dreamliner to All Nippon Airways of Japan this week after three long years of delay. The delivery of the lightweight and fuel efficient jet took place that the Washington headquarters of Boeing with keys and contracts signed by ANA and the jet manufacturer.

The Boeing Dreamliner makes use of composite materials to chop off a lot of weight from the aircraft and also help it to be more fuel efficient than its counterparts.

The delivery is three years behind schedule which surely put a lot of issues on Boeing’s table in terms of meeting promised dates of delivery.

The aircraft manufacturer has a long list of orders at 8121 787 Dreamliners at the moment summing up to around $150 billion. The successful launch of the new aircraft is welcome by parts producers including those in the UK which follows the big chunk of the project after United States manufacturers.

Korean Air postepones delivery of 787 Dreamliner

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Korean Air recently announced that the delivery of the 787 Dreamliner planes ordered frfom Boeing will be postponed. This is another set back that follows the delays during the development of the aircraft in the last three years with a report of a fire due to faulty electricals with a test airplane.

Korean Air will be expecting delivery by 2016 or a 5 years off the original schedule.

Boeing commits to the roll out of the 787s during the third quarter of this year with the ANA as the first company to get the new airplanes. British Airways will also be among the first in Europe to fly the new aircraft.

For now, Korean Air will be using the A330s from Airbus that were acquired in 2010 as replacement for the undelivered 787s.