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5 Forgotten Countries you might have not heard of

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Have you ever been in a situation where you heard of a name of a country and you just cannot remember if you have ever heard of it in geography class? Or your fifth grader encountering an unfamiliar name of a place, asking you where is that country on the map and you just don’t have any idea. Don’t panic, there are just countries that have managed to stay under the radar. Scan our list below for some of these low-profile places.

Comoros in Africa

Back in the olden days when ocean travel was the only means of discovering the world, Comoros was a very important stopover for vessels going to Cape of Good Hope. This changed when the Suez Canal was constructed and opened. Today, there are only less than 30,000 visitors going to this place every year. The Comoros is located near Mauritius and Seychelles. Comoros is a tropical paradise if not only for the twenty coup attempts after its independence from the government of France back in 1975.

South Africa Vacations

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Africa brings up a whole variety of images in our minds: exotic safaris, wild lions, majestic elephants, beautiful jungles, and a sense of mystery that has survived through the ages. It’s not hard to see why this continent has been such a hot travel destination for so long, and why more and more people are booking their vacations there.

7 of the Most Amazing Aerial Tours in the World

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Many of us get tired of seeing things eye-level. Few of us, however, realize that there is an amazing view that awaits us: from on high. Just the feeling of going up makes you feel giddy already; upon seeing the view, you feel as if you are in a different plane altogether.

Things indeed look different seen from the top. For many, one of the best ways of seeing things is through an aerial tour. Best of all, there are no crowds in this kind of tour. Whether you are a fan of Mother Nature or you prefer a city’s nightlights, joining an aerial tour can turn out be a rewarding experience.

Just make sure that you prepare beforehand, as there are certain things worth considering when joining this kind of tour. Aside from choosing which kind of view you’d prefer, things like weather and seasons also come to the fore. Thankfully, many groups now offer this, as it has become more and more popular among tourists.

Victoria Falls

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The Victoria Falls is located between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe in the southern regions of Africa. The fall which was locally named mosi-oa –tunya, translated as the smoke thunder, by natives who inhabits the area few miles from the fall.


Not much was known about the fall until the explorer Dr David Livingstone visited the site and renamed it Victoria Falls, the name which is widely being used today.

The fall is perhaps unarguably the world’s largest waterfall site. The average flow rate is 1088cm/s and stands at a height of 360ft above the ground. The rate of the flow tends to lower during the dry season, and highest during the raining season. These peak periods when the falls is at its highest is the period between the month of February and May, minimum flows are witnessed during the month November.

Top 10 Great Views You Should See in this Lifetime

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Some people live to travel the world over. If you were given the chance to pick ten destinations, these are definitely places you should consider. Below is a list of the ten most iconic destinations of the world and the best places from which to view them.

Skyline Gondola’s take on the Lake Wakatipu

This finger lake (or inland lake) in New Zealand is in itself a prime destination because of the great views around it. There’s the view of the magnificent Remarkables mountain ranges, and the vibrant city of Queenstown. However, while you’re sitting in a boat that’s gliding across it, it’s almost impossible to appreciate the wholeness of the lake itself.

That is until you take the Skyline Gondola which actually lets you have an overview of the lake. The lake is 80 kilometers long and forms a graceful S shape with the Southern Alps as a backdrop.

Bahar Dar

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Bahar Dar, the next stop, is 578 kilometres from Addis Ababa, has two daily Ethiopian Airlines flights and a number of good hotels, and it located on the southern shores of Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile, with its ancient island nonasteries and both the Blue and the white Nile’s most spectacular feature, the Tis Isat falls.On the island of Dega Estefanos you will find the church of saint Stefanos, which has a priceless collection of icons and manuscripts and houses the mummified remains of a number of Ethiopian emperors. For the modern traveler, the starting point of any visit to the Blue Nile Falls, or to the islands of Lake Tana, is the busting market town of Bahar Dar on the lake’s south-eastern shore. The colourful markets and a variety of handicrafts and weaving centres also make it a comfortable has for excursion by land or water. Bahar Dar port provides access by boat to a number of historic lakeside churches or monasteries near and far. Most date from the 17th-century and have beautifully painted walls. Many such places of worship now have fascinating museums, at which the visitor can see priceless. Illustrated manuscripts, historic crowns and fine royal. And ecclesiastical robes. Some monastic islands are forbidden to women, but others can be visited by all.Visitors to Bahar Dar can also see tankwas, locally made out of the papyrus reeds growing by the lake shore, as well as an historic old building erected, in St. Georges church compound, by the 17th-century Spanish Jesuit, pero paes.

Southern Drakensburg opens Sisonke Stimela Steam Train

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With its latest and only of its kind project, Signature Life Hotels introduced the Sisonke train providing passengers an experience to notice the culture, history and natural splendor of Southern Drakensburg.

A marvellously restored lavish train, riding Sisonke Stimela is truly an unforgettable experience. Offering a variety of trips throughout the Drakensburg and the southern Midlands of KZN”s unspoilt grandeur. The tour passes throughout grasslands, nature reserves, mist belts, and indigenous forests, with the splendid scenery mix together with Zulu’s traditional villages, letting the travelers witness the African Life.

In Kwazulu-Natal, Sisonke is among the eleven local municipalities which are located into the province’s south portion and includes mainly the southern area of the National Park of Ukhahlamba Drakensberg which is neighboring to Lesotho also the boundary of the province of Eastern Cape.

The impressive Cape Town

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Cape Town is a fascinating impressive city, Africa’s oldest city and one of most beautiful worldwide.

Cape Town lies on the Cape Peninsula, having near an important city mark: The Table Mountains.

Table Mountains really look like a table, and have also a tablecloth.

The Peninsula gets frequent strong winds from South East, which are known locally as The Cape Doctor, because clean the air and keep the pollution away. It is a kind of impressive natural ventilation, the air here is very clean.