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Unique Hotels: 10 Airplane and Train hotels around the world

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If you are tired of the high rise hotels or the rustic bed and breakfast, check out our list of some of the most unique hotels you can ever find. These are not your ordinary accommodations but these are train hotels and airplane hotels . Staying in them will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Here are some of the most unique hotels in the world:

Jumbo Stay in Arlanda, Sweden

Jumbo Stay is an airplane hotel, a 747 airliner to be exact, that has 75 beds in its 27 rooms. This retired jumbo jet was converted to a hostel that can make your sleeping in the cockpit dream come true.

Guests can choose from several types of airplane hotel accommodation like a budget dormitory, suite, and combo rooms. The shower and toilet are shared and aptly located along the corridors of the plane. The cockpit suite gives you a good view of the airport.

Airport Bars made of actual airplanes

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You might not see it or experience it everyday that while waiting to board another airplane, you will be enjoying a drink or snack in another airplane. You can only do this in five airports across the globe where they have made used of aircrafts which can no longer fly and converted them into bars.

Here are the best airport bars made of airplanes:

DC6 Diner (England)

This funky resto-bar can be found at the Coventry Airport in England. The old Douglas DC-6 can accommodate 40 diners. So if you are craving for a good steak after a long trip, this is a nice place to visit once you touchdown. If you want some cocktails, you can head to the cockpit of the airplane and the bar tender will be more than gland to mix you a refreshing blend. Coventry is not a very busy airport and a lot of people tend to use Birmingham more. If you are coming in from Birmingham, you just need a ride to cruise along the A45 and you will be able to see the DC6.