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Travel Tips: Sleeping in Airports

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People sleeping in airport are not uncommon.  In fact, sleeping in airports is expected.  Unless the airport has an indoor gym, mall, swimming pools, and a casino, you will find people sleeping in airport terminals.  Sometimes, there are people who occupy three chairs and are covered in a thick blanket without a care in the world.  Nowadays, people sleeping in airports are anything but discreet.  Besides, who would care to watch you snore when everyone seems to be rushing from one flight to another, fuming because of a delayed flight, and fighting boredom while, well, sleeping.  Here are some tips for you if you plan to get some shut eye while waiting for your plane.

5 Airports in U.S. Deal with Bigger Issues other than Flight Interruptions

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Airline interruptions are usually a disappointment, and some airports seem to be controversy prone than others. Some airports have bigger problems more than weather disturbances. Talk of garbage, leaky ceilings, cockroaches, and other stuff that might just ruin your experience. 

Here are issues from airports with troubles bigger than flight interruptions:

Smelly SJC

It is such a nice thing to hear that San Jose’s Terminal A was newly repaired. So you can help but imagine how clean and fresh the place. However, there’s something that we must know. The airport looks grand but the smell doesn’t say so. A mysterious odor is stinking up the entire new terminal facilities. The smell seems like a combination of a sewer smell and a sweaty sock. It shows that looks can be really deceiving! As of the moment, workers are trying to know what causes the smell, or experience it to believe.

Five Cool Things You can Do at the Detroit-Metro Airport

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When you find yourself with a few minutes or hours worth of idle time due to layovers at the Detroit-Metro Airport, here are the top five things you can do at the McNamara terminal to kill time:

Visit the Coolest Fountain of them All

In the middle of Concourse A, there is magnificent fountain that you might have seen in several TV shows or the movie Up in the Air.  While it’s refreshing and relaxing to watch the fountain, behind it comes the view of the runway that’s also a cool site to see.  You can also toss a coin and make a wish but well, it may not ensure that your delayed flight will magically turn around or you will find yourself upgraded from coach to first class, but it’s a fun thing to do.  Wish for a Prada instead.  That’s more likely to happen.

Airport Hotel Highs: When Getting Stuck in an Airport is like Having a Vacation in Itself

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There are times when you get stuck in an airport due to inclement weather or to some disturbance at your destination. When bad luck hounds your plans, these airport hotels might change your perception of your situation.

Melt the Stress Away

Of course it gets stressful once you’re landlocked inside an airport when you were just expecting to be done with the business of getting to where you’re going. But when you’re at the Hong Kong International, there’s no need to worry if you get billeted at the Regal Airport Hotel. Watch the other planes zip by while floating on a pool. You can somebody else rub your back at one of Om Spa’s outdoor cabanas. If your feet are feeling a little overused, try the foot massage and perhaps some manicure and pedicure. If there’s some place where you’d be in a matter of time, just tell the staff and they’ll accommodate the treatments that suit your needs.

New Security Restrictions Causing Massive Delays at Airports

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Tens of thousands of airline passengers the world over are experiencing massive delays due to new security restrictions imposed by the United States Transportation Safety Administration (TSA).

In light of the recent attacks occurring on the Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to New York, in which an alleged terrorist attempt to blow up the aircraft with a so-called “underwear bomb”, the administration has imposed random security restrictions on all flights entering and leaving the United States. The security regulations are deliberately vague as to confuse would be terrorists, and passengers should not expect the same security restrictions twice. Information about security measures have been lacking in specifics, with details coming in from the passengers themselves.

15 Airports across the globe where being stranded in might just be okay

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Being stranded in an airport is not really a good experience but if ever you will get stuck, the following airports are the “best” spots to be at.

Singapore Changi

Changi is the best airport for 2010 according to the World Airport Awards by Skytrax. The airport has some great amenities for the travellers young and old. Where can you find free use of WiFi or game consoles? Their lounge chairs even have built in alarm clocks, just to make sure those who want to get some shuteye will not miss their flights.

For $10 US you can also access the Jacuzzi and swimming pool at the Ambassador Transit Hotel.

Athens International

Best and Worst Airports Where You Can Find a Date

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Thinking of finding that special someone but tired of going to regular places where you can meet people? Perhaps you can start trying at airports. For a place that supposedly connects one place to another, airports can also bring two people together. Instead of boring yourself waiting in that lounge for your plane, why not strike a conversation with that interesting-looking traveler? Maybe you are bound for the same direction, perhaps even sharing the same flight. All the better—you can continue your friendship in that foreign country the two of you will be visiting. And what better way to get to know someone that by being strangers in a foreign country?

The Ugliest Airports Around the Globe

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Airports in the movies are always portrayed as squeaky clean places with fancy walkalators and big, panoramic windows. Or, if the movie is about a small island in the middle of nowhere, the airport can look like a scene from a war movie. They look pretty much like the airports we’re previewing here.

If you’re ever passing through these airports, don’t bother getting your camera out of the bag. The view’s not really something you’d want to remember.

John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York

Surprisingly enough, the first airport to make this list is the JFK International Airport in New York. Once upon a time, the airport was a pretty sight, but that was when JKF was still young, and the airport was still called Idlewind. It showcased the best assembly of modern architecture and made New York proud to be New York. Fifty years later, though, we have what modest tourists would describe as hell.