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Off the Beaten Path in Amsterdam

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If it’s your first time in Amsterdam, it’s always safe to take the classic tours: a stroll around the outdoor flower market, the canal rides, and a visit to all of the city’s popular museums. However, if this is your fourth or fifth time in Amsterdam, you might want to try something new—and there are a lot of other attractions you should see. They’re just not as widely commercialized.

Below are the best offbeat Amsterdam destinations you shouldn’t miss out on.


You might want to steer clear of popular hotels especially if you’re visiting Amsterdam during the peak season. Alternative accommodations include houseboats, hotels, hostels, and renovated houses located along the canals. One hotel in the city, though, offers an offbeat enough experience. The Ambassade Hotel comprises 10 seventeenth century houses built along the canal. This means that you’ll be living at the city’s historical center.

A Guide to Amsterdam Hotels

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Amsterdam is a rather intriguing place. It is a compact city that is highly likeable for tourists to visit. Amsterdam does not offer the buzz of the cityscapes or the busy cheerful scenes of a summer holiday venue. Rather, its main attraction is the bars and clubs that offer a place for tourists to relax, enjoy and be themselves.

There are plenty of Amsterdam hotels that you can choose from when visiting city. The layout of the city is defined by a series of canals that radiates from the center. Most of the hotels are situated within the city’s center. You can choose from a number of options of hotels that are listed in tourist guides available online. There are hotels that are designed for business trips. Amsterdam hotels offer you the convenience of having facilities available suited for business needs. Services such as wireless internet, virtual office, daily newspapers, and mini-bar await each business executive who books an Amsterdam hotel business class suite.

Top 8 places to visit in Amsterdam

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With Amsterdam being the capital city of the Netherlands, it is one of the most liberated and tolerant cities in the world. Coffee shops, the red light district and the overall open-minded people make Amsterdam a traveler’s dream. However, there is more to see in Amsterdam besides coffee shops and the famous red light district.

  • The Anne Frank House. Anne Frank was one of the victims of the Nazi regime in the Second World War. The Anne frank House is the historic home where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Germans. The queues for the house can be enormous but it’s a impressive and worthy sight to visit. The best time to go is around 8 30 am when the museum is opening or at noon, because there are less people and you won’t have to wait too much in line. It would be ideal if you can get a ticket from your hotel which would put you in the front of the line.
  • The Nemo Museum. When travelling with younger children the Nemo Museum is a great idea for a day of fun and culture. The museum offers exhibits which stimulate youngsters by including them in the collection of science and technology. Also check the Cafe from the top of the Nemo Museum if you can at night for a great view of the city.
  • Rijksmuseum. If you haven’t been to the Rijksmuseum, you haven’t been to Amsterdam. This museum holds masterpieces, furniture and beautiful jewelery and other stunning items. If you visit this museum, make sure to see the Nightwatch by Rembrandt.
  • The Royal palace. The Netherlands are a monarchy and the Royal Palace is the official Royal residence. However, the Royal family ( Queen Beatrix and prince Willem Alexander) live in the Hague. The Royal palace holds a large collection of royal furniture, chandeliers and other exclusive items.

Things to Do in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a haven for tourists year round. There are many activities that you can do when visiting the city. It is quite an interesting place because of how its is designed, it is a city built with canals radiating from its center. At the center of the city is where you will find most of Amsterdam’s tourist attractions like museums, parks, and hotels. This article will tell you more about this city’s tourist attractions, the places that one can visit, and the activities that one can enjoy during his or her stay in the city.

The perfect place to start when visiting Amsterdam is at the Dam Square. The Dam Square which is located at the heart of the city allows tourists to walk past some of Amsterdam’s main attractions. As you walk along the center of the city, you will find buildings done with such architectural grace established as churches or museums. As you walk further past the side streets, you will notice some of the shops and stores, some classy restaurants, hotels, and a few of those fashion houses meant to house tourists. And further on is where the canals would start.

Visit Amsterdam: Cannabis Capital of the World

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If you’re looking for an exotic, new kind of vacation, consider visiting beautiful Amsterdam. Located in North Holland, this capital city of the Netherlands is the only place on earth where cannabis, or marijuana, is not only legal – it’s sold in coffee shops.

Tourists and locals enjoy their day at The Green House, a cannabis cafe in downtown Amsterdam

Virtually everywhere you go in Amsterdam you will see what locals and tourists call “Cannabis Cafe’s”. These coffee shops serve all the usuals – mocha’s, latte’s, americano’s, and one unique product – marijuana. You can buy it in many forms, including joints, baked goods, or just in its natural state. Whether you’ve smoked marijuana before or not, Amsterdam can be a very exciting place to visit.