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Top 8 Strangest Places in the World

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Cities above the sea and floating mountains—can places get any stranger than these? All over the world, we are treated to several places which no one, in spite of hundreds of years’ worth of research, can ever explain. For the tourist that enjoys something different, these places are worthy of their time. From time to time, it is nice to have our reasons challenged, and just stare in wonder.

Sure, travel guidebooks abound, and every corner of the earth has been scoured, but these places somehow remain untouched because of their ability to defy reason. Furthermore, these places will challenge your perspectives, and change them. In a world that’s becoming familiar too fast, a trip to these natural wonders—or enigmas—will prove that some things are just beyond our grasp, and will prove to be refreshing. So if you’re a seasoned traveler who thinks you’ve seen them all, think again as you look at this list of the strangest places in the world.

Top 5 Ultimate Luxury Trips

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If you were one of the ten richest men in the world, below are the best ways to liquidate at least a fraction of your money. After all your hard work, you’d want to lavish yourself with the world’s most extravagant tours. Below are the tours which made it to our big spenders’ list of favorites.

A Bourbon’s Experience of Paris

Paris is Paris: it’s the most celebrated City of Lights. It’s the epitome of romance and class around the globe, but Paris is not just Paris if you have the money for it. For about $300,000 or $1800 an hour, you can spend a week in Paris like one of the royalties in the House of Bourbon. That includes private jets, a prime suit at the Ritz, a personal chauffer, special private tours, 24/7 concierge, and dinner reservations at Paris’ swankiest joints.