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Top 15 of Asia’s Finest Restaurants

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Looking for the best restaurants to visit in Asia? Indulge in a different kind of gastronomic experience in any of these restaurants that feature dishes from the traditional down to the innovative dishes with an edgy twist.

Robuchon à Galera

Macau, China

A high-end restaurant made for the movers and shakers who visit Macau. The neo-empire theme is suggestive of the 3-Michelin star reputation as well as the culinary legends who ensure that each and every dish served at this restaurant is as elegant as the name suggests. It is the very first restaurant in China that has received a Wine Spectator’s Grand Award because it has one of the most impressive arrays of wines around 5000 labels more or less.



Common phrases that you need to know when in Asia

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Language is fascinating and when you are in a different country, it is the wall which can help you make connections with other people or it is a barrier which can be a big hurdle to close a deal. We all sound differently when we talk when we all mean the same thing and trying to say the same thing.

It is priceless though how you can make locals smile when you try a few words of their native tongue. Knowing common phrases will help you find directions, bargain for a good price, win new friends or business partners, and save your life during unfortunate situations.

Those in Asia are very fascinated with how people in the west talk and act. Likewise, those from Europe, the Americas and other parts of the globe are mystified with the language, culture, practices, and traditions of the peoples frome the East.

Asia’s Top Destinations for Honeymooners

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For newly-weds who are looking for the perfect romantic getaway in Asia, here are the top 10 destinations you can choose from to share with your loved one.


It’s one of the happiest places in the world, so they say, and its happiness reeks into its honeymoon packages. The country’s history, culture, and romantic scenery add to the charm of a honeymoon suited for celebrities. Head to the Amankora in Paro, Bhutan that offers beautiful lodges for the couple to enjoy. Tour packages also feature the wonders of the country like the Mount Jhomohari, the valley of Phobjika and the Satkeng Wildlife Sanctuary.

Trekking, Nepal

Travel Adventure: 7 Best Destinations in Asia

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In the most inhabited cities in Asia, enormous shopping malls and giant corporate towers gain more attention for tourists than centers for recreation like parks. It is too bad for those who want breathtaking adventures, right?

It is not if one knows where to put his or her eyes on and explore.

Would you be surprised if you learn that there is a surfing sanctuary dwelling in the urban jungle? Not to mention the action in nature escapades you can visit to catch some fresh air, which are a few minute drives away from the center of the busy cities. Make yourself belief because they are next to the metropolitan cities in Asia.

Whitewater rafting – Philippines

Adventure Travel Asia

Riding the rapids has never been as fun as in the Philippines. An hour away from Cagayan De Oro City, this water adventure is perfect for those who seek legitimate adrenaline outbreak.

Experts foresee travellers flocking to Asia in 2011

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Experts are predicting that travellers will be flocking to Asian destinations this year seeking to keep in touch with their inner selves while exploring Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia among other Asian countries. This trend is consistent with a recent study by by economists from Oxford that Asian travel will double by 2020 and be next to Europe which have still be the leader in terms of the number of visitors.

The study explains that travellers today are never aftraid of immersing themselves into a new culture or try out new things. It will most be experiential travels. Travel planners will be focusing on providing trips which will make most of their clients’ time like organizng cross-border journeys. These trips will expose travellers into more culture, history, people, and different flavors.