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One of the best Hotels in China?

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The InterContinental Huizhou Resort is a luxury five star resort set in the heart of China.  Located in over 500 acres of some of the most unspoiled land in China, travelers to this luxury destination are in for a shock when they see the extents that the Intercontinental group has gone to to create a truly luxury destination right in the heart of China.

Asia’s top 7 driving destinations

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It’s not the destination that matters, but rather the journey that you take. In an era where stepping on a plane has become commonplace, it can be quite easy to forget that sentimental feeling you get after a long day behind the wheel.

For the solitary types who prefer bikes and motorcycles, and those looking to spend an adventure with friends in their trusty mobiles, here are a few ideas for a memorable road trip.

But first, and more importantly, where to go? Well, why not pick one of the most diverse places on earth? Right. Guess that’s Asia then. A) It’s the largest continent in the world, so there probably won’t be any issues on running out of roads; and B) It’s sure to offer lots of beautiful not to mention varied scenery be it the sparkling blue waters of a coastal town, or the steep drop on a mountain road. Now that’s settled, pump up your tires, grab your gear and get going. Don’t forget your license, too.

Singapore – One of the Most Prosperous Countries in the World

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singapore1Phuket, Bali, India, Tokyo, Shanghai are all examples of some of the more popular places to visit in Asia, but have you ever thought of Singapore? Do you even know where it is?

Singapore is not a city, it’s a country, albeit a very small country on a very small island. However this small island is home to a city of some 4 million people and it’s located just off of the coast of Malaysia. Originally Singapore was aBritish trading colony, and Singapore still has many of its traditional roots but it is now a very modern city in the heart of Asia.

The Best Hot Springs in Japan?

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onsen_beppuTaking a Quick Look at Beppu

Of all the places in the world, there is no place quite like the infamous city of Beppu. Famous for a number of things, from its hot baths to a sex museum, this city certainly has it all,   but what’s so special about Beppu that keeps the crowds coming?

Six Asian wonders uncovered

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Traveling has become so popular these days that it’s getting harder and harder to find a place you can visit that’s not crowded with tourists. People are inclined to travel because airline companies are almost always offering tickets on sale, and hotels are also slashing their accommodation prices. Popular shows on TV such as Globe Trekker (formerly Lonely Planet), and No Reservations all the more entice people to get off the couch, pack their belongings, and head off to some distant country.

In recent years, picking a destination and finding a way to get there is the easy part of going on a vacation. The hard part is getting away from the crowd and immersing your self in a place that hasn’t yet turned into a commercial establishment. Let’s face it, popular tourist attractions in major countries around the globe will always grab our attention, but somehow the long lines and hordes of other tourists manage to make the experience a bit less special.

Yogyakarta and the myth of Borobudur Temple

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Indonesia is a beautiful country that I regularly fly to. Whether it’s for the bustling city life in Jakarta or the serene Balinese islands that constantly lure my physical and spiritual self to visit, I love Indonesia and never fail to recommend it to people who want an experience of a lifetime. But for seasoned travelers who have been to Indonesia and want an out of the ordinary vacation, why not take an hour’s flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta and visit the Borobudur Temple?

Also known as Candi Borobudur, this magnificent temple was literally carved out of volcanic stones during the reign of the Sailendra dynasty, which is estimated to be around 700-850 AD. Historians are clearly awed at the majestic structure but was baffled as to how and why the temple was erected. They were also puzzled how the temple was abandoned and was consecutively covered by thick layers of ashes (there were lots of volcanoes in the area). The Borobudur temple was rediscovered by the British as they came to Indonesia for the first time in the 1800’s.

7 of the Most hazardous foods around the world

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How far will you go to experiment on things your taste buds can take? Some people travel to explore the gastronomic wonders of different cultures on different lands. But did you know that there are foods that might just be too deadly for your appetite?

We have listed some of these foods. Read on to explore what dangers some foods can bring.

Fugu (Japan)

You might be more familiar to the terms blowfish or puffer fish. Though this creature looks so cute in the ocean, it can kill you when it gets to your plate and it was not properly prepared. In Japan, it takes about three years of training before one can serve this dish. If you are in Japan, you can checkout the stores in Shimonoseki but just make sure you see the papers that the fish is safe to eat. In Mumbai, they have a fugu-trained chef at the Four Seasons.

Top 8 adventure-filled destinations for your Asian holiday

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Known as the largest continent in the entire world, Asia has a land mass of 17,139,334 square miles and has almost every kind of terrain that you can think of. Starting from the people who braved and conquered the Himalayas, lots of travelers and also adventure seekers from different parts of the globe keep coming back to Asia in search of new places to discover. Today, we’re sharing with you eight places in Asia where you are guaranteed to have a wild adventure. Turn on your answering machine and set your cell phone to voice mail because once you get to any of these destinations, you’ll be too busy having fun.