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Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World

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If you’re environmentally conscious, you probably won’t mind sacrificing a little luxury lodging for a run-of-the-mill mosquito ridden inn. After all, if you can help save mother earth, the sacrifice is all worth it. That was several years ago, though. Now, you don’t have to camp out just to have a guilt-free summer getaway. A green vacation is possible while enjoying high-end facilities and first-class services as well.

There’s a new breed of hotels and they’re aptly tagged “eco-chic”. Now, you can enjoy the best amenities without harming the planet. Below is a list of the hottest eco-chic hotels and resorts around the world.

Costa Rica: Monte Azul Hotel and Center for Fine Arts

Costa Rica is already a known pioneer of eco-tourism, however, the set up as Monte Azul Hotel seems to beg for some redefinition. Here, the hotel’s friends and neighbors seem to give it what it needs. You can find anything just across the road: from organic vegetables to fresh milk to eggs and perfectly aged steak.

Cheap Hotels in Brisbane

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Brisbane is the bustling, energetic capital of Queensland, and has a beautiful sub tropical climate, a wealth of open, green public spaces and a wonderful laidback attitude to life. The city was built on the site of an old convict colony established in 1823, which later became a free settlement in 1842 and grew into a city from the riches made on the fertile, arable land and abundance of timber in the area. This city was named after the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Brisbane.

Although Brisbane was mainly thought of as a regional outpost, in more recent years it has grown in international recognition for is vibrant economy and rich tourist trade, and also the Commonwealth Games were held here in 1982, bringing a host of international interest and investment to the city.

7 Best Night Bars around the Globe

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Whether you’re a globetrotter by passion or profession, you know that the best thing you can expect from any city is its nightlife. This is why we’ve gathered the best night clubs around the globe. If you land in any of these countries, don’t forget to give their prime bars a try.

Bar Isabel in Argentina

The two most talked-about bars in Argentina is the Bar Isabel located in Buenos Aires, within easy reach of those who are already in the capital.

If you’re all for the glitz and the glamour, you might want to drop by this watering hole. Just make sure that you’re dressed to kill as well. Chic and smart is the way to go here. The interior of the bar closely resembles its next door neighbor, the Casa Cruz, probably because both were designed by fun loving Chilean Juan Santa Cruz.

Cleanest Hotels to Visit in Australia and New Zealand

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For most travelers, cleanliness plays an important part when they are traveling across the world. I’ve heard of horror stories where travelers report that some hotels were so dirty, they had to resort to sleeping upon their own blankets because the sheets were too dirty. There were even rubbish strewn on the floor and leftover dinners in the microwave! I wonder if these hotels ever had chambermaids to take care of the hotel’s hygiene at all!

Here, we’ve compiled the top 5 best hotels to visit in Australia and New Zealand if you like your mode of accommodation as spotlessly clean as ever!

1. Lilianfels Blue Mountains Hotel (Blue Mountains, Australia)
This boutique hotel boast of 85 rooms so charmingly decorated that one would fall in love as soon as he or she steps into the room! The luxurious decor and clean interior draw many travelers all over the world, and most are repeat guests. Don’t forget to check out the immaculately clean restaurants and hotel grounds during your next visit!

Top Royal Honeymoon Destinations

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Everyone is awaiting the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton this coming 29 April at the West Minster Abbey. The world has been a big rumor mill where the royal honeymoon will be. Will it be in Maldives? Australia? Or perhaps Nepal? The future king and queen received a ton of invitations from family friends and governments, and we shall await for the official announcement.

Is it the royal honeymoon destination that defines the couple or is it the other way around? For the mean time, let us look back at some of the best royal honeymoon destinations that we know of:



Prince Charles and Lady Diana spent their honeymoon by sailing in the Mediterranean. They were on honeymoon for a few months. They spent some time in Hampshire and then they were off to Gibraltar. They also spent some time at the Balmoral Estate of the Royal Family in Scotland.

5 Scary creepy critters you might encounter during your travels [with videos]

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There are weird creatures that you may encounter during your travel adventures but there are certain critters that may just put your journey into a halt. Let us introduce you to the the most dangerous, creepiest creatures that might seem to be lifted from the pages of a horror tale:

Human Botfly in Belize

Human botflies have been inhabitants for the Americas for centuries now. They thrive in the regions between the northern portion of Chile and Mexico. Human botfly uses mosquitoes and flies as hosts of their eggs by attaching them to the undersides of these insects. So when a mosquito lands on the back of the a dog, a pig, or misfortune of all misfortunes, your skin, the eggs might hatch and send the larvae digging down your skin. Under your skin, human botflies will eat on your flesh and make it their regular meal until they need to burrow out as maturing pupae.

Adventure holidays in Australia

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Adventure holidays in Australia

Australia has a number of diverse and extreme landscapes and climates, from the subtropical forests to the beautiful rugged coastlines and to the dry, sparse outback, so it is a great place to get away from it all and have an adventure holiday.

There are plenty of hiking and trekking holidays through the wilderness areas of Australia, which will suit a variety of different fitness levels. Auswalk offers a range of guided and self guided ‘Inn-to-Inn’ walking tours, including some great treks through the best of Australia‘s National Parks. Auswalk arrange for your luggage to be moved ahead of you each day, so that you have everything ready when you arrive at the next accommodation stop. Walking trips include the famous ‘Great Ocean Walk‘, which takes you along the beautiful Victoria coastline from Torquay to Lorne, and has a seven day itinerary (five days walking). Also there is the Peninsula Ramble, which takes you across the Mornington Peninsula in Southern Melbourne, which has some fantastic coastal scenery and beaches and like the Great Ocean Walk has a seven day itinerary. If you fancy something a little shorter and more sedate then there is a wonderful trek through the tropical paradise of Magnetic Island in the Great Barrier Reef region, which is just three days walking.

Australia is On Sale

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Remarkable Rocks @ Kangaroo Island, Australia

Remarkable Rocks @ Kangaroo Island, Australia Image by timparkinson via Flickr

Australia, the land down under.  Home to Kangaroos and Opals,  Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the Great Barrier Reef.  The only country that covers a whole continent, Australia is a vacation destination for everyone.

With the US dollar strong against the Australian dollar now is a very affordable time to visit Australia.  Purchase an Australia Airpass from Qantas Vacations and you get  a three city flight  package that is hard to beat.   Book your travel before October 20 and you can fly roundtrip from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Australia for as little as $999. Plus you get three flights within Australia, and a trip to Kangaroo Island.  For your interior flights choose from the following cities, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart.  Book your travel before October 20, 2009.   Travel dates are during the low season, May 1 through June 8. (Remember that is winter in the land down under!)