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9 of the Best Factory Tours in the World

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Tired of the usual tours offered by groups? Try a different kind of tour this time—factory tours.

If you are someone who likes to take a peek behind the production lines, then this tour would be perfect for you. A huge fan of motorcycling or motorcycles themselves? Give yourself the chance to see how they are made.

Visiting the factory of the famous sauce Tabasco is a must for fans of the hot sauce. The best part? Have a taste of Tabasco-flavored ice cream, a treat only served in their factory. Even if it’s not as strange as this, getting a taste of your favorite beer for example can only get as fresh as this.

From free tastes to souvenirs, visiting these factories will give you a different look at your favorite products. Here are some interesting factories you can visit from around the world:

Salzburg Tours

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So you want to go to Salzburg, Austria. Have you ever been? Well, if you have then you might already have an idea of the Salzburg tours that are offered. But then again, maybe it has been a while since you’ve been there so you don’t remember all of the Salzburg tours. No matter, really. Now, if you haven’t ever been to Salzburg (here’s betting that you’re very excited about your trip) then you might wonder what kind of Salzburg tours you might enjoy.

Top 10 of the World’s Most Spectacular Tasting Rooms

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Drinking a glass of wine in a simple room is not the same experience as sipping exact one under a canopy of stars. What defines the taste of any wine is the when and where you are sipping it.

This concept may anger the more logical minded members of the wine industry but several companies are already investing in wine tasting rooms. These tasting rooms offer a relaxed vibe and elegant window views of beautiful locales and are increasingly becoming part of big brewers’ calling cards.

The practice of making these structures to lure in possible customers have been started by newer wine industries belonging to Chile and Argentina and several states like Michigan in the United States for the American continent. In Europe, New Zealand and Austria have these rooms to lure in buyers. These architecturally elegant and scenery centered rooms invites the tasters to focus on their senses and the taste the wines provide.

Salzburg Hotels

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When you think of Austria, you think of a charming town set surrounded by snow-tipped mountains. Salzburg is one such place. So when you begin to plan your vacation there, and think about the Salzburg hotels you might be staying at, and choose one that will fit your image.

If you look at photos of Salzburg, you will see ornate buildings with mountains as your backdrop. If you want your Salzburg hotels to reflect that part of your stay, then you should look at some of the more ornate ones. If you view Salzburg as the charming little town, nestled into the mountains on the water, then you might consider one of the smaller, cozier of Salzburg hotels.

Top Ski Lodges in Europe for any budget

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When you feel the days are getting shorter and the temperatures make you bring out the winter wardrobe, that means the ski season in Europe and some parts of the world has begun. You have a ton of options depending on your budget and taste. If you love the breeze as you slide down the slope , you will love the best ski lodges in Europe that we have lined up for you:

The Mooser Hotel in St Anton, Austria

Austria Ski Lodge

While in The Mooser Hotel, there are two ways to have fun: to party or to pamper. What is even more awesome is that, it is your choice which one.
Located in a historic farmhouse, which is 300 years old, it is famous for the MooserWirt, its adjacent après-ski bar.

Salzburg Restaurants

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Can you imagine the fare that you might find at Salzburg restaurants? Do you think you might find international cuisine? Or old world style dishes? Do you wonder if the food will be bland or flavorful? Do you even know much about Salzburg restaurants?

Truly, when you think of Rome, you think mouth watering Italian food. When you think of Spain, you think exotic Spanish cuisine and when you think Paris…oh, do you think lots of sexy foods? But when you think about Salzburg restaurants does anything come to mind?

If not, then you can learn all about Salzburg restaurants right here. Well, maybe not all about them. There’s only so much space and so much time. But you might find some interesting and helpful information here to help you find some Salzburg restaurants that might interest you.

Top Class Vienna Hotels

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Vienna in Austria is a city that affords a visitor or tourist with lots of top class hotels to choose from. Most hotels in the city are situated right at the city’s centre and they make access to place of interest very easy. The most interesting part of all these is that most of these hotels have tour buses lined at the premises to convey visitors who wish to tour the city the perfect and adequate comfort of these buses. Hotels such as these would make your stay in the city enjoyable.

MOZART HOTEL VIENNA; this hotel has a warm atmosphere and will probably suite most visitors. It is located within adequate transport site. It offers visitor  easy access to tour the city, and is just view meters away from most of the city’s side attraction. Also, staffs of this hotel are always available to accompany a visitor on a sight seeing tour. The beauty of this hotel is that rates are cheap and affordable and the comfort of the facilities is fantastic and modern to make your stay enjoyable.

Vienna skyline soon to include Austria’s highest building

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Construction is now underway for the highest building ever to be built in Austria.

In a ceremony early this month, André Gerondeau of hotel brand Sol Meliá along with Vienna City Mayor Michael Häupl, formally set the initial cornerstone for what will rise to be the DC Tower 1, or Austria’s highest building, to signal the beginning of its assembly.

The hotel, which was originally scheduled on 2007, is set to be built in Donau City, which is home to other high-rises such as the Mischek and Ares Tower. It is intended to stand 220 meters high—taller than the buildings in the area; and even surpassing Vienna’s Millennium Tower which is the present tallest building in Austria at 202 meters.

Dominique Perrault, world-renowned architect who hails from France, is the man behind the building’s design. Perrault’s vision for the tower’s façade—glass that resembles cut crystal.