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Travel to Bangkok

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There is a lot more to Thailand than just massage parlours and nude beaches. To the traveler who wants to have a taste of life as it is in Thailand, all he has to do is to enquire at the government tourist agency. The tour operators and tourist guides who have been registered will be able to give you a good idea of what life is normally like in Thailand.


In the city of Bangkok there are so many things that seem to contrast with one another. On one side you can see the beautiful palaces and temples with their ornate towers and architecture. You can also see a few places that seem to be alien to our idea of what we think Bangkok is – the living quarters of those who are economically deprived. The third front shows you how the whole city is developing with its incredibly tall skyscrapers and its futuristic buildings. The contrast is quite stark leaving us wondering which one is the actual face of Bangkok.

Bangkok travel guide

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Bangkok is one of those incredibly hectic cities that feels crammed from end to
end with people, all of whom appear to be moving about on the street and roads
at once. All this chaos, congestion and pollution can be a little overwhelming for
visitors, but Bangkok has always welcomed travelers with open arms, and there
is a friendly, approachable atmosphere here that is almost unique for such as
large, busy urban sprawl. Bangkok is also the gateway to the beautiful country of
Thailand, with its tropical climate, exotic beaches and stunning rain forests, and
prices throughout Bangkok (accommodation, food, attractions and excursions)
are so cheap that it makes the perfect destination for a tropical holiday for those
on a tight budget.

Bangkok at night is amazing and spectacular

Bangkok at night is amazing and spectacular

6 Essential Streets You Need to Visit to Know Bangkok

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Given only a few days to get to know an entire city, it’s pretty hard for an independent traveler to plot out the journey. When you’re visiting Bangkok, however, it really only comes down to these six streets. Once you’ve explored all of them, it’s safe to say that you’ve looked at Bangkok at all (essential) angles and you can write that travelogue without guilt .Take a sneak peek of them through this list.

Trok Issaranuphap

When you visit Bangkok’s Chinatown, you’ll probably be led by younger Thais to Sampaeng Lane, Yaowarat  or Charoen Krung. As the older ones know, though, the best of goods are sold in Trok Issaranuphap. You simply can’t leave Bangkok without visiting this strip.

At the tip of this narrow alley, you’ll be awestruck by a Chinese temple called Mangkon Kamalawat. As you walk further, you’ll see the wet market where there’s a wide variety of stalls selling prepared food. Notorious for its exotic cuisine, though, these are definitely not suited for the fainthearted.

Travel Tips: How to blend with the locals in Bangkok

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Bangkok is among the most visited cities in the world. Its locals are still judged with stereotypes that has been there for generations. Locals will argue though that they do not smile all the time and do not go to the temple every morning to do their rituals. There are certain things you can do though so you can easily blend in with the younger generation:


When you are in Thailand, forget about the tan you have always wished for. Locals love the light skin. Notice that people always have their umbrellas to protect them from the sun. If you are too lazy to bring an umbrella, you can always use your purse or book to cover your face. Make sure you have your monthly supply of whitening from deodorants, facial wash and the works.


Bangkok Floods: Frustration grows in flooded districts

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Flood water continues to flow into the outer districts of Bangkok which forces residents to evacuate from the Thai capital.

Residents in the deluged surburbs are frustrated and have been demanding for the flood barriers to be opened to let the water out of their areas. Tension rises as flood waters are still being channeled from Thailand’s central provinces through passages in Bangkok and surrounding areas.

In one area, residents forced authorities to open a water channel which posed danger to a business property. Authorities are saying that it might still take weeks before things stabilize.

The downtown of Bangkok is not yet under water but the areas around the city center has been heavily affected and anger grows. Local authorities bowed to the demand of residents in the eastern portion of Bangkok and opened a sluice gate allowing water to flow out of the flooded community.

Bangkok luxury travel: Ritz-Carlton Residences

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If you love luxury living, you know how it is like to fly off to a great holiday destination and stay in hotel suites, but it is another story if you are into buying into this lifestyle so you can stay there for a good few leaves of the the calendar. Today, there are a lot of apartments that take the lines styling lines of a hotel or there are hotels which offer residences on their upper floors.

Bangkok hotel Ritz-Carlton Residences is expected to be completed by 2012, and by then it will be on the number one spot as a luxury property in this part of Thailand. The Ritz Carlton Residences will be the most expensive and the tallest building in Bangkok.

The residences will go well along with The Edition Bangkok, a boutique hotel that will be housed in the same uniquely designed building.

Quick Service Train Opens in Bangkok from Downtown to Airport

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Nothing is better than skipping car rental in preference of a zooming rail linking to business district, that’s why it’s exciting to know that Bangkok recently opened committed assistance starting Suvarnabhumi Airport on the way to downtown.

Although it’s common for government projects to experience cost overruns, plenty of hassles and lots of delays, finally the train recently had its opening to the public.  The rail would mean linking business people, tourists, and each person with comfortable and simple way going en route for airport. The preparation started way back 2003 with its initial approved, and was supposed to start its operation in 2006 as well as the airport. Certainly it took a long period for its opening.