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Travel to Bangkok

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There is a lot more to Thailand than just massage parlours and nude beaches. To the traveler who wants to have a taste of life as it is in Thailand, all he has to do is to enquire at the government tourist agency. The tour operators and tourist guides who have been registered will be able to give you a good idea of what life is normally like in Thailand.


In the city of Bangkok there are so many things that seem to contrast with one another. On one side you can see the beautiful palaces and temples with their ornate towers and architecture. You can also see a few places that seem to be alien to our idea of what we think Bangkok is – the living quarters of those who are economically deprived. The third front shows you how the whole city is developing with its incredibly tall skyscrapers and its futuristic buildings. The contrast is quite stark leaving us wondering which one is the actual face of Bangkok.

The basic things to know about Thailand

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If you need or want to know the necessary things about Thailand, then you really should read this article!

Thailand is not very big with its 513 000 sqkm, only rank 50 worlwide. The same size of France and the state of California, and a little smaller than U.S. state of Texas. I visited Thailand in March, and I was very enthusiastic. Here are the basics.

It is located in south east Asia, and the tourism in Thailand has been booming since decades. It attracts much more tourists than its neighbours due to the geographic variety, low prices and good hotels.

The exotic Thailand was long time associated with sex tourism, which is not fair, because it is not the country’s main attractions. It has mountains, plains, beaches, islands(e.g. the Krabi islands, with its Phi Phi Don Island).

Getting to know Southeast Asia: where to go and what to do

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Asia—there are so many places you can choose from if you want to take a vacation here. In fact, this place is so large, it is divided into different regions to make it easier for travelers to have an idea of where exactly they’re located in the biggest country in the world. Today, we’re setting our sights on Southeast Asia where we find exotic countries, interesting people, and a wide range of activities suitable for jetsetters and budget travelers, and increcibly delicious food. Don’t believe the exaggerated news reports on safety issues; Southeast Asian countries are generally safe for tourists coming from different parts of the globe. An added bonus is that these countries are home to probably the friendliest bunch of people you will ever meet.

Win a Free Trip to Thailand

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thailand1There’s a new competition being started by Thailand’s tourist authority. This latest competition is in a bid to raise awareness of the popular country which has been affectionately nicknamed the Land of Smiles.

The Land of Smiles – Another Look at Thailand

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The World Famous Floating Market

Hidden away in a corner of Southeast Asia is the wonderful and rather unique country of Thailand.  Often a much over-looked holiday destination, one can be assured of a once in a lifetime experience when visiting this award winning holiday destination. 

The capital of Thailand is a city known as Bangkok and it is the largest Southeast Asia and one of the largest cities in the world. There is nothing like quite like a trip to this amazing metropolis which seems to be a sprawling mass of building after building.

The basics about Chiang Mai

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If you are in Thailand, after the capital Bangkok, you can also visit Chiang Mai. If you are really interested to find out more about Chiang Mai, you couldn’t be better.

Chiang Mai is the most significant and largest city in northern Thailand. It lies 700 km north from Bangkok, in the highest mountains of the country, on the Ping River.

Supposing you are an expat wishing to live in Thailand, tell me sincerely what could be your choice between Bangkok(20 millions inhabitants, polution, high prices) and Chiang Mai(170000 inhabitants, mountains, clean air, low prices) ? You find many expats in Chiang Mai, and you can find also many former inhabitants of Bangkok.

3 Little-known Bangkok Budget Hotels

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Bangkok’s a wonderful place to visit if you’re on a shoestring budget. And why not, when so many affordable hotels are popping up all over the place? To make your stay in Bangkok both comfortable AND cost effective, here’s a rundown on 5 little-known lodging spots that will a smile on your face, NOT a dent on your wallet!

1. The Arun Residence
Located in the Old City, guests in this charming four-storey hotel can bask in the beautiful scenery of the Chao Phraya river at dawn or dusk. We think you’d also love having your meals at The Deck, the hotel’s French-Thai restaurant. Forget your alarm clocks, it’s more pleasant to wake up to the sounds of the nearby temple bells and the roosters crowing nearby.

Quick Service Train Opens in Bangkok from Downtown to Airport

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Nothing is better than skipping car rental in preference of a zooming rail linking to business district, that’s why it’s exciting to know that Bangkok recently opened committed assistance starting Suvarnabhumi Airport on the way to downtown.

Although it’s common for government projects to experience cost overruns, plenty of hassles and lots of delays, finally the train recently had its opening to the public.  The rail would mean linking business people, tourists, and each person with comfortable and simple way going en route for airport. The preparation started way back 2003 with its initial approved, and was supposed to start its operation in 2006 as well as the airport. Certainly it took a long period for its opening.