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Top 7 Fall Destinations: Quick Escapes in Ochre

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Definitely, one of the most romantic seasons anywhere in a country fortunate enough to have four seasons is autumn. Imagine having to live without the vibrancy of fall with the leaves turning red or gold or deep brown? This is why when you are lucky enough to experience autumn, you shouldn’t waste a day. Spend that crisp and clear weekend on one of these seven prime destinations.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

It’s such a pity to spend autumn indoors, sulking away in front of your television. This is never truer than in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, one of the top Autumn destinations to date. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to stay cooped up in your room when you can attend the harvest festivals and go on buggy rides across this Dutch country.

Picture Perfect: 8 Places to Enjoy the Autumn Season

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What is it about the fall season that makes people fall in love?  Well, not just with another, but also fall in love with the season as well?  It is the crisp, cool air, the bulky sweaters, or the smell of apples freshly picked from the fields? Actually, none of the above compares to the magnificence of the autumn leaves in various shades of orange, red, and gold falling slowly from their branches.  There are so many splendors one can witness just by watching autumn leaves unfold. So here’s a list of the top places that offer the best views of autumn:

Columbia River Gorge: Autumn in Columbia