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Things to do in Ecuador

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Ecuador is  a medium country (240 000 sqkm) in South America, being maybe the only one country in South America which has not Brazil as neighbor. Its neighbors are Columbia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean.


The most important things about Ecuador is being one of the world’s countries with the biggest biodiversity. In a circle with 300 km radius centered in Quito you can find more different ecosystems than in the all continental United States of America!

Through Ecuador is the ecuator passing by, materialized in some regions through a yellow line, giving you two choices: whether  south, or north. You can simply go on your rhytm in the northern or southern hemisphere, which is a fantastic feeling.


The richness of the wildlife in Ecuador is due to the Andes amazonian jungle and to the Islands of Galapagos, searched even by the big english naturalist Sir Charles Darwin 150 years ago, when he was fundamenting its brillant Theory of Evolution.

Top Ecuador destinations and activities

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Are you planning to visit Ecuador soon? It’s one of the most scenic spots on Earth, and it’s definitely an ideal location for a great adventure. You can be sure that there are more than just volcanoes and waterfalls to see here. It’s small enough to tour in a few days, and diverse enough for you to enjoy a week-long stay.

Among the many exciting things you can do here are bird watching, trekking through Ecuador’s unrivaled national parks, climbing the peaks of volcanoes, and snorkeling among giant manta rays. The Galapagos Islands alone would give you much to look forward to with its resident sea lions and turtles. There are also beaches to explore here which most would consider every surfer’s paradise.

If you’re looking for an unusual adventure, you might also want to sign up for some cave explorations. Ecuador has plenty of these natural geographical wonders. Ecuador is sure to keep your nature trip very exciting. Below are the best spots to see first.