Who says that amidst modernity reflected in gadgets and the Internet there is no room in our world for any hardcopy of books and documents anymore? The following are unique sanctuaries that provide us an exceptional experience of gaining knowledge that neither gadgets nor the Internet could offer.
St. Catherine’s Monastery in South Sinai, Egypt

Library at St. Catherine's Monastery in Egypt
Being the world’s oldest and constantly operated library, it has existed since it was built by Justinian I’s, the Byzantine Emperor, order in 564 AD. Currently, it boasts the second largest (beat by Vatican Library) collection of the earliest manuscripts and codices in the ancient world – it exhibits not less than 3,000 both educational and highly religious manuscripts and scriptures and 8,000 books, together with the very first written scriptures of the historical thinker Plato and classic writer Homer.

Bibliotheca Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt