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Boston Hotels

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Choosing Boston Hotels

Planning a vacation is always fun, isn’t it? You look at the pictures of the places you want to go and can just imagine how fun and relaxing it’s going to be. So you decide that the destination of this year’s vacation is going to be Boston. It’s a beautiful place and you spend your time planning and dreaming and waiting patiently for the day you finally get to go. The activities are all picked out, the flight is scheduled and you’ve finally chosen your hotel. But did you really put as much thought into the hotel as you should have?

The Best Oyster Bars in the World

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There is so much meat in the world and there is only so much of it we can eat before the taste fatigue comes in or the faintly detected health issues come out. When you get tired of eating chicken, pork and meat, the best recourse would be to scope out how seafood is being served up.

For that sudden piscetarian streak in your appetite, there is nothing better to try than an oyster bar. Check out the best oyster bars and see if there is one right in your corner.

United States Oyster Bars

The Marshall Store

Top 10 things to do in Boston

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Boston, Massachusets, is really an amazing city. It is not very big (600 000 people), but one of the most visited cities worldwide with 12 000 000 visitors every year. What makes Boston so attractive to so many people?

First of all, the position is very picturesque: on the Charles River, in the Suffolk County. And on the Atlantic Ocean! From this position results a very mild climate, with subtropical influences.

Second, this city founded in 1603 played a major role in the American Independency War and was very present in the all american history. You can see it in every corner of the city.

Third, the city is not overcrowded and very safe. The crime statistics are very low for Boston, a real miracle after the ’30 decade, when police was very corupted and had no efficiency.