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Top 12 budget Caribbean resorts for family vacations

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The economy is still pretty rough but families can go on a holiday without burning their bank account. The good news is you can find affordable Caribbean resorts which kids and adults will enjoy.

A Caribbean family holiday is still possible you just need to know when to go and where to go. You can find a lot of resorts offering great family specials from May through mid of December. You can even find deals offering free meals for kids thru your stay in their resort. The best way is to shop for the best deals from travel agencies then compare the rates to Caribbean vacation deals that you can get for yourself.

The 7 most affordable hotels in the Caribbean

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We get a lot of questions from sun worshippers about the most budget friendly hotels in the Caribbean. Luckily searching for them is not that hard, and you actually have a ton of choices. You can go for brand-name resort or independent small hotels which can make your dream Caribbean holiday a reality.

Here’s a list of our top budget Caribbean hotels:

Harmony Hall (Antigua)

The Harmony Hall is one among the know Harmony collection. The Harmony Hall is along the Nonsuch Bay in Antigua. Expats, yachters, and day trippers flock the Brown’s Bay for the bar and restaurant serving Italian dishes in the aged sugar mill. Diners can also avail of a snorkeling getaway to Green Island just nearby, and you can also use the hotel’s pool.

6 of the World’s Best Eco-friendly Destinations

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It’s old news that the more we travel by plane, the bigger our carbon footprint gets. If you’re concerned about the environment but you don’t think you can ignore your wanderlust, there’s really no need for you to worry. You can have the best of both worlds by choosing a “green” vacation. Ecotourism is getting to be more and more popular these days, what with people becoming more and more aware of their environment.

You might want to do your part as well. And if you think that you’re sacrificing too much by choosing to trod down the unbeaten path, think again. According to Ayako Ezaki of the International Ecotourism Society, by traveling “green”, you not only minimize travel’s negative effects but maximize its benefits as well. How: by giving something back to the people who make ecotourism possible.

Ever Been to Cuba?

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In the past. Cuba has been viewed as a pretentious and rebellious nation thanks to the countries colorful history.  but did you know it is one of the few countries in the Caribbean which actually saw growth in tourism this year? 

With white sandy beaches and an unmistakable pride, Cuba is a country like no other. As more and more people discover this amazing Latino nation, Cuba’s tourism industry is going from strength to strength.

Planning a Cheap Vacation on an Expensive Destination

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A lot of people thought that visiting Aspen, Paris, New York, Napa, and Hawaii meant that you’d have to bring a lot of money. Most of them spend their whole lives saving up for that one trip. Spending too much on a single trip, though, isn’t very practical. Neither is it a smart choice, because you can save as much as half of the peak season cost if you only know when to book your trip.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to time it during the off-season. A lot of people wait for the rates to take a dip during the high season (airplane companies do hold promos) before they purchase their tickets. These discounts range from 20% to a spectacular 50%, so you should definitely keep your eyes peeled.

Top Royal Honeymoon Destinations

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Everyone is awaiting the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton this coming 29 April at the West Minster Abbey. The world has been a big rumor mill where the royal honeymoon will be. Will it be in Maldives? Australia? Or perhaps Nepal? The future king and queen received a ton of invitations from family friends and governments, and we shall await for the official announcement.

Is it the royal honeymoon destination that defines the couple or is it the other way around? For the mean time, let us look back at some of the best royal honeymoon destinations that we know of:



Prince Charles and Lady Diana spent their honeymoon by sailing in the Mediterranean. They were on honeymoon for a few months. They spent some time in Hampshire and then they were off to Gibraltar. They also spent some time at the Balmoral Estate of the Royal Family in Scotland.

Winter Destinations

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Winter can be a great time to go away on holiday, especially if you are interested in winter sports, or are on a tight budget. You can get some great deals at top hotels and resorts during this time, as the ‘high’ season is over and many places reduce their rates and offer incentives to keep their business topped up over the winter.

If you like it hot, then there are still plenty of sunny destinations to escape to when the dreariness of the wet, cold weather of winter is getting you down. The Caribbean is a wonderful destination in the winter, the perfect tropical getaway, and if you want to escape the crowds then Anguilla is a lovely little island, with some exclusive luxury hotels and villas with fine dining restaurants. Dominica is also a wonderful island to visit in the Caribbean, a little cheaper than some of the more popular and more exclusive places, and has some dramatic and stunning landscapes such as green rainforests and thundering waterfalls.

Three Classic Beach Vacations

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If you’re looking for a perfect getaway from the stresses of everyday life, a beach vacation will fit the bill! There’s nothing better than lying in the sand, basking in the sun and hearing the sound of waves gently lapping the shore for hours on end.

It can be hard to decide where exactly to go for your beach vacation, however. Tourists have many choices of beaches to visit and even different regions of the world; here are just three classic destinations for beach vacations to help you make a decision.

Hawaii Beach

1. Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii offer a classic relaxing getaway. Hawaii is so used to tourists now that you can indulge in many activities catered exclusively to visitors, from golf to spa visits. Whether you choose to stay on Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, or elsewhere, you’ll find lots to do — or you can choose to do nothing at all.