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More Christmas Gifts for Travelers: Top Notch Gadgets

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After writing the post about top Christmas gifts for road warriors, I thought I’d expand the blog post a little and feature 3 of the best gadgets one can give a frequent traveler for Christmas. If you think this suspiciously looked like my own wishlist, then you are not in the wrong – I DO so want every single item in this list!

1. Netbook
Some travelers prefer to stay away from all nuances of technology but I’m not like that – I’ve been living in the company of technology for so long that I simply cannot do away with them even when I am traveling. For those who share the same sentiments as me, they deserve to buy themselves a nice netbook. For those not in the know, netbooks are like laptops or portable computers, only smaller, lighter and comes with less features. They are also more affordable too, and when one only needs to surf the Internet when they are on the go, they don’t need any other unnecessary feature, do they? If you’ve got cash to spare, the SONY Vaio P Series Lifestyle netbooks are highly desirable but on the high end.

Top 10 Christmas gifts for geeks

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2008 has been a top year for gadgets, which is going to make is nice and easy to get that special present for the geek in your life! Here is a quick guide to the top 10 Christmas gifts for geeks this year:

1. NINTENDO DS LITE – the DS has lead the market in hand held consoles for some time and the new Lite version has impressive 3D rendered graphics, bright visually stunning screens and cutting-edge games making it a must for any serious gadget lovers. As a major bonus it also includes a Wi Fi connection so that you can log on to the live Nintendo games site and play online with friends from all around the world.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Road Warriors

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Christmas is coming and if you are dying to know what would make perfect gifts for a loved one who loves nothing more than traveling around the world, here’s a list of the top Christmas presents that would put a smile on their faces.

1. Apple iPhone
We already talked about how useful an iPhone is when it’s loaded chock full with great apps for travelers, so what are you waiting for? An iPhone connects a traveler to the Internet easily when he or she is in distress, and makes life more convenient when one is in a foreign land. Find out all about the iPhone here.

Top 15 Gift ideas perfect for backpackers

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Christmas is in the air. Checking your list, who’s naughty, who’s not? If you want to make some backpacker friends smile this Yuletide, then read on. We have a list of gift ideas for the bunch. Backpackers plus the gears on our list equals the look that spells wow when they open their Christmas gifts.  Here are some great items that you can wrap for backpackers this Christmas:

Ultra-Sil Compression Sacks from Sea to Summit

Any backpacker will know that a good packing solution is essential for every trip. A good compression sack maybe one’s best friend as you try to maximize that space you have in your ever reliable backpack. The series of compression sack from Sea to Summit  defines what every backpacker needs – durable, functional, lightweight.

Top 10 Christmas gifts for 2012

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The market is stuffed full of excellent ideas for Christmas gifts, but to help you narrow down the field here are 10 of the tops Christmas gifts for 2012:

1. Nintendo 3DS – with impressive graphics, cutting edge game play and bright funky design the 3DS has captured the imagination of the both children and adults, and is certain to become just as popular as the original Nintendo game boy. A definite plus is the Wi Fi connection which allows you to connect to the Nintendo live gaming site so that you can play and interact with other gamers all over the world. The 3DS model also features real 3D graphics, with no need for special glasses. You must try it. The 3DS will definitely be on most people’s gift lists this Christmas.