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Airport Hotel Highs: When Getting Stuck in an Airport is like Having a Vacation in Itself

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There are times when you get stuck in an airport due to inclement weather or to some disturbance at your destination. When bad luck hounds your plans, these airport hotels might change your perception of your situation.

Melt the Stress Away

Of course it gets stressful once you’re landlocked inside an airport when you were just expecting to be done with the business of getting to where you’re going. But when you’re at the Hong Kong International, there’s no need to worry if you get billeted at the Regal Airport Hotel. Watch the other planes zip by while floating on a pool. You can somebody else rub your back at one of Om Spa’s outdoor cabanas. If your feet are feeling a little overused, try the foot massage and perhaps some manicure and pedicure. If there’s some place where you’d be in a matter of time, just tell the staff and they’ll accommodate the treatments that suit your needs.

Gumbo – Louisiana’s Greatest Culinary Contribution

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One of the food’s greatest traits is it’s ability to really define a region. Globally, we all know that foods are segregated into different nationalities, ie Chinese food, Italian food, Japanese food, etc. However, we can easily drill that down further into regional specialties. In America, the south has a very distinct style of cooking. While many southern specialties feature fried items like catfish or chicken, Louisiana is home to several “one pot” dishes, and if you had to choose just one dish to represent Louisiana, gumbo is it.

Gumbo represents Lousiana because it’s a true byproduct of the region’s ethnic roots. The basics of the dish are French in origin, however the use of the holy trinity is Spanish, and the file powder is the result of the region’s native American roots. Nobody is sure exactly when gumbo was invented, but the best guess is late 18th century. Over the years, the dish has transformed from a simple dish designed to be hearty and filling on the cheap, to something that is beloved by many, and is definitely quite delicious.