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Tips To Select Your Best Cruise Experience

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Thousands of people each year get the urge to take a cruise to some exotic destination and satisfy their desire for experiencing new cultures in unadulterated luxury. The cruise industry wants your custom and there are so many offers out there geared to every taste that it becomes a major headache to select the right one for you.

Price is not always the governing factor when selecting a cruise. It may be the sense of adventure that appeals to you on an Alaskan cruise or the appreciation of a different culture that a Mediterranean cruise offers that appeals to you. It may just be that you have had a good experience on a cruise before with a particular cruise line or on a particular vessel. Make sure the cruise will give you a new experience at a reasonable price.

Flexibility Is The Best Cruise Tip Ever

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The ultimate travel experience for many people is the sea cruise. It is no longer the exclusive pastime of the well-off. Have you ever come into contact with someone who appears to be financially challenged, but constantly go on cruises? Never? Well these people exist! The travel benefits available to them is due to the flexible attitude they have in selecting their cruise. Flexibility in booking the sea cruise is one of the best cruise tips ever!


It is a fact of life that the more fixed you are in your travel plans, the more you will have to pay. Masters of discount travel select an area to cruise rather than selecting a particular company to cruise with or specific cruise dates because it is the travelling that is important to them. This give them choice of the best deals in terms of low cost air fares and last minute cancellations, removing them from dependence on travel agents and having to pay whatever it costs. Flexibility travel dates and destination can save a mountain of cash as the cruise experience is more or less the same wherever it goes.

Oasis of the Seas – One Month Later

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Now that the media hype has fallen a bit from Royal Caribbean’s latest ship, we have to ask ourselves “So the ship is big, but is it fun?” I mean, it’s easy to see where having the largest cruise ship in the world can go wrong: long lines, crowded passageways, sold out restaurants. Would the Oasis of the Seas deliver? Early reviews are saying: yes.

While the Royal Caribbean’s flagship can handle up to 6,300 passengers, as of late most cruises have been departing with about 4,500 passengers. A healthy amount of people for the size of the boat: you never feel lonely and you never feel crowded. High-tech crowd management systems work behind the scenes to maintain traffic, assuring that elevators go where they’re needed and hallways don’t become overloaded. For the guest, that means unfettered access amongst the ship’s 7 neighborhoods.

Travel Tips: Reading the fine print of the Cruise contracts

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When Carrie Streahle’s cruise docked super late in Houston, she had the unfortunate situation of having to pay about $1,900 for airfare and lounging in order to reach home.  After that, she decided to contact Carnival Cruise Lines to reimburse the amount she paid using her own money.  Unfortunately, Carnival Cruise Lines replied by saying that they do not have a travel insurance.  Carrie complained and the cruise line responded by explaining that they blame the weather for the delay of the Carrie’s cruise and her having to pay the extra amount of $1,900.  Carnival Cruise Lines said that they do not have control over the weather conditions of her cruise.

If only she had read the fine print on her cruise contract, she would have seen the clause that bluntly explains that the times for departure and arrival are subject to change without prior notice and without any reason.  That includes the weather.  The clause also explains that Carnival Cruise Lines do not have any accountability for whatever damage the circumstances may cause.

Dealing With Seasickness While Traveling

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It’s every first-time seadog’s first worry — seasickness. Some hardy folks take to the ship immediately, striding around perfectly steadily and enjoying themselves, while others are confined to their bunks for days at a time. You might have heard horror stories of friends or relatives who spent an entire day (or even cruise!) seasick in bed.

What can you do to minimize the chance that seasickness will strike?

The larger the ship, the less likely you are to get seasick, but prepare ahead of time if you’re on a small boat. A few days on the ship usually cures even the squeamish, but to help alleviate discomfort for the time before you find your “sea legs”, you can take over-the-counter medications and/or natural remedies.

Dramamine is an over-the-counter medication that will likely make you sleepy, since it has anti-histamines, but should at least settle your stomach while the nerve strands in your inner ears try to adjust to the rocking of the ship.

Travel Planning: Booking and preparing for a cruise

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It is not every week that you go on a cruise so for a lot of people, planning for a cruise may be a daunting task. All you need really is to do everything well ahead of time to avoid travel planning glitches.

Here are some practical tips which you may find useful if you are planning a cruise:

Choose your destination

The first thing you need to determine is where you want to go. The cruise ships will cross seas and oceans and you have a wide array of choices. Are you planning to go to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or how about explore the waters around Alaska? There are also trips to show you the Scandinavians and parts of the Baltic. There are cruises to see South America, Africa, the Middle East, or you can even go around the world.

Top 6 Cruise Suites You can Take on a Whim

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If you like traveling in style (and you have the money to spend for it), you shouldn’t settle for anything less than these cruise suites. They’re the best digs to impress your new snooty friends with just in case you’re planning to socialize your way into the elite crowd. They’re also the best suites to get if you’re a high profile celebrity looking for some privacy.

Grand Duplex Apartments, Queen Mary 2 (Cunard Line)

On top of our list are the Grand Duplex Apartments at the prime spots of the Queen Mary 2 (under Cunard Line). There are only two of these apartments in the ship. They’re duplex suites named Balmoral and Sandingham. Royally furnished, each of the duplex suites boasts of full views of the sea. Two-story glass walls face the front of the ship. Each duplex suite is as big as four regular suites, with an area of more than 9000 square feet each.

Tips For A Better Cruise

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One of the principle reasons for taking a cruise is the opportunity to relax, but can you? What is something does go wrong? Can you get your money back or get a replacement cruise? Peace of mind when going on a cruise should something disastrous occur, no matter how small, is one of the most important things to consider before you set off, and this means insurance!

Let’s face it, when you think about it, no end of situations could occur that will cost you a great deal of money, so bypassing travel insurance it could be an expensive mistake! Travel insurance provides cover for just about everything you can think of and a few more besides, but check out the exclusions in the small print as they may not apply if you take part in so-called dangerous sports, acts of terrorism, “acts of God”, under the influence of alcohol or if you have a previous health problem.