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Ever Been to Cuba?

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In the past. Cuba has been viewed as a pretentious and rebellious nation thanks to the countries colorful history.  but did you know it is one of the few countries in the Caribbean which actually saw growth in tourism this year? 

With white sandy beaches and an unmistakable pride, Cuba is a country like no other. As more and more people discover this amazing Latino nation, Cuba’s tourism industry is going from strength to strength.

Cuba Travel Planning: Things you need to remember if you are going to Cuba

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A lot of people have Cuba as one of their bucket list travel destinations. Cuba has been embargoed for a long time now and getting into it is not very easy. The restrictions for Americans though have been relaxed just this year and so you can join some tour operators that offer trips to Cuba. Here are some things you need to remember if you are planning to join a trip to this enchanting country:

Cuba is not your regular holiday destination

A holiday in Cuba may not mean days of chillaxing on the beach under the sun while sipping mojitos since you have to follow a strict set of rules. You can only go with accredited and authorized tour operators in the United States and Cuba. Your itinerary should also indicate very busy schedules that will involve cultural immersions and educational trips.