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Top 8 Safest Destinations to travel

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Despite the paranoia caused by terrorist threats around the globe, there are still places that you can visit and feel safe. There are still countries where you can stay for a few days or a few weeks and do not hear of anything about serious crimes and petty offenses. If you are planning for a family vacation, you may want to consider the following places which have the lowest crime rates according to some surveys:


Luxembourg is considered as the safest destination in the globe.  The small country serves home to only 500,000 individuals and somehow explains why it is very easy to keep a good watch. The safest city attributes its near perfect peace and order to its very happy citizens who are very rule-oriented.


Top 5 destinations for flower lovers

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Flowers tickle not only the imagination, the heart, but touches one soul. A bouquet is nice but fields of flowers are just overwhelming. These flower farms are not travel destinations on their own but the colors of tulips, lavender, roses, daisies and other flowers will just make anyone take the turn. Here are some of the best places to see the loveliest flowers in the world:

The Netherlands

Going to the Netherlands during spring time makes it a capital sin not to see the tulips and daffodils. After all, after the good life in Amsterdam, they are most famous for their flowers. They grow it and export it all over the globe. The fields of flowers in the Netherlands resemble the colors of the rainbow. If you are going between April thru September, you might just be in time for the fabulous flower parades. Visit Alkmaar in the northern portion of Holland where aside from the flowers you will learn a lot about the history and try their best samples of cheese. . Another great flower destination will be Keukenhoff known to be the biggest garden of flowers.

The Frugal Traveler’s Guide to Surviving Copenhagen

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What do you do when you visit one of the most expensive cities around the globe? In Copenhagen, Denmark there are certain earmarked strategies that can help you keep your travel expenses to a minimum.

Rent a bike

Cab fares can definitely burn a hole through your wallets, and renting a car is even more expensive. If you really want to save up, you should rent a bike. Copenhagen is a bike-friendly city. There are bike racks across the city where you can rent these dark blue solid wheels. You might want to check out the train stations: the Metro and the central Norreport stations to be exact.

These bike owners also ask for a deposit of 20 crowns. Don’t worry. They’ll give this back to you as soon as you return the bike. You might also want to brush up on your hand signals before you make the trip.

Denmark vacations

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1000 years ago Scandinavia was united, at least thinking at the language. The proofs for that are the runic stones founded all over Scandinavia.


Nowadays there are a few differences between Denmark and the other scandinavian countries(Sweden, Norway and Finland). First, the language is different and is very difficult for a danish to understand a swedish. Second, Denmark is very spectacular, but not very big (90 000 sqkm) and has practically no mountains. I never heard about a danish champion in winter sports( did you? Tell me please!). Nevertheless, the danish are very health and sporty, and the young girls are gorgeous.