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Winter Travel Tips: What to do when you are stranded on the road

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Aside from making your list and buying gifts, travelling during the holidays can get quite stressful. If you are travelling by land, the last thing that you want to happen is your vehicle breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Here are some useful tips to keep you safe on the road or help you out if ever you get stranded:

Proper car maintenance

Before a long journey, check your tires, brakes, and exhaust. Better yet, bring your vehicle to a service station and they can prep up your car for the winter. Mechanics will change the oil, replace the rubber of your wipers, check the levels of the coolant, and check the tires. It will also be wise to fill up your gas tank to keep the moisture from clogging up gas lines.

Know how to go out

Travel Tips: Lowering the risk of accidents when you drive abroad

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Recently, a series of fatal accidents has hit the headlines and news on TV, and has put the spotlight on driving safety. As the summer approaches, millions of holidaymakers will be using vehicles while in another country . If you are among these numbers, what do you need to remember so you can somehow avoid accidents while driving abroad?


Research well ahead of your travel so you know of the driving habits of the locals, traffic laws, conditions of the road, common problems encountered on the road, and possible dangers while driving. Make sure you know the local road etiquette and recognize the road signs in your destination.

Make sure you have road maps or GPS. Also plan ahead of time so you know the most effective and safest roads to take for your journey.


Travel Tips: Driving safely in a foreign country

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The conditions are different when you drive in your country and when you drive abroad. The traffic rules may have similarities but you will find that things are different. You migh flash your light in one country to tell another driver that you are giving way while in other countries doing the same thing means the driver does not intend to slow down.

Here are some tips to help you survive driving during your travels:

Road Signs

The internet will be one of your best friends prior to travelling abroad and deciding that you will drive a vehicle on a foreign territory. Read about the traffic rules and be familiar with the road signs. If you are getting a map for a certain country, you will also find there the most common road signs you will encounter.

Long Distance Driving Tips With Children

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A driving trip with the kids can be a great family experience. However, sometimes sitting in a car for the better part of a day can get to the kids. Planning in advance can help make the trip go quicker. Obviously the age of your children determines what to take, how to plan, etc. Here are some ideas to make that driving experience more enjoyable.

Cars, and driving trips are very different from when we were children: Most cars have air conditioning (remember the howling noise and wind from open windows). Good music on the radio, etc. We recommend that your kids bring some of the following electronics: radio, cassette, or CD with headphones, hand-held videogames (including Sega, Nintendo), flashlight (for reading at night).
If you have a van, you can purchase or rent a TV-VCR which can run off the car’s battery. It’s a great way for kids to pass the time watching videos. Just be sure that the TV-VCR is securely fastened so it will not move in the event of an accident. Cracker Barrel Restaurants, located throughout the U.S., have rental programs for cassettes and videos: Rent it at one location, drop it off at another. Blockbuster Videos also offer a long-term rental program.