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Food Travel: 5 Best food stalls on the streets of London

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The street-food scene has been surging in the major cities around the globe and London does not want to be left behind. All eyes are on this city as the Queen Celebrates her Diamond Jubilee and as the rest of the world awaits the clash of the best of athletes during the Olympics.

There are more sots in London now that are open to food trucks and food vans which serve different specialties from different corners of the globe. The standard of food is very high and so gourmet that people from different corners of Britain and travelers look for them just like any other excellent restaurant in London.

Here are some of the best food stalls you can find in London now:

Anna Mae’s

Food Travel: Spotlight on the best events of Brusselicious 2012

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Brussels is doing a food festival that will last throughout 2012. The name sounds wacky but very effective to promote the capital of Belgium as a gastronomic destination –Brusselicious.

The organizers prepared a long line of events to convince the whole world that the city is among the top food destinations in the globe. Discover where you can eat the best french fries, eat in a restaurant suspended above the city, or maybe ride the gourmet tram.

The culinary experts from France may disagree that Brussels is a better place to eat than the more popular City of Lights. It is a good argument but we are pretty sure that Brusselicious will reveal some great dishes on plates, spotlight the best chefs, showcase innovations and Belgian originality.

Food travel Denmark: Discovering new Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen has been on any gourmands dream food destination ever since it generated buzz about the new craze for Nordic cuisine. The capital of Denmark is also home to the best restaurant in the world according to the S.Pellegrino top 50 restaurants of the world award– Noma.

Noma ruled the gastroscape in 2010 and remains to be on top of the culinary world. Aside from the top restaurant, Copenhagen is also where some restaurants with Michelin stars are located. Add to this the best chefs residing in the city.

The young chefs in Copenhagen spearheaded the transition of the city from a pork and potato meal destination to a gustatory top destination. These young chefs define what new Nordic cuisine is by blending all their skills, creativeness, and ingenuity learned from the best chefs from around the globe.

Food Travel: Best road trips if you are looking for great food

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Who says that road fare always have to be in a chain restaurant? There are various stop over where you can be delighted with local produce while learning a thing or two from the state’s produce just like festivals they held annually such as Vermont’s Cheesemaker Festival, Fort Peach Festival in Georgia, the National Cherry Festival in Michigan, and the Blessing of the Fleet in Mississippi. If there’s one thing worth trying in some new places it’s the food they are famous for that should always be on top of your list. Listed below are our top picks. 

Arizona’s Citrus Fruits

Top destinations for ice cream lovers

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Any world traveller could experience the flavors beyond the ordinary like the strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Try Japan’s eel-flavored ice cream and green tea ice cream of Florence. We list down some of the best places where you can enjoy the best ice creams in the world:

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Helados Scannapieco

From 1938 there seems to be some changes  from this no-frills, tiny shop, when the Scannapieco couple, Andres and Josefina  migrated to Italy and opened its doors. The lineage of Scannapieco family is still making ice cream just like the old times for 70 long years. Their menu has fifty various flavors like vanilla, chocolate, durazno, lemon champagne, canela, and a Brazilian cocktail called caipirinha that is made from lime and cacha’a.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Vaffelbageriet

Top 15 Chocolate Destinations in the world

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Join us in our journey as we try to get high, sugar high that is as we take a tour of the best chocolate destinations for those who has a weakness for this much loved magical delight:


Belgium has excellent beer, loveliest tulips, and yummiest chocolates! Flanders in particular boasts of the best chocolatiers who have maintained an excellent quality and innovated chocolates as we know it today. If you go the the classy Antwerp, look for the daring sweet creations of Hans Burie. In Brussels check out the the offerings of Laurent Gerbaud with inspirations coming from the East. The country also has several museums where you can learn about the history of your favorite sweets, its production, and more. Of course do not miss Brussels famous Mary Chocolatier, Leonidas, Neuhaus, and Godiva.


Food Travel: Top 10 New Best Pizza Destinations in the United States

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Pizza might be one proof that there is Heaven. We list down some of the newest destinations for pizza crazy travelers in the United States:

Redd Wood in Yountville, California

Chef Richard Reddington who serves seasonal cuisine with regional and ethnic influences at the Redd goes very casual at this Napa Valley trattoria. The Redd Wood focuses on rustic pizzas using ultra thin and crispy crusts. They also have well-priced bottles of wines, great antipasti, and salumi.

Del Popolo in San Francisco

The owner repurposed a shipping container to make an amazing pizza restaurant. The mobile kitchen has an oven that was imported straight from Naples. The wood-burning furnace is surrounded with airbags when the mobile pizza place moves from one spot to the next.

Oven and Shaker in Portland, Oregon

This pizza bar places equal importance to serving excellent cocktails. The Neapolitan-style pizzas are paired with drinks categorized to Strong, Dry, and Fresh.

5 Cooking Classes around the Globe with Unique Approaches

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If you have the passion for cooking and have attended cooking classes on the road, there is that different feeling of being a local and enjoying the access to all the best local ingredients. The awesome cooking classes available to travelers are being conducted by home cooks who know to use the local products and produce.

There are bed and breakfasts that welcome guests in their kitchen while there are also locals who open their kitchens to let others know what the flavors are like from where they live. The options are endless depending on where you are and where you want to go but here are some of the best cooking classes offering unique experiences for travelers:

Souk Cuisine in Marrakech