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Food Travel: The weirdest food museums in the world

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The world is the most amazing museum one could ever explore. Food, being a large part of one’s own unique culture, is diverse around the world; an excerpt from Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2013, this article features temples of modest yet bizarre dishes that will tickle even your most hidden tastebuds.

Jell-O Gallery in LeRoy, USA

Jell-O Museum

Pearle Wait, a carpenter from LeRoy, New York, never thought that the plain gelatine-based dessert he invented in his home would make it big in the food industry. Selling his recipe to brainy marketers, Jell-O became blockbuster in the dawn of the 20th century. As the recipe books for this invention were distributed, the world eventually became inspired of the very easy and convenient just-add-water pleasures of preparing the dish. Located between Rochester and Buffalo, its gallery showcases its history with the emphasis on the celebrities of different media who have endorsed it throughout its existence. Another attraction is a gift shop filled with jelly-related souvenirs.

The Most Exciting Dubai Brunches: How to Start Off Your Weekend

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Just in case you’re new in Dubai, or you’re thinking of visiting the city over one of their long weekends, here is a primer. Brunch in Dubai is not the same as brunch in any other country. This is because it’s more than just a meal that joins breakfast and lunch together. For Dubai’s ultra-busy cosmopolitan inhabitants, brunch is a chance to socialize, relax, and to get the party started. Take note, Dubai’s population is largely composed of expats who are mostly Westerners, so while the city is still governed by stringent U.A.E . rules and the country’s strong Islamic culture, brunches tend to encourage more than just the loosening of the diner’s belts.

Best Restaurants in Rome: Eat what the Romans eat

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When you travel to Rome, one of the best experiences you can have is the gastronomical experience.  After all, they do serve the tastiest dishes in the world, most of which have found its way to all parts of the world.  From pasta to pizza to gelato, there’s really no excuse not to experience an authentic Roman meal when traveling to Rome.  After all, food is one of the most famous lure of Roman. 

There’s this saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.  So when traveling to Rome, eat what Romans do.  When traveling, it is world-wise to try the dishes that are famous among the locals.  Remember, most dish portions in Rome are good for two to three people so order wisely and make room for dessert.  Take note that most servers are slightly grumpy and, unless you’re a local or a celebrity, they won’t tell you anything unless you ask.  Insist on good service and you will win the server’s respect. 

Food Travel: Top Tokyo Sushi restaurants

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Where else can you have the best sushi in the world but in Japan, and in Tokyo, you have a number of choices which fit anyone’s budget. Having excellent sushi does not always have to translate to an expensive dining experience.

Eating sushi does not only entail high quality of raw seafood but you also take into consideration excellent service, chefs who has trained for years to serve you the best sushi, the ambiance of enjoying the dish with an air of traditional Japanese setting, and the bill after dining.

Putting all of these onto the equation, your sushi experience will really depend on how much you are willing to spend for the sushi experience in Tokyo. But this great city offers you a wide array of choices which gives you excellent options without burning a hole on your pocket.

Food Travel: The best Korean cuisines

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The flavors of Korean food originated from ancient traditions in the Korean peninsula that evolved thru the ages with the interaction of culture, politics, and the environment. The Korean culture is very unique in its approach to food.

In fact their food seems to penetrate every aspect of their lives. Korean food is also more than just filling your stomach because it also provides taste and medicine. Listed here are our top picks of the best Korean restaurants that serve the best of Korean foods that are ‘must-try’.
Yong Su San

Food Travel: Best Tokyo ramen shops that you must try

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What will be a Tokyo holiday without trying original Japanese Ramen. You will find a lot of ramen shops around this busy city but we want you to have the best. If you will be in Tokyo for business or for pleasure, these three ramen shops serves the best bowls in town:


Tokyo-style ramen

You might skip thousands of ramen shops because of your busy itinerary but you should miss this one in Ogikubo. They serve the best Tokyo-style bowl of ramen with the shoyu soupe, dried fish, bonito flakes, and dried sardines. Don’t dare to ask for the recipe of their ramen since it has been a guarded secret for the most part of the last century.

The shop is just small and can only accommodate eight customers. The ambiance is just how a ramen shop should be like. The staff is very warm too. The food here from the wonton ramen, barbecue pork wonton-men, or the Chinese soba are worth every penny.

Top Kebab Restaurants in Turkey

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When in Turkey, do what the Turks do—dine at the best kebab restaurants! After all, no one else understands the delicacy that is the kebab more than the Turks. For them, kebabs are not just staples but tiny slices of luxury—the perfect union of spices, meat, and grilling artistry.

With every restaurant aimed to master the art of the kebab, how do you find the best kebabs in Turkey? Moreover, kebabs are not just the “must-have” items on the menu. There’s also meze or mezze, which is an assortment of small portions of Turkish appetizer (antep ezmesi, pickled beetroot, Turkish bread with olive oil, etc.) served before a meal. It is quite similar to the Italian antipasti but the Turkish meze consists of really flavorful starters compared to your usual salads and dips.

Best Kebab in Turkey

Food Travel: The best restaurants in Las Vegas

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There was a time when Las Vegas was not known for good food. Then during the early 90’s the priorities of developers shifted as casinos and hotels as great flavors introduced by chef Wolfgang Puck developed the palates of holidaymakers. Today, you can no longer keep up with the count as restaurants pop up providing a myriad of choices and flavors for foodlovers.

Here are some of the best Las Vegas restaurants today where you do not gamble your money on mediocre cuisines and always end up raking in good reasons to come back :

DW Bistro