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Travel Tips: How to avoid pickpockets in Paris

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Ah Paris. This city is, perhaps, every cosmopolitan traveler’s dream. With its amazing architecture and sights, scrumptious cuisine, and romantic scenes, who wouldn’t want to spend a day sipping latte at one of those al fresco cafes while watching people go about their ways?

Then again, one of the many reasons tourists are rethinking twice of visiting this great capital is petty crime. Pick pocketing and snatching to be exact. With the huge number of people visiting spots like the Louvre and Eiffel Tower on a daily basis, many tourists have experienced having their purses snatched.

Travel Tips Paris

However, like many famous tourist spots in the world, petty crimes like pick pocketing and purse-snatching shouldn’t hinder you from seeing the great capitals of the world. An avid traveler would know how to arm himself with basic know-hows to make travel and adventure both fun and safe.

Adventure tour France

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If you are interested in adventure holidays, then France can be an excellent destination as it has some of the most challenging and scenic countryside in Europe, with high mountains ranges that offer superior climbing and skiing conditions, and miles of coastline that suits a whole range of different water activities. France also has a number of fast running rivers and natural gorges that offer perfect conditions for white water rafting, such as the Isere and Dora Baltee rivers.

white water rafting

One of the highest mountain peaks in Europe, Mont Blanc is located in the stunning French Alps, and there are a number of excellent hiking and climbing opportunities in this area that will challenge all skill levels. Thousands of people flock to the Alps each year to scale the mountain ranges and see the breathtaking scenery, and of course there are the many famous luxury ski resorts, which take advantage of the perfect conditions for skiing and other winter sports. If you are interested in hiking and trekking there is also the Pyrenees Mountain in the south west of France, which offer some amazing views and landscapes.

Best destinations to see optical illusions and strange mirages

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Let’s go around the globe and check out the most jaw dropping and mind boggling optical illusions. We might not be able to see them all but if ever you will be in one of these places, make sure to see them.

Polar Lights in Alta, Norway

The polar lights are the lava lamps on steroids of nature. You can either call them aurora borealis or aurora australis depending on where you are. This colorful display is caused by solar particles colliding with the gases in the atmosphere causing the emission of the colorful lights in red, green, white, blue, or purple.

The town of Alta in Norway is a great place to go to if you want to see the magnificent polar lights.


Fata Morgana in Antartica

Top 10 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

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For most travelers, it’s not really about the destination. It’s about the journey. This is never truer for anyone else than for those who love to drive. Some people find that driving actually relaxes them. If you’re planning to fly out of the U.S. and rent a car to explore the landscape, these are the best driving routes to take.

Baja California Sur, Mexico

While this driving route is not ideal for those who are only used to casual driving, people who love challenges will find this interesting. Filled with narrow, two-lane highways, adventurous drivers will be kept on the edge of their seats while traversing this path. The best road to take is Highway 1. However, word has it that it has plenty of potholes. You’ll need a pretty sturdy vehicle for this drive.

Paris Luxury Hotels

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Paris is a beautiful and charming city, and there are so many things to see and do it is well worth a visit. Paris is famous for its chic lifestyle, and there are plenty of top class hotels you can stay in, that are the height of luxury and elegance.

Here are a few of the best Paris luxury hotels currently available:

Hotel Intercontinental Le Grand Paris

Hotel Intercontinental Le Grand Paris

Bordeaux vacations

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Make Bordeaux Travel Fun

If you are considering going to France on your next vacation, you might consider passing Paris up for Bordeaux. Why? Well, why not? Bordeaux travel can be so much more fun than Paris. No, no insanity here. While Paris is known for its attractions, fashion and worldly culture, Bordeaux is known for its wine. But Bordeaux has a lot more to offer to its visitors.

Paris Tours

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Tour EiffelHmmm….Paris. Who doesn’t want to visit it?

When you go to Paris, there are some great Paris tours you can take part in. If you would like to take Paris tours that take you out of Paris, then you might consider the ones that take you to Versailles. Versailles offers a tour of a musical fountain, or the Hall of Mirrors (state apartments), Versailles Palace and, of course, Chatres, which is the centerpiece of their Christianity.

If you would like to take Paris tours that keep you inside of Paris, you can take Paris tours that include the Paris l’Open Tour which takes you on an exploration of all Paris encompasses, historically, romantically and fashionably. There also tours that go through Champs Elysees, the Grande Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. If these aren’t enough to whet your appetite, then you can always find Paris tours that take you to see the “real” Paris, such as the Paris tours that will take you to the Montmartre and the flea market.

Bourgogne, the heart of France

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Bourgogne ( or Burgundy in English) is one of the most famous wine region of France and lies in the very centre of France. In French there is a big difference between La Bourgogne (the region) and le bourgogne ( which is the wine coming from Bourgogne).


Very few foreigners are able to understand this difference, and you must learn some French to do it. The neigbouring departments of  Bourgogne are Jura, La Lorraine, La Champagne and Les Bourbonnais. Bourgogne is a big valley where flows the Saone river.

The most important product of  Bourgogne is the wine, of course, (or le bourgogne, as I already mentioned), with its many varieties. There many wineyards here in Bourgogne and a strong tradition in this sector. Another special mention for the wine tasters from Bourgogne, as here the wine tasting developed itself in another big tradition. Every owner of a wineyard is able to talk many hours about his wine and its miraculous qualities. He will also invite you very proudly to taste his wine. Tasting wine is a special knowledge, only possible for traditional conaisseurs. They may not smoke, eat hot and must be careful with their smell and taste. Really profesional indeed.