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Bordeaux vacations

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Make Bordeaux Travel Fun

If you are considering going to France on your next vacation, you might consider passing Paris up for Bordeaux. Why? Well, why not? Bordeaux travel can be so much more fun than Paris. No, no insanity here. While Paris is known for its attractions, fashion and worldly culture, Bordeaux is known for its wine. But Bordeaux has a lot more to offer to its visitors.

Paris Tours

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Tour EiffelHmmm….Paris. Who doesn’t want to visit it?

When you go to Paris, there are some great Paris tours you can take part in. If you would like to take Paris tours that take you out of Paris, then you might consider the ones that take you to Versailles. Versailles offers a tour of a musical fountain, or the Hall of Mirrors (state apartments), Versailles Palace and, of course, Chatres, which is the centerpiece of their Christianity.

If you would like to take Paris tours that keep you inside of Paris, you can take Paris tours that include the Paris l’Open Tour which takes you on an exploration of all Paris encompasses, historically, romantically and fashionably. There also tours that go through Champs Elysees, the Grande Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. If these aren’t enough to whet your appetite, then you can always find Paris tours that take you to see the “real” Paris, such as the Paris tours that will take you to the Montmartre and the flea market.

Bourgogne, the heart of France

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Bourgogne ( or Burgundy in English) is one of the most famous wine region of France and lies in the very centre of France. In French there is a big difference between La Bourgogne (the region) and le bourgogne ( which is the wine coming from Bourgogne).


Very few foreigners are able to understand this difference, and you must learn some French to do it. The neigbouring departments of  Bourgogne are Jura, La Lorraine, La Champagne and Les Bourbonnais. Bourgogne is a big valley where flows the Saone river.

The most important product of  Bourgogne is the wine, of course, (or le bourgogne, as I already mentioned), with its many varieties. There many wineyards here in Bourgogne and a strong tradition in this sector. Another special mention for the wine tasters from Bourgogne, as here the wine tasting developed itself in another big tradition. Every owner of a wineyard is able to talk many hours about his wine and its miraculous qualities. He will also invite you very proudly to taste his wine. Tasting wine is a special knowledge, only possible for traditional conaisseurs. They may not smoke, eat hot and must be careful with their smell and taste. Really profesional indeed.

Top 5 destinations for flower lovers

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Flowers tickle not only the imagination, the heart, but touches one soul. A bouquet is nice but fields of flowers are just overwhelming. These flower farms are not travel destinations on their own but the colors of tulips, lavender, roses, daisies and other flowers will just make anyone take the turn. Here are some of the best places to see the loveliest flowers in the world:

The Netherlands

Going to the Netherlands during spring time makes it a capital sin not to see the tulips and daffodils. After all, after the good life in Amsterdam, they are most famous for their flowers. They grow it and export it all over the globe. The fields of flowers in the Netherlands resemble the colors of the rainbow. If you are going between April thru September, you might just be in time for the fabulous flower parades. Visit Alkmaar in the northern portion of Holland where aside from the flowers you will learn a lot about the history and try their best samples of cheese. . Another great flower destination will be Keukenhoff known to be the biggest garden of flowers.

Visiting the Cognac Region of France Continued

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In our last posting, we went over the basics of Cognac, and the beauty of of the Cognac region of France. However, a trip to Cognac without visiting the distilleries is like a trip to Vegas without visiting the Casinos! There are hundreds of distilleries in Cognac, but there are only four main companies: Hennessy, Courvosier, Remy Martin, and Martell. Each distillery offers it’s own tour, and costs anywhere from $10-$20. However, the tasting alone might be worth the price of admission.

The Hennessy distillery is probably the most well known out of the bunch. Hennessy’s tour center and warehouse are located on both sides of the Charente river. Is this the key to it’s success? Probably not, but with millions of bottles of fine cognac leaving these very warehouses, who knows? When embarking on these tours, one thing you’ll definitely note is the black mold that covers most of the warehouses. This black mold feeds off the evaporating alcohol vapors, and is commonly known amongst locals as “the angels’ share”. The cellar is one of the highlights of any trip: rows upon rows of giant kegs holding glorious cognac aged for 2, 4, 10, 20+ years!

Basic French Phrases

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Anybody Speak French?

Okay. So you’re going to France and don’t have a clue how you’re going to communicate. Don’t panic. Really, don’t. You’re not the first person and will doubtfully be the last to ever plan a trip to France and not have a clue about how to get by. But it’s really not as hard as it seems. You don’t have to learn much, just enough to help you get by if you need to.

While you can easily go to any book store, or even online and purchase a translation book, it’s not that hard to learn a few key words and phrases that might help you get by on your vacation. At least, it shouldn’t be. But then again, what basic French phrases does one deem important?

Top 10 of the World’s Most Spectacular Tasting Rooms

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Drinking a glass of wine in a simple room is not the same experience as sipping exact one under a canopy of stars. What defines the taste of any wine is the when and where you are sipping it.

This concept may anger the more logical minded members of the wine industry but several companies are already investing in wine tasting rooms. These tasting rooms offer a relaxed vibe and elegant window views of beautiful locales and are increasingly becoming part of big brewers’ calling cards.

The practice of making these structures to lure in possible customers have been started by newer wine industries belonging to Chile and Argentina and several states like Michigan in the United States for the American continent. In Europe, New Zealand and Austria have these rooms to lure in buyers. These architecturally elegant and scenery centered rooms invites the tasters to focus on their senses and the taste the wines provide.

Ever Tried a Segway Tour?

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segway1Perhaps your wondering just what exactly a Segway is? Well if you’re on a tour of a city, a Segway is the end of tired legs, and the start of a new relationship with what could be the best invention ever. It’s an electric vehicle with two wheels that really does change the whole tour experience. Segway tours are fun, exciting and really, you have to try one!