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Hotel Guide: Most unique hotels you can find in Brazil

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Brazil is among the top destination if you are looking to have fun under the sun, on the sand, and in the waters. It is also a booming economy with a lot of development in technologies devoted to leading a greener lifestyle. We think that if you want to communicate better in Brazil you should use a speaking electronic translator. We list down some of the best hotels that you can find in Brazil. There are the top hotels where you can enjoy the authentic Brazil whether you are there for some fun or a retreat from your loud, busy lifestyle:

Reserva Natural Palmari in Javari River

Top 4 Eco-hotels in the World

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If you’re environmentally conscious, you probably won’t mind sacrificing a little luxury lodging for a run-of-the-mill mosquito ridden inn. After all, if you can help save mother earth, the sacrifice is all worth it. That was several years ago, though. Now, you don’t have to camp out just to have a guilt-free summer getaway. A green vacation is possible while enjoying high-end facilities and first-class services as well.

There’s a new breed of hotels and they’re aptly tagged “eco-chic”. Now, you can enjoy the best amenities without harming the planet. Below is a list of the hottest eco-chic hotels and resorts around the world.

Costa Rica: Monte Azul Hotel and Center for Fine Arts

Costa Rica is already a known pioneer of eco-tourism, however, the set up as Monte Azul Hotel seems to beg for some redefinition. Here, the hotel’s friends and neighbors seem to give it what it needs. You can find anything just across the road: from organic vegetables to fresh milk to eggs and perfectly aged steak.

Eco-Friendly Hotels

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environmentIf you are serious about protecting the environment and reducing your carbon footprint they you may want to organize your holidays this year to take advantage of the many eco-friendly hotels and guesthouses that are now available.

The Falmouth Beach Resort Hotel in Cornwall has state of the art facilities and a stunning view looking out over the beautiful bay, but it is also committed to sustainable environmental management. The hotel adapts strict waste reduction policies including a recycling scheme, and encourages both staff and guest to use public transport, cycling and walking to get around. The hotel also sources produce for the kitchen from the local area to reduce food miles and carbon emissions, and encourages self-catering guestsLittle Haven, Pembrokeshire to buy locally as well. You might also be interested in the new eco-friendly holiday village being developed in Pembrokeshire, which comprises of timber lodges and cottages that follow a tradition Welsh village layout, but that are powered by renewable energy sources such as biomass fuels that are developed from local crops.

New Zealand Hotels: Hapuku Lodges and Treehouses

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If you are planning to have a holiday in New Zealand and are looking to stay in a glamorous but green accommodation, then head to the South Island and stay at the Hapuku Lodges and Treehouses. The property is just two hours away from Christchurch and features sustainable living.

The treehouses and lodges are the creations of a family of designers and architects. The family aims to showcase the lovely environment of the region with their unique hotel.

The treehouses serving as the main accommodations hang about 30 feet from the ground, up on a Manuka grove. You do not have to be Indiana Jones to climb up to the luxurious eco-friendly rooms since there are ladders to use. Each treehouse has giant windows so guests can enjoy the great view of the mountains and the coastline. You also get to enjoy hand-crafted wood furniture done by the locals.

Travel Infographic: Hotels should be going Green

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Infographics are everywhere and we knew that it will just be a while before someone comes up with a cool (in a sense that it screams quite a revelation) infographic on the hotel industry’s wastefulness. We bump into one from with the information sourced from the Green Building Council of the United States, Energy Information Association, Environmental Protection Agency, Forbes, Siemens, NFL, and American Hotel and Lodging Association.

The hotel infographic screams of some interesting or horrible facts about the hotel industry:

  • Every year, hotels throw away about 1.9 billion pounds of trash which is enough to fill about 37 million suitcases.
  • Hotels use enough energy to power up 64.5 milloin TV sets with consumption of 84.7 billion kwh.
  • The water consumption of hotels can be used by one person who would spend about 277 years under the shower without stopping.