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The Joys of Shopping in Hong Kong

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Few people would disagree that Hong Kong is a favorite amongst shoppers all over the world. The difference in language and culture is not a barrier when it comes to fully enjoying this major shopping hub in Asia. I have personally met people during my travels, telling me that they went as far as taking Cantonese language lessons just to converse with the locals in Hong Kong and to enjoy special bargains throughout their shopping trips. Prices are extremely attractive in Hong Kong, and competitive too. From brand name clothes and the latest electronic gadgets to charming souvenirs, everything comes with attractive price tags that will sure to delight hardcore shoppers!

The Best Oyster Bars in the World

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There is so much meat in the world and there is only so much of it we can eat before the taste fatigue comes in or the faintly detected health issues come out. When you get tired of eating chicken, pork and meat, the best recourse would be to scope out how seafood is being served up.

For that sudden piscetarian streak in your appetite, there is nothing better to try than an oyster bar. Check out the best oyster bars and see if there is one right in your corner.

United States Oyster Bars

The Marshall Store

The Future of Tourism in China After 60 Years of Communism

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greatwlchinaRecently, the Chinese people celebrated 60 years of communism and the formation of the Peoples Republic of China. In that time the country has transformed from a nation of farmers into one of the most powerful economies in the world. What’s China like today, and more importantly, what’s it like for tourists and what is the future of tourism in China?

China is actually a vibrant and rapidly developing economy. It’s now one of the strongest in the world, and every Chinese person is proud of their heritage.

Almost everywhere you go in China you can see people who are proud and respectful. As the world looks on, many are uncertain as to what China is about and there is still a great deal of mystery about what will become of this country, as it has rapidly transformed into a major global superpower.