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Finding a Great Inexpensive Hotel

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Staying in an unfamiliar city, working on a budget, and trying to find a decent hotel… three factors that seem impossible to fit together. Yet, it is definitely possible to find a good hotel on a budget when you don’t know the area all that well.

The first option is obviously to stay somewhere you’ve been before. If it’s a city you haven’t visited before, try to talk to someone who has either visited or lived in this city and ask them about hotels they have stayed in or heard about. You could find a hidden gem this way!

If nobody you know has been to the city you are visiting, there are still ways of finding out which hotels are reputable and which to avoid at all costs… other than by trial and error.

3 Little-known Bangkok Budget Hotels

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Bangkok’s a wonderful place to visit if you’re on a shoestring budget. And why not, when so many affordable hotels are popping up all over the place? To make your stay in Bangkok both comfortable AND cost effective, here’s a rundown on 5 little-known lodging spots that will a smile on your face, NOT a dent on your wallet!

1. The Arun Residence
Located in the Old City, guests in this charming four-storey hotel can bask in the beautiful scenery of the Chao Phraya river at dawn or dusk. We think you’d also love having your meals at The Deck, the hotel’s French-Thai restaurant. Forget your alarm clocks, it’s more pleasant to wake up to the sounds of the nearby temple bells and the roosters crowing nearby.

Japan Capsule Hotel Tips and Tricks

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For the uninitiated, capsule hotels are hotels which resemble well, capsules. They are small, with limited facilities and yet desired by those travelers who are on a shoestring budget when visiting Japans. Also great for otakus, or Japanese fanboys, who are strapped for cash as the night before they attend huge conventions in the heart of Tokyo or any other city in the Land of the Rising Sun. Don’t be intimidated if you are planning to stay in one during your sojourn in Japan, check out some tricks and tips we prepared.

1. Counter your claustrophobia
Capsule hotels are cheap, but it comes with some setbacks and one of the major disadvantages include claustrophobia. Those who suffer from this condition should stay away from capsule hotels and bunk in with their friends in Japan or pay more for a budget hotel. For travelers who are slightly uncomfortable with tight spaces, it pays to focus on the task at hand when you’re in your cabin, and that is by sleeping the night away.

NYC Hotel: Try a room at The Pod 39 for $85 per night this July

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The Pod 39 is the sibling inspired by the Pod Hotel. It recently opened in NYC and offers a good deal for those looking for an affordable New York Hotel.

The rooms go for $85 per night this whole month. The room rate covers all room categories from those that have bunk beds to those with queen bed.

The sample rate is being offered because The Pod 39 is still doing some construction. The very affordable rate is being offered for those who will are willing to bear with some construction work around the building, no access to cable TV, and no access to the internet. There are no bars or restaurants or open yet, too.

While you might be looking for the comfort and convenience, who can walk away from a super cheap rate in NYC?

NYC Hotel: The Nolitan sets opening date on August 1

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The construction and development of the The Nolitan hotel might have frozen for a bit delaying plans of as much as ten months. Last week though the management announced the the hotel in New York City, The Nolitan will be opening on August 1.

Most likely everything will push thru on August 1 as they also announced the that their introductory rates for their rooms will be at $289 for a night. They have all the permits to go on with opening their doors to guests, their website is being built with photos and all. In less than a month’s time, guests will be resting in their bedrooms right of the hotel’s Bowery Ballroom and the La Esquina.

Indeed the opening of the Nolitan will ensure great weather as travelers who make this New York hotel their base will want to go around the incredible neighborhood.

InterContinetal plans to launch new hotel brand in China

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InterContinental Hotels plans to restructure the Crowne Plaza hotel brand and come up with a new chain of hotels in China after their revenues jumped by 6% last year. The hotel industry was able to recover post recession after leisure and business travels went up.

In China, the earnings for every available room also improved by as much as 25.8%. In Shanghai, this indicator of the hotel industry jumped by 55.9% brought about by the World Expo last year.

InterContinental plans to position its new chain of hotels just between their luxury line InterContinental and the Crowne Plaza. The company plans to increase its operations in China, the Middle East, and India through the next decade. Back in 2010, they opened more than 20 hotels in China.

Across the globe, InterContinental plans to rework the Crowne Plaza brand and close down the old hotels to give way to around 100 more hotels.

InterContinental Hotels Group Offers MobileKey Technology

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The InterContinental Hotels Group is giving us another reason why we should safeguard our mobile phones—they are developing a new technology that enables a hotel guest to use his/her mobile phone to open a hotel room.

Don’t worry, you won’t be jamming your sleek iPhone into the key slots, rather, a new technology called MobileKey uses an encrypted ring tone that opens and closes the hotel room, saving the guest’s time from the front desk.  The MobileKey technology is now being piloted in the Holiday Inn Express Houston Downtown and Holiday Inn & Suites Chicago O’Hare Rosemont. The InterContinental Hotels Group has been sending invites to people if they would like to participate in the debut of the MobileKey technology.  A secure link would be sent to the guests’ mobile phones as well as an encrypted tone that they could use upon arrival.  So make sure you don’t leave your mobile phones lying around just about anywhere.