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Top Six Hotel Beds Across the Globe

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If you’re the type who works more than twelve hours a day, six days a week, it’s most likely that you’ve forgotten what your bed is for. Nearly all working Americans hardly get enough sleep, taking work and late night television to bed with them. These hotels might actually just give you the necessary refresher course on how to relax after a hard day’s work.

Loisaba Wilderness in Kenya

Who says camping out needs to be stressful? When you enjoy the wildlife of Kenya’s Loisaba Wilderness, you get to sleep under the stars in the comfort of a four-poster bed. Don’t worry because it’s covered by a mosquito net so those gigantic African bugs won’t be feasting on your blood while you sleep.

Hotels in Brussels

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Visiting Brussels, the European capital, is interesting. This time, I would like to give some advices about three good hotels from Brussels. If you plan a trip to Brussels, it might be your destination.

  1. Astrid Centre Hotel ***. It is located in the very centre of Brussels, 400 metres away from the Grand Place. It is situated in a quite picturesque neighborhood, between the fish market and St. Catherine Market, where you can enjoy the local gastronomy. You can find here 100 modern rooms with all necessary amenities. Adress: Place du Samedi 11 Zaterdagplein, 1000 Brussels

2.Hotel La Madeleine **(budget). Belongs to the Belhotel group, which rebuilded and expanded the hotel in 1996. 50 rooms with comfortable furniture, bathroom with shower cabin. Excelent services, familiar atmosphere. Location: in the historic city centre, near the Railway Station and Central Market

Adress: Rue de la Montagne 20-22; B-1000 Brussels

Best New Hotels in New York City

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New York is known for a lot of things. The place is always busy and adapts to changes that happens around it. Whether in the field of sports, entertainment and of course fashion, it just keeps on improving. One more industry that is growing is its lodging business.

The present recession greatly affected hotel industries in the US.  Based on the information provided by Travlezoo, the lodging business last 2008 went down on a depressing value and was still pulled down by approximately nine percent in 2009. This 2010, despite the US current situation, New York City hotels do not seem to be affected. In fact, more hotel rooms and structures with astounding designs and remarkable services are popping out in the Big Apple. These hotels seem to be everywhere. There’s in Chelsea, Nolita and lower Manhattan. According to Chris Heywood of NYC & Company, the city’s tourism authority, guests can still enjoy and explore the genuine New York City even if some of these new hotels are located in the not so popular enclaves.

5 Handy iPhone Apps to Use During Your Travels

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It cannot be denied that an iPhone is a most useful tool when it comes to everyday life. Want to write a quick email to your friend while waiting for the train? Whip out your iPhone! Want to check the recipe of an easy to bake cake for a friend’s birthday? Google it on your iPhone and you’ll be throwing the party in no time!

Travelers on the other hand, swore that their iPhone is more than handy – in fact, this gadget even saved their lives a few times, thanks to the apps available in the phone. Here are the top handiest iPhone apps you can download before you start your travels soon!

The Best Out of the Box Hotels

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A clean bed with comforters, a lighted and maintained space, interiors that effect well-being, perhaps some sauna, a  bar, a restaurant or a pool – these are the most basic things we look for in hotels. But for the seasoned traveler, there are times that the conventional hotel rooms with their standard themes become commonplace. It feels like spending just another night in just another bed in just another town.

When the hotels offer only the same cookie-cutter level of hospitality, the best cure is to get a sense of wonder from the place you’re staying. These off the wall hotels are the places you can stay in for the night and recapture a sense of newness from.

Capsule Hotel

10 Best Seaside Inns in the US

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During the summer, there’s quite nothing like going to the coasts to enjoy the sun and the sand and come night time, to sleep hearing the gentle sounds of the surf hitting the shore. This is the reason why going to Washington, Maine, California and other states which have the ocean as their neighbor has been a long standing American tradition. An escape to the beach also means checking into the hospitality of seaside inns.

Some of these establishments have been around as far the 1800s and figure in our fantasies of romance and relaxation. In this article, we will view the best seaside inns in the country which prove that the allure and adventure of these lodgings are real.

Camden Harbour Inn, Maine

The Advantages of Boutique Hotels

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boutique-hotelWhen you talk about staying in hotels, does the thought of being in a large building with impersonal service and generic, cookie-cutter rooms tire or depress you? Many people have grown tired of hotels because they think all hotels are like this, but in fact, a boutique hotel might suit their needs!

Boutique hotels are designed differently than regular hotels. While most hotels feel impersonal and businesslike, boutique hotels’ interior designers take great care to coordinate furniture, wallpaper, artwork, and all the elements of your room to ensure that each room feels like home.

Speaking of the cozy rooms, there are as few of them as possible in a boutique hotel — the exact opposite of most hotels. Fewer people staying at the hotel means there will be much better customer service, and a more personalized feel to the stay. Staff will anticipate your every need, and your room is bound to be cleaner and more comfortable.

NYC Hotels: Top Picks for the Budget-conscious

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New York City travel can be about everything. Business, great food, shopping for the best known brands, or simply exploring this urban jungle. Here are some of the best choices of budget hotels in NYC:

NYC Hotels

Close to Central Park’s Wollman skating rink

If you love ice skating, we strongly suggest slipping on one pair and feeling free at Big Apple’s awesome outdoor ice skating rinks. Central Park’s Wollman rink might be the fairest of them all, but Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center do not fall back in the beauty contest too far.

A certified budget saver just around the corner is Wellington Hotel.

Wellington Hotel