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Time-lapse Video of Iceland

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Winter is about to hit Iceland so they are expecting a big drop in their tourism industry. Efforts are being exerted by the tourism agency of Iceland to promote their country and attract visitors. You might just see posters in subways inviting you to check out the Northern lights but at this time of the year, day time will be dark and really cold too. We just want to share with you guys a nice time-lapse video of Iceland since we might all agree that it is not the best time of the year to visit it.

In this video, you will see frame after frame of breathtaking views but along the way you will see the guy who made this Iceland video packing his things and later set up a tent near a waterfall. You will also see other travelers enjoying the magical sights of Iceland.

Top 8 Safest Destinations to travel

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Despite the paranoia caused by terrorist threats around the globe, there are still places that you can visit and feel safe. There are still countries where you can stay for a few days or a few weeks and do not hear of anything about serious crimes and petty offenses. If you are planning for a family vacation, you may want to consider the following places which have the lowest crime rates according to some surveys:


Luxembourg is considered as the safest destination in the globe.  The small country serves home to only 500,000 individuals and somehow explains why it is very easy to keep a good watch. The safest city attributes its near perfect peace and order to its very happy citizens who are very rule-oriented.


Top 7 Posh Hotels at Volcanic Sites

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If you’re tired of booking rooms at hotels near the beach, you might want to book somewhere near a rumbling mountain for a change. After all, aside from the Icelandic volcano which is wreaking quite a havoc in Europe, most volcanoes around the world are pretty enough for pictures and peaceful enough for a summer’s stay. Below are the most posh and stylish digs you’ll find near volcanic sites.

101 Hotel Reykjavik, Iceland

Once the ash settles down, you might want to book yourself a room in 101 Hotel Reykjavik. This hotel can give you a pretty unique volcanic sighting. Aside from the havoc that’s already in the headlines, the landscape is unique for another thing: brining both fire and ice together. Besides, the destination is safe enough because the hotel sits on the harbor-side of the city. It’s just 100 miles from the temperamental and beautiful Eyjafjallajokull volcano.
It fuses old Iceland with the new, more metropolitan cityscape as well. In this hotel, you’ll get to enjoy sleek guestrooms, freestanding baths, an art gallery, a basement sauna, and of course, the hotel’s popular Icelandic menu. Get to sample Iceland’s best traditional cuisines while viewing the volcano from your room.

Ash from Icelandic Volcano may cause flight bans on North Germany skies this Wednesday

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The volcanic ash spewed by the most active volcano in Iceland, the Grimsvoetn, disrupts travel by air in Europe more than experts have foreseen. Authorities have called for the cancellation of hundreds of flights and is consideing to put a ban on flights over the skies of North Germany on Wednesday.

Just last year, air travel over Europe was crippled for almost four weeks because of the eruption of an Icelandic volcano. With the latest volcanic tantrum in Iceland, flights have already been cancelled in Northern Island and Scotland.

The cloud of ash from Grimsvotn is expected to be above the northern portion of Germany by early morning of Wednesday according to a German weather service. At around eight in the morning, the ash plume will be spread across eastern and central Germany. Authorities have announced Monday the ban on flights once the levels of volcanic ash reach the critical level.

Volcano erupts in Iceland

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