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Japan to offer 10,000 free flights to boost tourism

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Japan will be giving out 10,000 free flights to foreigners to boost the tourism of the country which severely suffered after the tsunami last March and the resulting nuclear disaster.

The tourism agency of Japan will be requiring the prospect visitors to submit an application online for the free airfares and detailing the destinations in Japan that they want to visit. The agency will then choose among the entrants who after the trip will be required to publish a report about their Japan holiday over the internet.

The government of Japan are hoping that the positive feedback that they will get from the travelers will help boost its image as a great travel destination.

Lady Gaga wants to help boost tourism of Japan

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Lady Gaga who recently appeared on the MTV Music Aid for Japan is encouraging her fans and travellers all over the globe to visit Japan if they really want to help as it recovers from the tsunami disaster.

The pop star was in Tokyo recently for a benefit concert to help the victims of the tsunami. During an interview, Lady Gaga told the press that she is going out to enjoy Tokyo and its great food.

A lot of performers and star athletes have canceled their appearances in Japan after it was hit by a strong earthquake and devastated by a tsunami last month. The natural disaster has triggered a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant which is around 140mi from Tokyo. The death toll was high and tens of thousands were left homeless. Worse, tourism in the cities far from the disaster suffered badly.

China issues Travel Warning to Chinese Residents Going to Japan

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China issues a travel caution notice to all Chinese nationals traveling to Japan after the incident in the Fukuoka.  Recently, a tourist bus that carried Chinese tourists was cornered by ten cars carrying Japanese nationalists.  The Japanese repeatedly kicked the bus and banged the windows while they screamed abuse.  Fortunately, the Japanese police arrived to neutralize the situation in a quick and efficient manner.

Still the Chinese National Tourism gave a warning to Chinese nationals who are traveling to or planning to go to Japan to watch their safety when traveling.  The Fukuoka incident is said to steam from the two countries’ arguments for the claiming of the Diaoyu islands.

Just this month, a Chinese trawler’s crew was seized by a Japanese patrol boat.  The Chinese trawler was said to be in the Diaoyu islands’ waters and the Japanese move made China break their diplomatic deals with Japan, who eventually released the vessel’s captain.