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Most Impressive Churches

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I think that almost all of you have a strong believe in a God, however you name it. I am sure that this believe makes us more human, as no other creature on the Earth has such believes. This is for sure one major diference between human and animals.

That’s why I don’t miss any occasion to step in a church. Old or new, big or small, this a very peaceful thing for myself. I  have visited a lot of churches, and I loved them all. Thinking of them, and trying to evaluate them, some of them can seem very spectacular to any viewer. Here are the most spectacular and impressive churches in my opinion, and I hope that this is not a blasphemy making such classification.

1. St Basil Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow has been for centuries a landmark for the Russian capital with its coloured towers and impressive dimensions. No one can imagine Kremlin without the St. Basil Cathedral!

Moscow restaurants

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Have you ever wondered what kind of culinary delights Moscow restaurants cater to? Maybe you are doing a research paper, maybe you are learning about your heritage, or maybe you’re getting to plan a wonderful vacation to Moscow. Oh, wouldn’t that be fun. A beautiful place to visit. So it makes one wonder, is there food as great as their architecture?

Well, it may not be as rich and ornate as their architecture, but it is as eclectic. You can find all types of international cuisine from American and French to Italian. There are restaurants that cater to Eastern European fare or just plain European. So if you can find something enjoyable that you would normally eat, you shouldn’t have any difficulty.