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5 most breathtaking lakes

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A lake is a wonderful place to walk along or to swim in. A lake is a good location for a hotel, hostel or restaurant, with a deep respect to water and environment. There are many lakes on Earth, and some of them have something very special: whether they are beautiful, most clear, most salted, deepest, widest etc. Enjoy this list and tell me about your rankings.

1. The Caspian Sea,Rusia is actually a lake. The widest worlwide with a surface of 320 000 sqkm and covering 40% of the world’s lacustrine  water reserves.


2.Lake Baikal,Rusia is the world’s deepest and oldest. There still many unsearched enigmatic creature inside the Baikal lake, which is an UNESCO heritage site. The depth is 1700 meters, and the lake contains 20%f the world’s sweet water reserves.


8 Most colorful lakes in the world

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Lakes are always perfect for some picnic, maybe for some hiking around its beautiful surroundings, and of course for some photography. Some lakes look dull and plain while some are very colorful making them picture perfect. We list down some of the most fascinating and most beautiful lakes in the world.



Jiuzhaigou is not the name of a lake but is a town in China which is home to a good number of green, turquoise, and blue lakes. The lakes are locally known as the Haizi or meaning the Son of the Sea. You will be able to see the bottom of these lakes because of the very clear waters which were from glacier activity.



The Best US Lake Towns to Visit in the Summer

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Chelan, Washington by Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is a 50 mile lake located in Washington. Its glacier-fed waters are perfect for swimming, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing which is why the adventurous hike off there. On the shores of the Lake Chelan, lies Stillwater Inn. The inn is ideal for those who want lodgings that feel like they are home away from home. The staff at Stillwater offer the best breakfasts which include fruits and pastries. The town of Chelan also boasts of treasure like the Ruby Theatre. This facility serves as a gathering place for Chelan locals and as a venue for hosting presentations. Go to the harbor and ride the ferry to see the sites that the lake is hiding like the cliffs of the North Cascades towering over the waters. Midway across the trip, the ferry will stop at a little town of 95 people called Stehekin. You can savor the locally grown food like their vegetables as well as their dairy just fresh off the livestock. Enjoy their yogurt and the goat cheese while you picnic along the banks of Chelan.
Grand Marais, Minnesota by Lake Superior