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Affordable Travel Destinations

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For vacationers on a budget, choosing a location to visit can be quite difficult. Most scenic locations have been developed into massive, expensive tourist traps, and it can be hard to have a nice vacation for an affordable price. If you’d like to have a relaxing, fun vacation and don’t want to spend a fortune, check out the affordable travel destinations  below:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is not commonly considered a cheap place to go, hotels there are actually extremely cheap. See most hotels in Vegas make all or most of their money from gambling, so they keep their hotel rates very affordable. Plus, they want you to stay in the area of the hotel, so most of the restaurants and shops near the strip are actually quite cheap. In fact, if you are a regular gambler, you can actually travel to Vegas and stay for free, as many hotels will pay airfare and lodging just to have you come play their tables for a while.

Top 8 Most Iconic Streets in the World

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There are boulevards, streets, avenues, or corners that are world famous. Most travelers know them because it is where you can find the best goods, walk down to remember a very important part of history, or simply because they are amazingly beautiful.

Here are some of the most iconic streets that you must not miss if you be going to one of these wonderful cities:

Oxford Street in London, England

If you make shopping as your therapy and you are in England, make sure you allot some time of your London holiday to go to the West End. Here you can find around 600 shops open even on Sundays. Oxford Street is one of the busiest shopping districts you can find in Europe and is considered as among the best place to be at if you love carrying shopping bags on your way home. You can find most department stores and brands you can think of and people watching is awesome to. Along Oxford Street, you will find fashion extremes from trendsetters to fashion freaks and it is really the people here that adds life and color to the place.

Best and Worst Airports Where You Can Find a Date

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Thinking of finding that special someone but tired of going to regular places where you can meet people? Perhaps you can start trying at airports. For a place that supposedly connects one place to another, airports can also bring two people together. Instead of boring yourself waiting in that lounge for your plane, why not strike a conversation with that interesting-looking traveler? Maybe you are bound for the same direction, perhaps even sharing the same flight. All the better—you can continue your friendship in that foreign country the two of you will be visiting. And what better way to get to know someone that by being strangers in a foreign country?

Las Vegas – New Year 2011

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Las Vegas is one of the biggest party cities in the world, and a perfect destination for a really exciting and special New Years Eve. You will never be bored as there are plenty of things to do, from visiting the casinos and dining out, to going to see one of the big Christmas shows, and there are also lots of special New Years Eve parties including the famous street party which takes place on the main strip, which is closed to traffic for the night. The firework extravaganza that takes place at midnight at New Year is typically over the top and mind blowing, and you can see it from almost anywhere in the city, but whilst you are out and about having fun remember to keep things in line as the Las Vega city police maintain a large visible presence on New Years Eve, and are not known for their sense of humour!

Things You Should Never Do When You’re in Las Vegas

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When you’re in Sin City, you can naturally get carried away. And why shouldn’t you? With all the light shows and the booze, this seems like a city filled with infinite possibilities—for the weekend anyway, when there are the best Las Vegas shows. However, if you’re really smart, you won’t do anything you’d regret when you’re on your plane ride home.

Getting married and losing more money than you planned are the most obvious no-nos. You’d be surprised though at the common mistakes people do in Las Vegas which made it to our list.

Use the Casino’s ATMs

A surefire way for you to lose money fast in Las Vegas is to use the ATMs located at the Casinos. These things can charge you anything between $2 and $6 per transaction, and what’s worse is they’re legally allowed to charge these fees. It’s close to getting held up, except that you chose to lose that money.

How to Have a Great Family Outing in Las Vegas

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I’ve often heard of families who are eager to visit Las Vegas, City of Neon Lights galore, but are afraid that it offers nothing for their family members. Rest assured that the city is more family oriented now, and it has more to offer than merely jackpot machines and risque showgirls. In 2009, the city drew no less than 35 million visitors of all ages – all looking for a great time in Las Vegas. Doubtless, they found what they were after, and have vowed to return year after year to experience the fun and thrill that one can only experience in the city that never sleeps.

Here are some attractions that you can participate with your family members for a rockin’ good time!

Las Vegas CityCenter – A Month Later

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It’s been about a month now since CityCenter, the latest and greatest Las Vegas project, opened it’s doors to the public. Heralded as the vision of future Las Vegas, has the resort lived up to it’s name? Sprawling across a massive 67 acres in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, the theme of CityCenter seems to be “sustainable luxury”.

The resort is built around CityCenter’s three hotels, Vdara, Aria, and Mandarin Oriental, each serving a different niche of people. Vdara and Mandarin Oriental join the likes of Trump International by leaving out the slot machines – that’s right, these two resorts feature casino-free accommodations, in case you get a bit of sensory overload from being in Vegas. The hotels are connected by beautiful walkways, ramps, and even it’s own three station monorail. You’ll appreciate the openness of the resort, and the abundance of natural light and air.

The Best US Shopping Destinations

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Whether you enjoy shopping normally or not, shopping at some of the legendary destinations in the US can be quite exciting and fun. Of course in order to properly shop you have to have a fair amount of money to spend, but window shopping can be fun as well. If you’re looking for a fresh new kind of vacation, consider the destinations below:

1. Mall of America, Minneapolis

Mall of America

Almost everyone has heard of the Mall of America, but many people have yet to experience it. This 520+ store behemoth is the grand-daddy of all shopping malls. Literally everything you could possibly think of is available for sale at the Mall of America. Obviously due to the massive tourism industry surrounding the Mall, prices are fairly high. However, for most people, the experience is well worth the price. If you can’t afford to drop much money, visiting the Mall of America can still be very fun, even if you only go for a day. There are so many activities and things to see that you will find it hard to get bored.