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Santiago Vacation

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If you have ever been to Santiago, you know why a person would want to take a Santiago vacation. It is an absolutely beautiful city with so much to do.

Of course, there are more beautiful places to go in the world, rather than spending your time on a Santiago vacation. That’s fine. Go to Europe or Asia or even Africa. You might even have a world class time by not taking a Santiago vacation.

See, there is a lot you can do on a Santiago vacation. You can spend your Santiago vacation touring the city. Enjoying the flavorful cuisine of multiple cultures. You can find yourself in an outdoor market in an out of the way place, sampling the native fruits and meeting the residents. Or taking a tour of the wine country.

Ever Been to Cuba?

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In the past. Cuba has been viewed as a pretentious and rebellious nation thanks to the countries colorful history.  but did you know it is one of the few countries in the Caribbean which actually saw growth in tourism this year? 

With white sandy beaches and an unmistakable pride, Cuba is a country like no other. As more and more people discover this amazing Latino nation, Cuba’s tourism industry is going from strength to strength.

The Perfect Lima Vacation

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Known to many as the ‘City of Kings‘, Lima, Peru is one of the most beautiful modern cities today. With an eclectic mixture of Spanish colonial architecture, ancient Peruvian ruins, and ultra-chic modern buildings and attractions, Lima has developed a certain reputation over the years as a quickly developing hot spot for tourism.


Nicaragua Vacation

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If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Central America, a Nicaragua vacation might be just what you’re looking for.

Tips and Tricks for an Argentina Holiday

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Argentina is a vast and beautiful country with diverse landscapes, which range from tropical rainforests through to sub zero mountain glaciers. As well as its natural beauty, the country is also renowned for its rich and vibrant culture, and its passionate Latin American spirit.


Argentina also has some fantastic city landscapes for visitors to explore, including the bustling capital Buenos Aires, which is a beautiful mix of old colonial architecture and modern design. This is an excellent place to visit during your Argentina holiday, as Buenos Aires has a welcoming cosmopolitan vibe, and there are plenty of places to shop, eat out and relax with friends.

Skyline in buenos Aires

Skyline in Buenos Aires

Here are a few tips that will help your Argentina holiday to run more smoothly:
* Language Spanish is the official language of Argentina, but English is also spoken in many popular tourist destinations. It is helpful if you learn a few basic Spanish words though, especially if you are travelling to any rural or remote parts of the country

Santiago Restaurants

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Ooh, the flavor. And, oh my, the aroma. The wonderful food fare offered up in Santiago restaurants include so many different cultures. From European and North American to the ocean. Santiago restaurants offer its customers an opportunity to combine the flavor of the city with the flavor of the food. It doesn’t matter that Santiago is just another city in Chile. Not at all. This city is on the verge of something big and it has everything to do with the atmosphere, the friendly residents and the wonderful food that can only be found in Santiago restaurants.

Looking for something nice, Santiago restaurants that are some of the best in the city? Then try Madro Al or Mare Nostrum. Both of these Santiago restaurants offer a South American or Spanish flavor. When in Santiago, you should try a little of everything at the Santiago restaurants. They have restaurants for all budgets and all tastes, but what is the point of going somewhere different if everything you do is going to be the same?

7 of the Most hazardous foods around the world

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How far will you go to experiment on things your taste buds can take? Some people travel to explore the gastronomic wonders of different cultures on different lands. But did you know that there are foods that might just be too deadly for your appetite?

We have listed some of these foods. Read on to explore what dangers some foods can bring.

Fugu (Japan)

You might be more familiar to the terms blowfish or puffer fish. Though this creature looks so cute in the ocean, it can kill you when it gets to your plate and it was not properly prepared. In Japan, it takes about three years of training before one can serve this dish. If you are in Japan, you can checkout the stores in Shimonoseki but just make sure you see the papers that the fish is safe to eat. In Mumbai, they have a fugu-trained chef at the Four Seasons.

Santo Domingo Vacation

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Going on vacation. A Santo Domingo vacation. What better place to visit? Santo Domingo is in the Dominican Republic. Just the sound of that sound romantic and mysterious.

And while a Santo Domingo vacation can be romantic and offer some mysterious tours that take you through historical sights, there is more to a Santo Domingo vacation than romance and mystery. Well, and casinos.

One place to check out when taking a Santo Domingo vacation is the Zonas Colonial where you can travel back to the 16th century. Old castles are converted into museums, while other historical buildings are now working cafes and hotels. If you want a romantic Santo Domingo vacation, this is the place to go.