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How to go around London on a budget

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A London holiday is always on a traveller’s list but we can not deny that a London get away is expensive. The exchange rate makes the truth harder to accept but you really do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy London. Experts see the British pound to take a slight dip through April or May so you have a window for a London trip. London is a big place and of course you still have to pay for a place to stay, for places you visit, and for your dining and transportation, but here are some London travel tips to stretch your budget:

Don’t book a hotel in central London

A big chunk of your London holiday budget will be for your hotel accommodation. You can still find a cheap London hotel if you avoid the city center. A few nights just outside Central London will save you a lot of money with rooms going for around $105 per night and you are just twenty minutes from the heart of the action.

Top 10 London attractions for free

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All eyes are on London as Prince William ties the knot with Kate Middleton this coming week. Hotels are booked for those who want to do some royal spotting. No one can deny that a London holiday means expensive London hotels but did you know that you have a ton of options when it comes to free things to do in London. Here are some of the best London attractions that you can enjoy for free:

Museum of London

A lot of travelers missed the Museum of London but it is another great London attractions. You will have a good idea of how the city evolved from the geology around the Thames through the Anglo-Saxons and through the important events of the recent past.

Borough Market

Travel Tips London: Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

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Come June 2, the eyes of the world will be focused on London as it celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Well, you might not be on the official guest list of the royal family but you can still witness the royal spectacle during the 4-day celebration. The hotels and flights on these days are going fast as a lot of travelers are making their travel plans this early to see the celebration of the sixty years in throne of her Majesty.

We list down some London travel tips which may help you make your travel plans if you are going to London this June:


If you are a fan of the royal family and want to celebrate in true royal fashion, book a room at the Horseguards Hotel. You will have a good view of the river and see the Boat Pageant on Thames from your very own suite. In case, a luxury accommodation is beyond your budget, there are other great options that will be near the center of the festivities. Another good choice is the Strand Palace at the West End.

Hotel Openings: The Cafe Royal set to open late May in London

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The much awaited Bulgari Hotel in London will not open until June 1 but there are other hotel openings in London that we have our spotlight on this summer, The Cafe Royal.

The plans to build The Royal Cafe first surfaced in 2008 when the landmark on Regent Street was eyed to be converted to a hotel. And from then on the construction has been going well and the website of the hotel shares that the new property will be part of the Set Hotels Collection that also includes the Amsterdam new hotel the Conservatorium and the Lutetia in Paris.

Set Hotels will be offering a 159 guestrooms for this luxury London hotel out of the old Cafe Royal and will also have the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Center which will have its own yoga studios, meditation centers, spa, gym, and pool. The hotel will also have its restaurants, Domino Room, Grill Room, and bars.

Odd alternatives if you want to skip the London Olympics

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The city will be pretty busy and people from different parts of the world will be rushing to London to watch the Olympic Games. If you feel like being different, then look at a different direction to some of the oddest athletic events in London:

Austerity Games in Hackney Marshes

Just before the Olympic Games kick off, Youth Fight For Jobs will be holding anti-capitalist games on July 22 in East London. The group wants to emphasize the expenses of the city to host the games. They have cum-athletic events such as Race to the Bottom and Property High Jump. The group calls for the properties built for the Olympics to serve as affordable housing for locals instead of being managed by the private sector or just being demolished.

World Alternative Games

Budget hotels: Best London hotels that will not hurt your pocket

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London travel on a budget is possible, believe it or not. You get to book a room in these cool hotels without sacrificing your taste and style. Here are some of the best budget London hotels where you can book a double room for around £50:

London House Hotel in Bayswater

The London House is just a few minutes by foot from the Notting Hill and Hyde Park and is conveniently located a few hops from the tube station in Bayswater.. With its dining area taking inspiration from minimalist design lines, it gives it a modern hostel vibe. The other features though tell us that it is still pretty much a hotel. The more than 100 rooms have a mini fridge and an ens suite bath. You can book a room for two starting at £67.

Barclay House Hotel in Fulham

London hotels: Alternative accommodations for the 2012 Olympics

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A London holiday surely is far from being described as cheap by any measure. The daily rates of hotels especially with the approaching London Olympics are skyrocketing. You will also be lucky if you can get a booking for the dates of the games. The travel money too is hard to stretch if you have to eat out every time. There are alternative London accommodations though if you really want to witness the 2012 Olympics:

Bed & Breakfast Club

You will find The Bed & Breakfast Club houses in the more pleasant neighborhoods of London offering rooms of private residences offered for rent. Since you will be occupying a private room, do not expect luxury hotel like conveniences and pampering. It will have the basics though like entertainment system, phone, and twenty four hour check-in. Add to the simple elements the personal touch of the service.

Top 5 Ice Skating Rinks in London this Yuletide Season

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If ever you will be in London during the Christmas season, you must checkout the nice ice skating rinks that pop up around the city. You will find them near the museums, parks, and landmarks. It is time to have fun with family and friends. Unleash the kid in you and don those skates.

Somerset House

Skate in style at the ice skating rink of Somerset House open all day and closes really late at night. You can book your ticket online if you want to go on a date, may be treat your family, or catch up with some friends. The sunset gives the go for the blast of music played by the top DJs of London. The Somerset House ice rink also offers this season lunch time workouts, Nutcracker Hour, and Skate Pass. The rink will be open from November 23 through January 23.