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Food Travel: 5 Best food stalls on the streets of London

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The street-food scene has been surging in the major cities around the globe and London does not want to be left behind. All eyes are on this city as the Queen Celebrates her Diamond Jubilee and as the rest of the world awaits the clash of the best of athletes during the Olympics.

There are more sots in London now that are open to food trucks and food vans which serve different specialties from different corners of the globe. The standard of food is very high and so gourmet that people from different corners of Britain and travelers look for them just like any other excellent restaurant in London.

Here are some of the best food stalls you can find in London now:

Anna Mae’s

Travel Photos: The 2012 London Olympic Cauldron

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During the opening of the 2012 London Olympics, a lot of people were amazed with how James Bond and “the Queen” jumped from a hovering chopper, how David Beckham delivered the Olympic torch, how Mr. Bean delivered his antics in a very momentous event, and how the Olympic Cauldron became the highlight of the ceremonies.

The 2012 Olympic Cauldron was crafted by Thomas Heatherwick. It featured 204 petals made from copper that represented each nation competing in the games. These petals were brought to the Olympic Stadium by each team during the procession of athletes. The petals were attached to the assembly of long pipes located at the center of the stadium.

After the parade of athletes and flags, young athletes carried the Olympic Torch which they used to light some petals and eventually setting off a cascading effect to light all of them. Slowly, the 204 lighted petals rose to form a giant torch.

London Travel: Affordable ethnic eats around the city

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London is a melting pot of cultures. Because of this, you can practically enjoy flavors from different corners of the globe everyday.

Across London, there are restaurants that offer the best genuine cuisines which may well represent food stalls in Vietnam or maybe hawkers in Morocco. Your food adventure around the city does not have to be very expensive as you can find meals costing below thirty quids.


Top 10 London attractions for free

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All eyes are on London as Prince William ties the knot with Kate Middleton this coming week. Hotels are booked for those who want to do some royal spotting. No one can deny that a London holiday means expensive London hotels but did you know that you have a ton of options when it comes to free things to do in London. Here are some of the best London attractions that you can enjoy for free:

Museum of London

A lot of travelers missed the Museum of London but it is another great London attractions. You will have a good idea of how the city evolved from the geology around the Thames through the Anglo-Saxons and through the important events of the recent past.

Borough Market

Olympics travel: London gets a double-decker bus doing some push-ups

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In celebration of the 2012 London Olympics, an artist has turned a double-decker bus to mimic an athlete doing some push-ups.

Reports say that the 1957 double-deck bus was purchased from an owner located in the Netherlands. The Czech artist installed two big arms, an electric engine, and a good amount of suspension tools and wiring. The bus is now called the London Booster.

The new arm and other mechanics help the six-ton ride move its arms and make it push against the ground. The motion of the arms raises the body of the vehicle in several angles. The bus even groans and plays videos on its windows that have been converted to digital displays.

The artist behind this very creative tribute is David Cerny. He said the push-up is a very common exercise for almost all athletes.

Watch London Booster in action below:

Olympic eats: Best dining places near the London Olympic Park

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London is all set for the upcoming 2012 Olympics this week. Aside from the athletes and the venues, owners and staff pubs and restaurants are also gearing up for the hoards of tourist flocking to the city. Here are some of the best Olympic eats:

Hackney Pearl

This stylish restaurant is house among art studios and warehouses. It has a very glamorous bar with its interior dominated by the minimalist theme. Drop by to have some coffee or a feast of the seasonal British food.

Jimmy’s Supper Club

Olympics Travel: Fly to London via private jet

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Are you thinking of flying in to London like a high roller? It is about time that we hear off luxury travel packages to the 2012 London Olympics. You can get an Olympics Travel package for $69,900. This will include a private jet, tickets to the Olympics events, helicopter transfers, and hotel stays. You will be riding a Gulfstream IV of Magellan Jets.

Per person rate also apply at $5,895 per passenger if you are coming from Connecticut or New York City to the Brize Nortorn Airport in London. If you will be coming from Washinton DC or Boston and flying to the Brize Norton Airport, you have to spend $6,900.

The per person rates make sense when you think of the travel dates and current airfares to London as the games are about to kick off. Aside from this going via private jets will also allow you to skip all the confusion at Heathrow. Another good reason is that you will be able to stay in a good Costwolds hotel and not worry about getting the tickets to the most important games.

London travel: Thames Cable car ready before the end of June

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The cable car designed to cross the Thames will be operational by 28 June. This schedule is a month ahead of the upcoming London Olympic Games. The builders have been testing the cable car safety hoping that the GBP 50 million project will be ready before ht official start of the Olympics on 27 July.

The Transport Secretary though, after considering all the reviews and feedback, have given the green light to kick off the operation of the cable car.

The cars will be bring game participants and spectators over the Thames with the trip lasting for just about five minutes.

There is a provision of thirty four cable cars to bring about 2,500 passengers per hour between the Excel Arena just north of the river and the O2 Arena.

Local authorities are also hoping that these gondolas will help revive the east London economy

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