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London Hotel Opening: St. Pancras Rennaissance will welcome guests starting 14 March

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The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London is set to have its grand opening on March 14, a few months earlier than the earlier scheduled May 5 cutting of ribbons.

This luxury hotel is set to be among the top London hotels competing with Claridge’s and The Savoy. The renovation of the old building deducted about £150 million from their books. The hotel owners opted to preservethe old features of the building including the elegant staircase that has been featured in several films and music videos.

St. Pancras Renaissance will offer 245 rooms, 38 of which will be lavish Victorian suites. The Barlow House is the new extension of the hotel featuring contemporary design and original artwork. The hotel will also have a nice restaurant using the space of the old ticket offie, barber shop, swimming pool, a private club, and a spa.

Top 20 Family Destinations in different cities in Europe

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If you are planning a family holiday in Europe, choosing the best destinations in Europe where both kids and adults will enjoy is critical for a successful getaway. We list down some of the top family destinations in Europe which provides a perfect blend of learning, adventure, and fun!

Barcelona, Spain

A good introduction to the Catalan culture is family holiday in Barcelona. You will also enjoy the works of Gaudi like the evolving La Sagrada Familia. When you need a break, no problem, there is always the churros and the hot chocolate.

Here are some of the best destinations in Barcelona, Spain:

  • La Sagrada Famila – or the church of The Sacred Family. We suggest you see this church still in construction before seeing the other works of Antoni Gaudi. The modernist design is an extreme Gothic and certainly attracts the eyes of everyone.

Get lost! Top seven cities to visit without a map

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For a traveler who’s in search of an interesting adventure in a foreign city, it’s not always good to stick to a detailed itinerary. Sometimes, the best part of your vacation may be that unplanned detour you take down a small alley, or a little mishap that took you miles away from your supposed destination. For avid travelers, getting lost in an unfamiliar city is just the thing you need to turn a normal day into a fun filled adventure. Whether or not it’s a big city or a small town, getting lost is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the local setting. Not knowing what to expect, you’re more observant of your surroundings, you’re more inclined to approach local residents and ask them for directions, and you’re also more likely to chance upon a city’s well kept secret that hasn’t quite made it yet into travel brochures.

Must Do in London

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London Bridge. Big Ben. Buckingham Palace. West End. These are just a few great reasons why it would be so much fun to go to London. A London vacation is the perfect solution for a person in need of a little rejuvenating.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Think about all of the wonderful things London has to offer. It can’t be hard, a list was started up above. But if you’re suffering from burn out on the job, or just plain bored, the sights and attractions that a London vacation can offer you will have you bubbling with excitement in no time.

And it’s not just the attractions that are exciting but what you can see at them. Like Buckingham Palace. Sure it’s big and beautiful and a sight to see. But what would be better than Buckingham Palace? Seeing the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, that’s what. Then there’s also the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Globe Theatre.

Everyone’s guide to London

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London is huge, London is old, but very dynamic. For 200 years (up to 1925) London has been world’s biggest city and the capital of the British Empire, which was a huge mix of people and covered fast the half of the planet.

London was founded by the Romans, under the name of Londinium. Today London counts 8 000 000 inhabitants, being the most populous city of the European Union, and the second in Europe after Moscow.

London is a megacity, and remains one of the world’s most important cities. The London City with its Stock Exchange decides many destinies.

Lying on the Thames mouth, London port has been for centuries world’s biggest. Heathrow airport, one of the London’s five airports, is the world’s busiest. The opening of the 5th Terminal made it even bigger, but did not solve all the problems.

Planning a Cheap Vacation on an Expensive Destination

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A lot of people thought that visiting Aspen, Paris, New York, Napa, and Hawaii meant that you’d have to bring a lot of money. Most of them spend their whole lives saving up for that one trip. Spending too much on a single trip, though, isn’t very practical. Neither is it a smart choice, because you can save as much as half of the peak season cost if you only know when to book your trip.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to time it during the off-season. A lot of people wait for the rates to take a dip during the high season (airplane companies do hold promos) before they purchase their tickets. These discounts range from 20% to a spectacular 50%, so you should definitely keep your eyes peeled.

The Best Oyster Bars in the World

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There is so much meat in the world and there is only so much of it we can eat before the taste fatigue comes in or the faintly detected health issues come out. When you get tired of eating chicken, pork and meat, the best recourse would be to scope out how seafood is being served up.

For that sudden piscetarian streak in your appetite, there is nothing better to try than an oyster bar. Check out the best oyster bars and see if there is one right in your corner.

United States Oyster Bars

The Marshall Store

How to go around London on a budget

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A London holiday is always on a traveller’s list but we can not deny that a London get away is expensive. The exchange rate makes the truth harder to accept but you really do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy London. Experts see the British pound to take a slight dip through April or May so you have a window for a London trip. London is a big place and of course you still have to pay for a place to stay, for places you visit, and for your dining and transportation, but here are some London travel tips to stretch your budget:

Don’t book a hotel in central London

A big chunk of your London holiday budget will be for your hotel accommodation. You can still find a cheap London hotel if you avoid the city center. A few nights just outside Central London will save you a lot of money with rooms going for around $105 per night and you are just twenty minutes from the heart of the action.