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The fascinating Orient Express

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Travelling by car is obsolete and damages the environment. I love more and more the travelling by train, and specially the Orient Express.

Orient Express was first of all managed by Compagnie Internationale des Wagon Lits and lead from Paris to Istanbul, through Switzerland, Austria, Budapest, Bucharest.

Orient Express stands always for high luxury, haute cuisine and high society. It was the favorite way of transportation for state officials, adventurers, business people, bourgeoisie. La creme de la creme.

And it stands also for crimes, intrigues and espionnage. Mata Hari, the famous spy, used to travel by orient Express. A few diplomates died in the train on more or less natural causes. Agatha Christie had a lot of material for its novel “The crime from Orient Express”, which she wrote patially even in the train!

Gangnam Style: Exploring the Korean Beverly Hills

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K-Pop is everywhere and thanks to PSY, a chubby, wildly dancing rapper, Gangnam has been put on a global spotlight. The music video of Gangnam is now among the most viewed clip on YouTube in history.

If you are among the curious who have Googled what Gangnam is, you must know then that it actually refers to the classiest district of Seoul in South Korea. It literally translates to south of the water or the river. Gangnam is also a picture of the big disparity of wealth in the country.

Gangnam happens to represent about 7% of the GDP of Korea and banks are very eager to target the super rich and the famous of the area.

Top 5 Ideas of how you can spend lavishly when you travel around the world

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Before anything else, let this be a warning to all the budget travelers out there: read if you must, but you won’t be able to afford anything on this list.

Now that that’s out of the way, let us explain the reason behind this list. We, the common folk, are all about budget traveling. We scour the world for the best bargains whether it be cheap but clean accommodations, hearty meals under five dollars, two for one air fares and freebies as much as we can. We tell you how to stretch that dollar so that in the end, it will last you a whole week (okay, that’s a gross exaggeration). We share with you the one hundred and one ways on how you can save money so that in the end, you can spend it on–bargains.

The Jewel of Micronesia

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Palau is a secretive little island hidden in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Located not far from the Philippines and Indonesia, it is only recently that this island became a nation under its own right and it is perhaps today one of the youngest countries in the world.

5 Most Luxurious Family Vacations around the World

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Family vacations are fun—there’s nothing better than planning a weekend out with your spouse and your offspring. However, especially if you have more than one child, things don’t always go as perfectly as you’ve planned. By day four (later if you’re lucky) your kids will probably be pulling each other’s hair, and you might be pulling your own hair out of frustration because you’ve gone way beyond the budget.

People think that all-inclusive packages are the answer for all of these problems. We’re a step ahead. Below are the most luxurious vacations that each member of your family (kids included) will enjoy.

Experiencing Paris without the compromise

Top 5 Culinary Tours around the World

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If you’re idea of the perfect tour is tasting every dish in sight and packing your own eating utensils because they taste “more special” that way, then you certainly deserve to go on the best culinary tours in the world. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and eat to your heart’s content with these unique food-centered trips around the globe.

Trufflepig’s Tour around France

The Toronto-based travel company Trufflepig offers every foodie’s dream vacation to France. The tour includes dishes as classy and delicate as only royalty would have it, and food adventures that would fit rustic, simple taste buds of the village folk. This tour lasts for eight days, with Paris as its starting point, traversing the southeast regions of Alsace and Burgundy by train.

Ten Private Villas You wouldn’t want to Miss Out on while you’re in Asia

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If you have enough cash for the best accommodations in town, you might want to skip the usual hotel room stay. There are private villas across Asia that would have you redefining your idea of luxurious travel. These are still services so you won’t have to worry about using elbow grease. If anything, you would be treated more like royalty because you can actually swim in naked in that private pool, request anything from your private chef, and lounge in that extra space hotels simply can’t give you these days.

Calamian Islands, Palawan, Philippines: Ariara

This is the best villa to stay in if you’re traveling with an all-adult group. There’s a pool in the villa but it’s not really safe for small children. The villa itself is impressively designed, but what make your stay here extra special are the private dive guide and the fact that you’ll have the entire island to yourself. The dishes served are also impressively gourmet. There are eight staff members to wait on you, and eight spacious rooms for you to enjoy.

Most expensive destinations

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If you want a taste of true luxury and privilege, then you need look no further than the destination club scene, which provides one of the most expensive, top quality vacation services for the very rich and fabulous. Destination clubs charge hefty memberships fees, and deposits on some of their most exclusive vacation packages can top the million-dollar mark, but club members have access to the very best in luxury amenities and prestigious customer service, from gourmet dining to complimentary high class cars.

Exclusive Resorts are currently one of the leading destination clubs and boasts over 3,000 members worldwide. One of the most popular and expensive options is the full Christmas and New Years package. New York Christmas package which can costs as much as $600,000, with 60 nights worth of top class accommodation in a choice of destinations throughout USA and Europe. The is very popular, with a choice of 28 luxury apartments throughout the city, including midtown apartments at Park Avenue Place, and suites in the Trump International Hotel & Tower, which offer stunning views of Central Park and has one of New York‘s top restaurants.