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5 Most Luxurious Family Vacations around the World

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Family vacations are fun—there’s nothing better than planning a weekend out with your spouse and your offspring. However, especially if you have more than one child, things don’t always go as perfectly as you’ve planned. By day four (later if you’re lucky) your kids will probably be pulling each other’s hair, and you might be pulling your own hair out of frustration because you’ve gone way beyond the budget.

People think that all-inclusive packages are the answer for all of these problems. We’re a step ahead. Below are the most luxurious vacations that each member of your family (kids included) will enjoy.

Experiencing Paris without the compromise

Gangnam Style: Exploring the Korean Beverly Hills

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K-Pop is everywhere and thanks to PSY, a chubby, wildly dancing rapper, Gangnam has been put on a global spotlight. The music video of Gangnam is now among the most viewed clip on YouTube in history.

If you are among the curious who have Googled what Gangnam is, you must know then that it actually refers to the classiest district of Seoul in South Korea. It literally translates to south of the water or the river. Gangnam is also a picture of the big disparity of wealth in the country.

Gangnam happens to represent about 7% of the GDP of Korea and banks are very eager to target the super rich and the famous of the area.

Ten Private Villas You wouldn’t want to Miss Out on while you’re in Asia

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If you have enough cash for the best accommodations in town, you might want to skip the usual hotel room stay. There are private villas across Asia that would have you redefining your idea of luxurious travel. These are still services so you won’t have to worry about using elbow grease. If anything, you would be treated more like royalty because you can actually swim in naked in that private pool, request anything from your private chef, and lounge in that extra space hotels simply can’t give you these days.

Calamian Islands, Palawan, Philippines: Ariara

This is the best villa to stay in if you’re traveling with an all-adult group. There’s a pool in the villa but it’s not really safe for small children. The villa itself is impressively designed, but what make your stay here extra special are the private dive guide and the fact that you’ll have the entire island to yourself. The dishes served are also impressively gourmet. There are eight staff members to wait on you, and eight spacious rooms for you to enjoy.

Olympics Travel: Fly to London via private jet

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Are you thinking of flying in to London like a high roller? It is about time that we hear off luxury travel packages to the 2012 London Olympics. You can get an Olympics Travel package for $69,900. This will include a private jet, tickets to the Olympics events, helicopter transfers, and hotel stays. You will be riding a Gulfstream IV of Magellan Jets.

Per person rate also apply at $5,895 per passenger if you are coming from Connecticut or New York City to the Brize Nortorn Airport in London. If you will be coming from Washinton DC or Boston and flying to the Brize Norton Airport, you have to spend $6,900.

The per person rates make sense when you think of the travel dates and current airfares to London as the games are about to kick off. Aside from this going via private jets will also allow you to skip all the confusion at Heathrow. Another good reason is that you will be able to stay in a good Costwolds hotel and not worry about getting the tickets to the most important games.

Miami Hotels: Exclusive DV Club opens at The Setai; hotel guests may get in

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One of the most exclusive South Beach hotels, The Setai hotel which charges go for $1,000 a night, adds a little dose more of exclusivity.

The Setai opened the DV Club, its newest club from the Domenic Vacca designer brand, which is a members only nightclub.

The very exclusive club has lounge areas, roof space of as much as 5,000 square feet, restaurant by Chef David Werly who has a Michelin Star under his belt, and a collection of more than three thousand bottles of champagnes and wines. The DV Club is open Thursdays thru Sundays between 8pm and 2am (the hours are extended to 3am on Saturdays and Fridays).

Good news though if you are booking a room at The Setai is you also get access to the private club as a hotel guest.

Mövenpick will manage Huma Island in the Philippines

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Mövenpick Hotels recently confirmed that it will manage the Huma island luxury resort, located near the stunning province of Palawan in the Philippines.

The private island is very popular among divers who want to have a close encounter with a very diverse marine life and exceptional corals. They are also attracted by some of the most famous shipwrecks of the 20th century.

Huma is also an island of magic and mystery with its tip covered by thick rainforest and its bottom laden with primeval caves.

The beautiful beach was once the home of Ibrahim the Sailor whose ship was wrecked in 1352 while on his way to China from India. The sailor is long gone but the legend continues.

The resort and spa carrying the Mövenpick brand will open before the end of 2012 and will make most of the mystical settings with 80 bungalows situated over the waters.

Bangkok luxury travel: Ritz-Carlton Residences

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If you love luxury living, you know how it is like to fly off to a great holiday destination and stay in hotel suites, but it is another story if you are into buying into this lifestyle so you can stay there for a good few leaves of the the calendar. Today, there are a lot of apartments that take the lines styling lines of a hotel or there are hotels which offer residences on their upper floors.

Bangkok hotel Ritz-Carlton Residences is expected to be completed by 2012, and by then it will be on the number one spot as a luxury property in this part of Thailand. The Ritz Carlton Residences will be the most expensive and the tallest building in Bangkok.

The residences will go well along with The Edition Bangkok, a boutique hotel that will be housed in the same uniquely designed building.

Sacred Work – Vietnam Traditional Incense Villages

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A spiritual vocation provides material benefits for an incense making village.

Burning incense is a part of daily life in many cultures. In Vietnam, people burn incense on the first and 15th day of every lunar month, death anniversaries, Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday, wedding days, and whenever they go to a pagoda to pray. Each house has at least one altar with a minimum of three incense burners. Some families own even five altars to worship the Buddha, ancestors and deities.

While incense can be bought from random shops and markets, pagodas and street vendors, it is usually made in shops and households that have maintained the trade of making and selling incense for generation. People believe that the trade of making and selling incense has close association with the spiritual world.

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