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A Manchester Vacation

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There are a number of places in United Kingdom that you could spend your holiday, and favorites like London, Glasgow, and Dublin often come to mind, which is why they have become such overpopulated tourist spots over the last several decades. Drawing a huge number of visitors every year, it isn’t surprising that so many have begun looking for new holiday areas to enjoy their getaways. One such area that has been becoming increasingly popular, and will good reason, is Manchester.

There are many reasons that this has become a hot spot for tourism, but one of the biggest ones is the number of accommodations that can be found for any price range. From extremely cheap rooms rented over pubs, to high end hotels that cost a hundred pounds or more a night to inhabit, the list is certainly impressive.

A few notables from every price range are:

Discover Britain

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In very few countries is the sense of history so deep and the past so steeped in rich tradition as in Britain. Here you will discover magnificent castles, convivial pubs and centuries-old churches, the pomp and the pageantry of the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace and the stunning splendor of Westminster Abbey. Besides this the theatres, concert halls and fine restaurants will fill your nights with a rich fare of opera, plays, concerts, films and elegant dining.


The climate of Britain is notoriously unpredictable. In summer temperatures can be as high as 30 deg C, falling to 5 deg C and below in winter. Although more prevalent in winter, rain can be expected even in summer, so a folding umbrella is often a useful asset.

Manchester Travel – The New English Hot Spot

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When you think of great tourist locations in Britain, the same city always seems to come to mind: London. With so much history associated with England’s capital, it’s not surprising that everyone is quick to jump to it when thinking about tourism in the area. However, a contender has arisen in recent years, and is quickly taking the place that London once held in the travel industry, leaving it covered in dust in it’s wake.