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Morocco Travel Tips: What to do when haggling in Marrakech

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Whether for food, drinks, or souvenirs you can bring back home, shopping in Marrakech is a great experience. Like anywhere we shop, we want some discount so we can stretch our travel budget. We line up some tips which may come useful when buying different items in the markets of Marrakech:

Knowing if it is right to haggle

Haggling for some discount is a matter of right timing. You need to know when it is appropriate to haggle and what items are not okay to haggle, like food.

Do you really want it?

You need to decide if you want to see an item at your display case back home. You cannot haggle and just walk away while in the middle of a good deal. Sellers in Marrakech, or even in other market places, will consider your rude.

Have fun shopping

The Fabulous City of Casablanca

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Casablanca is a legend, and even more than a legend. The Hollywood movie with the title Casablanca made it already famous in 1942. Rick’s  Cafe, Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman are very familiar to any human being living on Earth.


And the legend goes further. Casablanca spells its magic to any visitor, which becomes faithful to this magnificent city. I would try to analyse the charm of this city further.  Antoine de Saint Exupery was a famous french writer and pilot which made Casablanca well known to the public during his trip to Dakar. Josephine Baker was also charmed and seduced by the city of Casablanca; Casablanca hosted a summit between Roosevelt and Churchill during the WWII.

One of the major causes for the fame of Casablanca is its colonial past and the many buildings reminding that period. Art Nouveau,Art deco, colonial style, baroc, all are very well represented in Casablanca. In many places the city is very similar to Paris.

5 best places to have a cup of tea

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For those whose introduction to tea drinking began and ended with a Lipton tea bag, perhaps it’s time to expand your horizon and acquaint yourself with the different brews that can do well as an alternative to coffee. Unknown to some, tea can come in different flavors and mixed with milk, sugar, honey, mint (and even butter!) depending on your taste or mood; it can also be served hot or cold to suit the weather.

In recent years, modern tea houses serving tea in an assortment of flavors have sprouted in different cities, giving the age old beverage a twist and making it palatable to a younger audience. Aside from that, the benefits of drinking tea such as helping prevent the risk of cancer and having flawless skin have been hailed by medical experts resulting in a more popular demand for this previously overlooked beverage.

More Morocco: New Best Five Destinations of the Kingdom

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Morocco has its share of romance from being a crossroads between the Middle East, Africa and Mediterranean cultures into its existence today as an international vacation spot. Since Tourism is indeed Morocco’s prime industries, expect a lot of traffic clogging up the areas you’ve probably listed as places worth visiting.
Most travelers will agree that the best places are not necessarily the most visited ones. The secluded spots which are untouched by the heels of any tourist from the nearby bus are special places indeed and worth exploring a little further. It is time to toss away the generic tourist map and stretch those legs a little and then begin traveling to these five spots off Morocco’s beaten tracks.

Moulay Idriss

Food Travel: Letting Moroccan flavors seduce you

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Around ten years ago, you can go to any restaurant in Marrakesh and for sure your plate will be served with some exotic floor shows complete with drummers and belly dancers. With all the frenzy your palate will really have a hard time distinguishing what’s bad and what’s not. Faux food, faux flavor and real Moroccan food done better in places like Berlin or San Francisco.

Morocco Best Restaurants

Today’s story is a few miles different. Restaurants have gone back to the roots and tap dadas, female cooks who make the best home dishes. The meals made by dadas are featured along side creations of young local chefs.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Morocco where you can meet the real local flavors to make your holiday memorable:

Classic Moroccan Flavors

La Maison Arabe