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Luxury Travel: Best hotels in New Zealand

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A New Zealand holiday is always associated with seeing the best of nature like the Franz Jozef Glacier, Mount Cook, or the Milford Sound, and include in the list that wineries in Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough.

In order to see the best destinations in New Zealand, most likely you have to pass through one of the major cities of New Zealand. It is unfair to rush though having a room in one of these best hotels in New Zealand:

Museum Hotel in Wellington

From the window of your room, you have a great view of the harbor, hills, and the rest of the capital of New Zealand. You might be wondering why the hotel has quite an odd name, well the art hotel is actually across the Te Papa Museum which spotlights the culture and history of the country.

Top 9 New Zealand Experiences Worth Undertaking

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Circumnavigated in 1769 by Captain James Cook, New Zealand is one of the last uncharted lands. Its colonization by the England formally started around 1840 after the British and the Maori signed the Treaty of Waitangi. Today, the country is still a veritable country of emerald greens and draws tourists largely because of its unspoilt natural wonders.

Since New Zealand is a hotbed for tourism, there are a lot of activities that you can do in the country to unwind. However , in order to have the best experience of New Zealand, you can check on this list of adventures that are worth experiencing.

Hang gliding for two in Queenstown

For a bird’s eye view of Queenstown, tourists can savor the adventure of hang gliding. It’s an amazing bonding experience for couples. However, those new to the thrills of hang gliding opt instead to use the vacant spot for a veteran hang glider.

New Zealand Hotels: Hapuku Lodges and Treehouses

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If you are planning to have a holiday in New Zealand and are looking to stay in a glamorous but green accommodation, then head to the South Island and stay at the Hapuku Lodges and Treehouses. The property is just two hours away from Christchurch and features sustainable living.

The treehouses and lodges are the creations of a family of designers and architects. The family aims to showcase the lovely environment of the region with their unique hotel.

The treehouses serving as the main accommodations hang about 30 feet from the ground, up on a Manuka grove. You do not have to be Indiana Jones to climb up to the luxurious eco-friendly rooms since there are ladders to use. Each treehouse has giant windows so guests can enjoy the great view of the mountains and the coastline. You also get to enjoy hand-crafted wood furniture done by the locals.