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Top 9 New Zealand Experiences Worth Undertaking

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Circumnavigated in 1769 by Captain James Cook, New Zealand is one of the last uncharted lands. Its colonization by the England formally started around 1840 after the British and the Maori signed the Treaty of Waitangi. Today, the country is still a veritable country of emerald greens and draws tourists largely because of its unspoilt natural wonders.

Since New Zealand is a hotbed for tourism, there are a lot of activities that you can do in the country to unwind. However , in order to have the best experience of New Zealand, you can check on this list of adventures that are worth experiencing.

Hang gliding for two in Queenstown

For a bird’s eye view of Queenstown, tourists can savor the adventure of hang gliding. It’s an amazing bonding experience for couples. However, those new to the thrills of hang gliding opt instead to use the vacant spot for a veteran hang glider.

Gollum ‘hanging around’ the Wellington Airport [with video]

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New Zealand has been preparing for the big Hobbit adventure for quite some time. You might have seen the crew of the national airline in their Hobbit getup for a safety video during a tour designed for wizards and elves crazy fans. Now, the Hobbit fun actually starts the moment you reach New Zealand on your way to Middle Earth.

Prior to the release of the Hobbit, the first of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Wellington Airport spruced up its terminal to get everyone in the mood. A massive sculpture of Gollum, the pale creature who said the famous line “My Precious!”, is hanging above your head while you enjoy some pie or saying your goodbyes.

The giant installation of Gollum seem to reach for the giant fish sculptures hanging from the ceiling of the airport’s food court.

New Zealand Travel: Preps on for museums and tours related to The Hobbit movie

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The movie is not showing until December this year, but New Zealand is gearing up for the influx of fans who want to see and experience what is it like to be in the village of the hobbits. The Hobbiton is just one among thirty movie travel destinations that feature locations used for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Tourists who will visit the Hobbiton Movie Set will be immersed in the actual hobbit environment. If you decide to visit, you will see the Green Dragon Inn, Hobbit holes, the Mill, and other Hobbiton structures and surroundings used for the upcoming movie.

The Hobbiton will be open to tours and people who may want to celebrate special moments of their lives there like a birthday or a getting married. The set tours starts at NZ $66 per adult.

Bad joke: Fake pilot TV prank causes scare in New Zealand ‘s Auckland Airport

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A man dressed up and pretended to be a pilot tried to go to a restricted area of the international airport. The man escaped when he was questioned by the airport staff and security of Auckland Airport.

Last weekend, a man who was complete with a pilot’s uniform, silver wings and epaulets tried to enter a secured area of the Auckland airport in New Zealand before the ground staff challenged his access. The man fled off aboard a black van.

Authorities raised the alert in search of the man who tried to bypass the airport security. They tagged the incident as something that can be categorized as “significant concern” when the man tried to deceive the airport staff to enter a restricted area.

The story though took a sudden turn when the police issued a statement that they are pressing charges against three suspects– a broadcaster, a producer, and company director. The individuals from Auckland are between the ages of 26 thru 33.