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Top 10 of the World’s Most Spectacular Tasting Rooms

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Drinking a glass of wine in a simple room is not the same experience as sipping exact one under a canopy of stars. What defines the taste of any wine is the when and where you are sipping it.

This concept may anger the more logical minded members of the wine industry but several companies are already investing in wine tasting rooms. These tasting rooms offer a relaxed vibe and elegant window views of beautiful locales and are increasingly becoming part of big brewers’ calling cards.

The practice of making these structures to lure in possible customers have been started by newer wine industries belonging to Chile and Argentina and several states like Michigan in the United States for the American continent. In Europe, New Zealand and Austria have these rooms to lure in buyers. These architecturally elegant and scenery centered rooms invites the tasters to focus on their senses and the taste the wines provide.

Top 7 Posh Hotels at Volcanic Sites

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If you’re tired of booking rooms at hotels near the beach, you might want to book somewhere near a rumbling mountain for a change. After all, aside from the Icelandic volcano which is wreaking quite a havoc in Europe, most volcanoes around the world are pretty enough for pictures and peaceful enough for a summer’s stay. Below are the most posh and stylish digs you’ll find near volcanic sites.

101 Hotel Reykjavik, Iceland

Once the ash settles down, you might want to book yourself a room in 101 Hotel Reykjavik. This hotel can give you a pretty unique volcanic sighting. Aside from the havoc that’s already in the headlines, the landscape is unique for another thing: brining both fire and ice together. Besides, the destination is safe enough because the hotel sits on the harbor-side of the city. It’s just 100 miles from the temperamental and beautiful Eyjafjallajokull volcano.
It fuses old Iceland with the new, more metropolitan cityscape as well. In this hotel, you’ll get to enjoy sleek guestrooms, freestanding baths, an art gallery, a basement sauna, and of course, the hotel’s popular Icelandic menu. Get to sample Iceland’s best traditional cuisines while viewing the volcano from your room.

Gollum ‘hanging around’ the Wellington Airport [with video]

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New Zealand has been preparing for the big Hobbit adventure for quite some time. You might have seen the crew of the national airline in their Hobbit getup for a safety video during a tour designed for wizards and elves crazy fans. Now, the Hobbit fun actually starts the moment you reach New Zealand on your way to Middle Earth.

Prior to the release of the Hobbit, the first of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Wellington Airport spruced up its terminal to get everyone in the mood. A massive sculpture of Gollum, the pale creature who said the famous line “My Precious!”, is hanging above your head while you enjoy some pie or saying your goodbyes.

The giant installation of Gollum seem to reach for the giant fish sculptures hanging from the ceiling of the airport’s food court.

Bad joke: Fake pilot TV prank causes scare in New Zealand ‘s Auckland Airport

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A man dressed up and pretended to be a pilot tried to go to a restricted area of the international airport. The man escaped when he was questioned by the airport staff and security of Auckland Airport.

Last weekend, a man who was complete with a pilot’s uniform, silver wings and epaulets tried to enter a secured area of the Auckland airport in New Zealand before the ground staff challenged his access. The man fled off aboard a black van.

Authorities raised the alert in search of the man who tried to bypass the airport security. They tagged the incident as something that can be categorized as “significant concern” when the man tried to deceive the airport staff to enter a restricted area.

The story though took a sudden turn when the police issued a statement that they are pressing charges against three suspects– a broadcaster, a producer, and company director. The individuals from Auckland are between the ages of 26 thru 33.