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Travel Tips: How to avoid pickpockets in Paris

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Ah Paris. This city is, perhaps, every cosmopolitan traveler’s dream. With its amazing architecture and sights, scrumptious cuisine, and romantic scenes, who wouldn’t want to spend a day sipping latte at one of those al fresco cafes while watching people go about their ways?

Then again, one of the many reasons tourists are rethinking twice of visiting this great capital is petty crime. Pick pocketing and snatching to be exact. With the huge number of people visiting spots like the Louvre and Eiffel Tower on a daily basis, many tourists have experienced having their purses snatched.

Travel Tips Paris

However, like many famous tourist spots in the world, petty crimes like pick pocketing and purse-snatching shouldn’t hinder you from seeing the great capitals of the world. An avid traveler would know how to arm himself with basic know-hows to make travel and adventure both fun and safe.

Food Travel: Best ways to Eat Right in Paris

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French food is delectable, but it’s not always the healthiest food choice especially for those who are trying to cut down on calories and fat. It’s absolute sacrilege, on the other hand, to ignore these treats while you’re in the romance capital of the world. Here are simple tips to keep yourself from gaining inches while still enjoying what the city has to offer.

Choose the right type of bread

There is a bakery in almost every corner of France, and more than twenty bread types to choose from in each one of these bakeries. You might want to widen your choice from the usual baguette to something more scrumptious and healthier. Calorie-conscious bread eaters should go for a pain complet, or a whole wheat bread, or a rye bread which they call the pan de seigle.

Travel Guide: Paris holiday in July

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A Paris holiday in July can get pretty exciting. We remind you that tourism in the City of Lights is at its peak this month and their museums and other Paris best destinations can get pretty crowded. The locals though will most likely be having an exodus, having a vacation in Spain or the French Riviera. So July can be pretty nice for tourists and travelers while the locals get pretty claustrophobic of their beautiful city.

The weather in Paris will be around 15 degrees Celsius through 25 degrees Celsius so walking around the city will not be an issue. The sunny terraces are very inviting for those who want to enjoy a glass of drink. You may also be lucky to catch some items for your collections back home since there are a lot of good deals to grab during some Paris summer sales.

Budget travel: Affordable Parisian Hotels

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Thinking of traveling to Paris but worried about places to stay, and the high cost of living? Fear not, as there are nice, cozy places where you can stay, which won’t cost you a fortune.

Hotel d’Albion in Eighth Arrondissement

Just several blocks away from the President’s official place on the Rue du Faubourg St. Honore and Champs Elysees is the Rue de Penthievre, which is strangely secluded and quiet, despite its famous neighbors. It is but one of the many properties along the street, but this one definitely has the best value: its 26 rooms may be quite small, but they are chic and contemporary with their wall to wall carpeting, and their fifth floor’s exposed beams. Doubles start at 117 euros.

Hotel Jules and Jim in Third Arrondissement

Paris holiday: Modern marvels you must see

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Paris offers a lot for travelers and if you already covered the basics of Paris, then it is time to go for the younger and newer face of the city.

Palais de Tokyo

Enter the hallways of this modern art museum and you should prepare your eyes for amazing artworks ranging from whimsical, bizarre, and the surreal. The terrace offers a great view of the Eiffel Tower while you enjoy a night of good food, drinks, and some music.

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou in Paris houses Europe’s biggest collection of modern art which includes works of Picasso and Matisse. The Pompidou is among the most popular museums in Paris because aside from its art collection the structure o the building itself is fascinating. It is an inside-out structure designed by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano back in the 1970s. Aside from the museum of modern art, Centre Pompidou is also home to a public library and a research center for acoustics and music.

Travel Tips: How to shop during the sales in Paris

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The January sales in Paris has started and the City of Lights is a heaven for those whose therapy is window shopping, spending for fashion, and carrying bags from their favorite brands. Some may say that shopping in Paris at this time of the year is not as elegant as the other months but who cares if this is the best time you can find the best items that fit your budget. Life is tough and some price cut is always a good news.

The Paris sales kicked off last January 11 and will end on the day of the hearts, February 14. The boutiques have been inviting their regular and most loyal customers to enjoy the sale and if you have received a vente privee through your mobile phone, lucky you since you are pratically a Parisian.

No need to worry that you need to hurry to Paris

Top new wine bars in Paris

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If you are heading to Paris any time soon, you will be in time to enjoy some of the newest bistros and wine bars in the City of Lights. These new destinations in Paris serve nice wines and sloe have short menus of food items to go well with your great serving of wine.

The hybrid wine bars have been popping in different corners of Paris as young chefs dare to explore and experiment with the concept of new flavors and small plates. They change their menus very often and maintain a friendly and lively, casual atmosphere. The wines are all organic or unsulfured plus they come friendly to any traveler’s wallet. Some glasses of wine plus a few small plates of good food will set you back tops around 40 euros. Here are some of the newest wine bars that you can try when you travel to Paris soon:

Club Sandwich, most expensive in Paris

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According to a recent survey by website, a Club Sandwich will be most expensive in Paris. You will be paying twice as much in the French capital as much as a club sandwich in a hotel in New York, Moscow, or London.

The survey about the favorite hotel snack computed for the average price in twenty six major cities across the globe using information from thirty top hotels in each particular location. The classic sandwich of chicken, egg, bacon, mayonnaise and lettuce costs 20.43 quids in Paris where the price in 5-star hotels average £33.44 and about £13.72 in 2-star hotels.

Geneva is the next most expensive if you love having a Club Sandwich. It will cost you around £20.10 to enjoy this snack. In London, the average price for a Club Sandwich is £11.55. It costs £10.45 in New York and £10.11 in Moscow.