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What not to do during your Peru holiday

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You are excited for you Peru holiday and you have browsed thru several Peru guidebooks, surfed the net for different Peru travel guides, and listed the different best Peru destinations and best things to do in Peru like trekking the Andes, trying a Pisco, or getting up close with an alpaca. Now here are things that you need to avoid when you visit Peru:

Do not limit yourself to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu should be among your top destinations in Peru but do not limit yourself to this remarkable wonder of the world. Tourists will be flocking here but make most of your time in Peru and pick two or three more destinations for your Peru holiday.

Do not skip Lima

7 Treasures in the Ruins of Northern Peru

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Long before the Incas conquered the Sicán, Chimú, and Chachapoyas people in the 1450s, Northern Peru was already home to the Chavin, Cupisnique, Recuay, Moche, and Cajamarca civilizations.  The advanced and rich cultures of these people have been evident in the great ruins of northern Peru.  Sadly, despite the many historical facts and stories these ruins hold, the following sites are the least visited by tourists:

Huaca de la Luna

In 50AD-800AD, the old civilization of Moche constructed the Shrines of the Moon and the Sun, locally called as the Huacas de la Luna y del Sol to serve as their centers of religious and administrative activities.  These two temples are part of the Huacas de Moche, which is the remnants of Cerro Blanco, the capital city of ancient Moche.  Today, only the Huaca de la Luna is open for visitations because the Huaca del Sol was largely destroyed in 17th century by the Spanish conquerors.